Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 44

December 29th, 2015

Day 117 With everything in it’s place, the Lash and the Shale parted with the Night Ranger and set course for a three day journey to the north east – destination: {see URL Link =>} Undertow Island. Yacine assisted in indoctrinating the new crew that was picked up in Quent, and kept everyone’s spirits high.

Day 118 8AM The second morning out, Juba, in the watch, noted a plum of smoke to the north, emanating from a small spit of rock in the sea. Sandara was adjusting course to the north, and the Captain gave word to investigate. The waters by the tiny islets were too shallow, so the party rowed over in their jolly boat. They met up with two stranded sailors, Jim Hawkins and Ben Gunn of the brig, the Stormguard – captained by one Mr. Flint. Their word was that they were stranded due to a bit of cheating at cards and repeatedly fighting with other sailors. A third, Barry, was among them – Temujin spied some disembodied legs by the sailor’s gear – This was what was left of Barry, who drew the ‘short straw’ when their appetite got the best of them. Temujin queried the two men with the assistance of the Liecaller and found that they were not mutinous, but whether their story was foolproof, Captain Damiano agreed to take them aboard – much to the two men’s pleasure.

Day 118 10PM Father Pyrlig was heading forward to relieve himself when he ran into Stan, a fellow crewman, backpedaling. When Pyrlig got the story out of Stan – that another fellow Lodz, was being held, ‘gently,’ by something forward near the head. Pyrlig told Stan to alert the Captain and moved forward to investigate after protecting himself with Gozreh’s blessings. He found a slick, briny humanoid, possibly female, singing softly and caressing Lodz who looked quite uncomfortable in his predicament. From this creature, came a briny, yet sweet odor.


Before Pyrlig’s very eyes, Lodz features appeared to melt as he was transformed into a grindylow! Pyrlig threatened the creature with his trident and she set down the Lodz/grindylow and took a defensive posture with her teeth and claws. The party was assembling on the deck when the creature spoke softly and covered the deck in a blinding sleet storm. Pyrlig was able to dispel her enchantment and Dwag and Damiano closed into melee combat. After their assault, Mittens pummeled her into unconsciousness with his magics.

After tying up both the creature, identified by Temujin as a Qallupilluk – a humanoid that hunts in communities looking for sentient beings to prey upon, or finds victims to ‘adopt’ after transforming them into a variety of aquatic beasts – once transformed the Qallupilluk is very protective of it’s new family member. The party rendered just enough aid for the Qallupilluk to regain consciousness. It had simply selected Lodz to receive it’s love! However the transformation was never finalized and he would return to normal within the hour, which he did. Lodz psyche was a bit frail from the experience and he was sent below decks to recover form the experience. After questioning the Qallupilluk a bit more, the party realized that nothing else could be done and gave the creature a merciful death before dumping it overboard. Stan’s quick action was rewarded with an extra mug of rum – which was eyed greedily by Kroops from across the galley.

Day 119 8AM The party arrived on the northside of Undertow island at the entrance of Avalon Harbor. Fisherman were hard at work – their fishing boats and trawlers were scattered across the sea. Father Pyrlig and Captain Damiano were struck by a strong feeling deep in their chest. Both had a strong sense of foreboding as they arrived to this accursed place.

Dwag, looking to port, saw some 300’ out, massive tentacles reaching out of the sea – larger than that of any octopus they had ever encountered. He yelled out that there was danger to port, looking back, the tentacles were gone with nary a ripple upon the water.

Sandara had the crew take soundings and the harbor appeared too shallow for the Shale to dock at the wharves, so she anchored at the mouth of the bay. The Splash continued in, sailing past a spike of rocks jutting from the sea, a man, alive, chained to the rocks. Setting to in their jolly boat, they found that the man, one Cartus Scrint, was set upon the rocks to die for killing a man in the tavern. He was roughly surviving, but it was unknown for how much longer could he weather the exposure to wind, sun and sea. He was briefly questioned but swore his hate against the Mayor Greedle who set him here, before succumbing to unconsciousness and the party returned to the Splash.

Day 119 9AM The party anchored the Splash in the bay and came to shore in their boats. They were accompanied by Sawney and seven sailors who would watch the boats. Kroops, Rosie and two other sailors were scope out the town. The party looked about at the various buildings and made for the temple of Gozreh – neatly appointed and labeled, the ‘Recondite Order of the Indomitable Sea.’

Moving into the temple’s bethel, Temujin and Father Pyrlig reviewed much of the decorations, too find subtle traces of blasphemy. There were many indications of iconography dedicated to Dagon, the demon under the sea. The party saw four fisherman praying and struck up a conversation, they greeted the party but unfortunately the high priest nor the vicar were immediately available to welcome Father Pyrlig and the party – perhaps the party could come back later.


Dwag fell back into the vestibule and picked a lock to a side door – overheard by one of the fishermen, the man interceded, insulted by Dwag’s rashness in this sacred place…it was at this point that violence ensued: Three of the ‘fisherman’ attacked Captain Damiano, while the other assaulted Dwag – after trading a few blows, only one foe fell – overall, they were much hardier than your average fisherman! As Dwag fought in the small chapel, a door opened behind him and a giant fiendish chuul grasped through the doorway with it’s claws!


Nico summoned a hound archon to aid Dwag and the party took up arms in the bethel and small side chapel.

[end of session 44]
{Day 117-119}



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