Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 45

January 5th, 2016

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 119 9AM As the battle raged on, Dwag was unconvinced that he should move into the next room, a dormitory, with the fiendish chuul – but was buffered by Father Pyrlig’’s healing power. A temple vicar appeared in the back of the room, behind the chuul and cast an ice storm, covering the temple room, containing the ‘fisherman,’ the hound archon, Pyrlig and Mittens, battering them in ice and hail. Mittens, Nico and the hound archon pulled back after slaying the adjacent ‘fisherman/cultist’ to further assist Damiano in the temple’s bethel – he was still engaged with two cultists.

Dwag failed to dance about the chuul to get into an advantageous position. He was bashed by the beasts powerful claws, caught up and nestled into it’s slimy tentacles adorning its face – fortunately for Dwag he did not succumb to its paralytic secretions. Dwag fought for his freedom and attempted to move about again, only to be snatched up a second time by the chuul’s crushing claws. Dwag’s very survival rested in Pyrlig’s powerful healing aid that he administered over and over again!

The temple vicar at the back of the room slipped into the bethel with Damiano – Mittens and Nico took care to pick away at him with spells as he nipped at Captain Damiano with his spiritual morning star. A second vicar came out of a side door to engage Damiano, time and time again, his ensorcelled finger was turned back by Damiano’s skillful parrying. Mittens, Nico and the hound archon, working in tandem, killed the remaining cultists, which gave Damiano enough breathing room to slay one of the vicars – the second, slipped through a secret wall panel and disappeared.

Nico was surprised to find another cultist creep up behind him, but the attacked failed to connect, and Mittens and the hound archon aided Nico to sufficiently wound him and to drive him off towards the portico. They put up a chase and Mittens was able to knock him unconscious before he fled into an alleyway. A sheriff and his two deputies arrived at this time to investigate the noisy combat taking place at this venerable temple of Gozreh.

Dwag continued to be vexed by the repeated snatch and grabbing of the fiendish chuul. Eventually, Dwag, Father Pyrlig and Damiano were able to slay the beastie – it’s corpse disappeared leaving only an ichor stain upon the dormitory floor. They quickly searched the temple rooms, finding some swag, among other things…

Damiano found a married couple, Rufus and Imelba Tulby – who were told to get down and keep quiet by the vicar Everard Voltario, as the combat was initially heard. They told Damiano that they were simply here to check on their daughter, their second daughter that they gave up to Everard, as was the custom to hand over second and third children to be fostered and betrothed off to the neighbors, the inhabitants of Baytown, east of Avalon. Damiano also found three corpses, headless. But these bodies were not decapitated – somehow, something held expelled with such force that it tore off their heads, leaving the side chamber ceiling covered in gore. The nature of the grisly residue and corpses appeared to be two days old.

Mittens and Nico talked to the sheriff – Sheriff Rill Anders and his quiet, burly deputies, Olly and Otto – who showed signs of some inbreeding. Slow to evince any emotions, wide eyes set upon wide foreheads. The sheriff was initially skeptical, but once he saw the prone form upon the ground, turning him over and seeing that the attacker was wearing a skull mask, he was a bit put off, and slightly, only slightly more sympathetic to the words of the party. The sheriff had Olly tie up and carry the prisoner back to the town hall, while he joined the party in the temple. There they saw the grisly headless remains, again, Sheriff Anders found this off-putting but he was not convinced that this was anything other than a temple of Gozreh. And he was not interested in hearing otherwise from a bunch of know-it-all strangers and possibly pirates at that!

Before Mittens, Nico and Sheriff Anders had entered the temple, Damiano, Dwag and Pyrlig were able to put away a few choice items around the temple – they also found a chest that Dwag dumped into a watery channel set in the floor of a secret room in the rear of the temple. This secret chamber was covered with iconography, obviously not sacred to Gozreh of tentacles embracing human females, further engaged in sexual acts with strange fish-men – all about the walls were foreign runes sacred to Dagon.

Dwag dove into the watery channel and found that it interconnected with the side chambers of the temple and proceeded toward the bay. He came to an intersection and found that the tunnel went up gradually, likely to the sea and also split off and dove down deeply. Dwag returned to his companions.

Pyrlig found powerful transmutation magic in the secret temple and an inset where possibly a medallion could be inserted into the alter.

The secret chamber was quite disturbing and certainly irrefutable to Sheriff Anders – he asked the party to leave as he secured the premises and prepared to deal with the corpses. Of the slain vicar, he was Caleb Votario – the brother that escaped was Everard Voltario, their father was Albor Voltario, the high priest. Another vicar, Garrick Prosker was also not to be found.

The party took their leave from the temple and joined Rosie and Kroops at the tavern. After a short break they headed over to the town hall, but with the sheriff engaged at the temple, they were not allowed to see the prisoner. However they did meet with the mayor, Early Greedle – a greasy pock-marked man who was one of the friendliest folks they had met in this village. He seemed quite eager to please and was able to send a runner up the hill and have the party invited, that evening, to dine with Lady Amaranth, in the High House. How pleasant that would be!

The party planned to return at 5pm, to join the mayor and make their way up the hill – he did remind them that this would be a fine dinner party and that they would need to clean up and no weapons or armor would be allowed.

The party returned to the Splash, with the exception of Dwag and Anduril, which discretely peeled off from the group and swam about the bay until Dwag spied under one of the wharves a cave – entering in, they came to the familiar intersection where the cave descended rapidly, or veered off towards the temple. Anduril noted a froggy, fishy face down in the darkness of the cave, and they decided to back track.


Afterwards, Dwag became invisible, stealthed into the temple to recover the chest that they had temporarily stowed in the watery channel.

Day 119 4PM Together again on the Splash, the party cleaned themselves up and ventured how they would bring armor and weapons into the High House. A possible ruse was to bring a gift to the Lady of the House, such as the Clockwork Toucan. They could carry the toucan in their enchanted bag of holding – which would also hold their weapons and armor. But who would carry the sack? And when would they be relieved it by the possible footman? Considerations to be fleshed out before they rowed back to the town of Avalon and met Mayor Early Greedle at 6PM.

Day 119 6PM The dinner party at the {see URL Link =>} High House!

[end of session 45]
{Day 119}


The “Return of the Jedi” gambit with the award of the 2 droids/Clockwork Toucan is a sure hit.
As long as they don’t have a Rancor.
Or a Sarlac…

Session 45

I know we are getting a bit of snow tonight but game on unless any other opinions out there feel it is too crappy out to drive.

We will play it by ear.

Session 45

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