Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 46

January 12th, 2016

Day 119 6PM The party ultimately decided to play fast and loose concerning the upcoming dinner party at the {see URL Link =>} High House! Dressed in their best clothes, nominally bathed and armed with only their daggers and good looks, they arrived in the Avalon town square where Mayor Greedle waited for them with a carriage, ready to head up the house.

The ride up to the house was uneventful, the party was mildly entertained by the mayor’s endless patter, but at least he was armed with wine and ale and it made the ride tolerable. The carriage pulled up to the house, the grounds and stone manor house appeared well maintained. The party was welcomed by the major domo, who led them into the house and towards the dining room. The party noted around the interior of the house that the lady appeared to be suffering in her means – various items: decorations, paintings, etc looked missing from their long-established places, perhaps sold to cover costs. The interior of the house had much finery but it was aging and not being maintained or replaced.

In the dining room over the fireplace was a large picture of the famous Taldan beauty, Lady Malaysia Amaranth-Harrow. On the mantle were smaller pictures of her husband, the infamous pirate, Quint Harrow and possible pictures of her sons, one was of a young man, fifteen years old and the other picture of an three month old infant.

There at the head of the table stood Lady Amaranth, warmly greeting the party to their seats. The party noted that the years had been hard on her but noted that she was certainly a gracious host.


She made her way around to get their names and shake each of their hands. Libations were poured and Lady Amaranth was eager to hear what they had to say, including that they were likely pirates in their own right, and also that earlier that day they had been involved in the bloody undertaking in the temple of the Recondite Order of the Indomitable Sea.

Over the course of dinner, the party was to learn a number of details:

  • Albor Vitorio, the high priest of the temple had been in Avalon for many years, before Lady Amaranth made this island her home.
  • The bad luck came to her husband and to this fishing town about six or seven years ago. Captain Quint disappeared soon afterwards.
  • Shortly after Captain Quint sailed off, the town was assaulted by Free Captain Avimar Sorrinash, who slew her 15 year old son Victor before her very eyes. Her second son, Frederick was given as due, to the neighbors – the people of Baytown, some ten years ago.
  • Obviously Lady Amaranth acknowledged that she too was complicit in going along with Albor Vitorio’s agenda – but that could change now that the party is here! The party is here to have the curse removed but Albor is truly to blame. The party followed along the ladies’ words very carefully and while they found that she was being truthful, she was also being a bit cagey, possibly about her own involvement.

After a fine meal, and Captain Damiano offering to chase down Albor Vitorio, the party took their leave. One of the lady’s handmaids pulled Mittens aside and pulled her into a great central hall. The room was encircled in large standing stones. The handmaid stated that she had noticed new runes appear on the stones about seven years ago when so much evil befell this house. Mittens took a closer look and found various runes, shaped like an animal – perhaps indicating a goat or sheep, and likely etched by a claw rather than a tool. Mittens rejoined the party and they took their leave and headed back into town.

Day 119 8:00PM The party was convinced that they wanted to interrogate the prisoner that survived the morning’s battle, but Mayor Greedle wanted them to wait until morning – but the party wasn’t having it. They sought Sheriff Rill Anders in the tavern, The Walleyed Kraken. Sheriff Anders reluctantly agreed to bring the party down to the jail this evening. The party settle the bill and they headed across the town square to the town hall.

The prisoner, stripped down to a loincloth, was a short man, well muscled and his body showed signs of battle scars. His name was Clanartus Viliras. The party settled early on, that his truthfulness would be honored by his very own survival – their candor was appreciated and readily accepted. Clanartus was hired by Albor, out of Ollo, to train the priest’s underlings in combat and being stealthy for they often assisted in the fostering of the children and keeping the townsfolk in line. Clanartus readily offered that the ‘neighbor’s at Baytown was a ruse – that there was no town to the east. The children were offered up to fish-men that Albor had a pact with who took them down to their tunnels (which the party was aware of). Clanartus stated that outside of the temple, Albor has residence on the outskirts of town which act as a safe house. Satisfied, the party asked Sheriff Anders if they could bring Clanartus back to their ship – seeing it as a way to rid himself of Clanartus and hopefully stave off any rescue missions by the Voltarios, Sheriff Anders agreed – however he kept the criminal’s belongings.

The party disguised Clanartus as Temujin and they headed down to their jolly boat. Sawney asked the captain why he had returned so soon. Damiano was taken aback – so soon? Sawney stated that the Captain had just been by a few minutes before. The party wary, looked about but saw no one suspicious, and embarked in the jolly boat and returned to the Splash.

Day 119 9PM As the jolly boat came about to the Splash, the party noted the sound of screaming upon the wind. Temujin sent Raven to investigate – it sent back strong feelings of dread and fear. The Captain gave word for Sandara to follow up to the Shale, and Nico summoned elementals to speedily propel the jolly boat to the Shale.

As the jolly boat approached, the Shale was enveloped in a thick fog, the screaming grew louder, interspersed with deep growling sounds. The Captain and Dwag gained the deck to see two large brine borne marsh giants sweeping the crewman about the deck with massive clubs. It appeared after the initial carnage, many of the crew took to hiding in the bulkhead, which one of the giants was smashing away at. As the party closed for combat, they found the marsh giants formidable opponents, and many of the party was only armed with daggers and spare weapons picked up off the deck. One of the giants swung tirelessly, clubbing away at Dwag, Damiano, Nico’s elementals and finally Father Pyrlig. The other launched stones at Temujin and Mittens. Nico had the jolly boat pulled away from the Shale. The rock-thrower closed in on Temujin but not before Temujin hid himself away behind a wall of ice. The giant, dismayed, leapt at the jolly boat containing Nico and Mittens, successfully tipping the boat and launching them into the sea. Nico’s elementals pushed Nico and Mittens out of the water and up to the relative safety of the ship’s deck. The giant stuck her head out of the water only to be stung by Mitten’s lighting bolt – she dove back under and away. The other giantess laid Nico’s elementals low with her club and struck Dwag, Damiano and Pyrlig smartly but she eventually dropped to unconsciousness to the deck where Nico’s elementals pummeled her to death.

Now that the ship was back under control, the party realized that Cog and Glarus Hawkeye were slain, fighting the giants along with twenty six other crewman. The bodies were wrapped up and committed to the sea by Father Pyrlig. The Splash arrived and anchored nearby and the party took their rest.

Day 120 9AM The party arrived at the town wharves and instructed Sawney to kill anyone who couldn’t answer the sign (‘orange’) with the appropriate countersign (‘purple’) – He could handle that! The party met up with Sheriff Anders who took them to Albor’s other house. They shouldered the door and found that someone had moved through recently and picked up a number of items. They left the house and headed swiftly over to the temple. Moving inside, the temple was quiet, except for the faintest creak of the secret doors of the bethel closing in the distance. The party moved across the temple floor. Dwag arrived and flung open the panel to see a swirling barrier of blades in his path, he dove through and survived without a scratch! Mittens attempted to dispel the barrier, but failed, as did Pyrlig. But Temujin was successful in bringing down the wall of blades so the party could move into the room. Across the room was Albor Vitorio in all his clerical finery. In one hand he had a satchel and his golden trident was in the other hand. Dwag closed in one side of Albor as Nico summoned a hound archon to flank him on the other. Damiano closed in upon Albor also. Albor summoned the fell power of Dagon to strike at his enemies, and while the party fell Dagon’s sting, their onslaught was unstoppable and Albor dropped to the ground.

Day 120 9:30AM The party was prepared for anything – and found that Albor was wheezing, his body quivering. Suddenly his body arched back, Dwag struck soundly at his body again, as the Albor stood erect, muscle movements at his neck writhed beneath the skin and pushed up through his head – his head erupted and sprayed the party and ceiling with bits of skull, brain and bloody gore. What followed next out of the bloody orifice was a mass of tentacles that began whipping about at the party.


[end of session 46]
{Day 119-120}



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