Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 47

January 19th, 2016

Day 120 9:30AM Albor’s gaping whole, where his head and neck once were became a mass of tentacles that whirled about Dwag, Pyrlig, Damiano and the summoned hound archon. The writhing tentacles grabbed on to Dwag and the Hound Archon – much to the latter’s dismay as it could feel it’s very essence being drained. The party lashed out at the strange aberration before them, chopping away with their weapons and assaulting this thing with their spells. Eventually, with the party’s combination of effort, the beast was sundered, fatally, but as the corpse of Albor fell to the ground, the very skin ruptured pouring out a wriggling mass of muscle and sinew – much more then what ought to exist in a normal man – the ropey tendrils pouring out of the body up to the party’s knees.

Temujin noted movement among the gory remains and saw massive, arm-sized, slugs weaving their way through the otherworldly remains of muscle and flesh – he gave warning and the party, alerted, scanned the area. Many slugs were seen, and the party started to lash out at them, but not before one successfully bored into the hound archons leg, and in an instant, it was under the archon’s flesh and working it’s way up to the groin. Nico immediately dispelled the archon and the party slew the remaining slugs. The party felt that they had just witnessed a profound transformation – some sophisticated, otherworldly host that had infested Albor, grown inside his body, a unique control and muscle apparatus, which in turn appeared to be creating these slug-spawns. While disconcerting, the party was able to shrug off these feelings of dread, and get back to work.

Dwag took it upon himself to rake out the massive ropey remains of Albor, sifting through his horrid corpse for valuables. Sheriff Anders had his deputies bring up wood and supplies to burn the remains.

Day 120 10:30AM Temujin set Albor’s medallion in the alter and a blue-ish door appeared, Damiano led the way in. As Damiano exited the other side of the door, he was in a 10’ wide tunnel, gently sloping downhill. A soft alarm rang out. The party continued down the hallway to a wide natural cavern. A single large, discolored bronze bell inscribed with strange runes hung from the wall – which Damiano smashed, silencing the ringing. The party saw movement to the southern exit, and spied Caleb Voltairo and Garrick Prosker quaffing potions. As the party made to engage, they both cast ice storms across the cavern, pelting the party with hail and ice, then the two vicars of Dagon turned and fled down the hall.

The party gave chase, slowly, impeded by the magical snowscape in the cavern. Heading into another chamber, Caleb and Garrick were not in sight, but the room was occupied by a half dozen fish-men, known as skum – and among them was a seventh – a very old skum brood chief who roared and engaged the party. Dwag and Damiano closed and found themselves quickly surrounded by the skum and their chieftain. As the remainder of the party broke out of the zone of ice and snow, they caught up to Dwag, Pyrlig and Damiano, who were engaged with the skum. Soon afterwards the battle was joined by the female brine-born marsh giant (Yib) that had escaped the battle on the Shale, the night before. Caleb and Garrick moved into the room to attack the party, safely from range and to offer aid to Yib and the skum chieftain (Ilthoqua).

Temujin and Mittens took to countering Caleb and Garrick’s healing aid, being offered to the Ilthoqua, who was being beaten by Damiano. But the brine-born marsh giant, Yib, pounded Damiano with her club. Nico sacrificed poor Anduril, taking the expedience of damage over the explicit and slower dispelling – which was conveniently delivered by Yib’s club strike. Nico promptly summoned more elementals to shore up the defenses from Yib’s ongoing attack.

Damiano attempted to fight defensively but Yib fought viciously, slaying the poor Captain. His death, even more tragic as he fell wearing a really uncool helmet.


Dwag responded by killing Caleb Voltairo and dropping Ilthoqua. But Garrick stepped in to heal Ilthoqua – who slowly started rising to his feet before being felled once more. Nico’s summoned celestial lion ravaged Ilthoqua’s body unto death.

Dwag moved towards Yib and they traded blows – seeing Ilthoqua die and the tide of battle starting to turn, Garrick made his exit down a west-bound tunnel. With two mighty blows, Dwag slew Yib, and the battle was over.

The party considered their fallen captain and their next steps. They planned to quickly bring the captain to the surface, to the jolly boat crew, and have Old Sawney join them to help route out the remainder of the skum tunnels.

[end of session 47]
{Day 120}



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