Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 48

January 26th, 2016

Day 120 11:00AM The party quickly backtracked to the surface, storing their fallen captain in their magical bag of holding and secured Old Sawney’s assistance in the caverns below. They told the remaining crew to return to the ship and the sailors readied their jollyboat to depart. Returning to the caverns, they investigated a cavern that break off from the main cave, the tunnel veering to the right.

A series of natural terraces forms a sloping passage descending to this cavern. Murky black waters filled with piles of compost and detritus flood the sloping northern floor of the cavern. A multitude of fungi and colorless subterranean creepers grow over and within this vile stew.

The party ventured into the dark cavern and noted a number of pale, human, likely female, corpses on the pile of rot beyond. Mittens singed the pile with acid and noted a growl from within. Feeling that this was not their priority and that the vicar of Dagon, Garrick Prosker was still loose somewhere in these caves, they backtracked, through the hall of the skum brood chief when they came to a series of Y intersections. Temujin noted at the first tunnel, that too the right, he could smell the fetid briny odor of the fungi hall and perhaps this tunnel circled back, so they veered left.

They came to a desolate skum barracks, abandoned. Moving on, Dwag heard singing, a female, human lullaby, distant in the halls beyond. The party continued left as the tunnel branched at a Y intersection, coming into a large hall.

This large, high-ceilinged cavern is mostly dry, faintly illuminated by patches of violet fungi growing on the walls and ceiling. A wide pool of clear water stands just inside the entrance. A pair of ledges run along the chamber’s northand south walls, accessed by wooden ladders. At the far end of the chamber, the floor drops into a pit, the top of a ladder just visible at its edge. Scattered across the floor of the room are a number of bedrolls and assorted personal possessions, including, strangely, a number of dressmaker’s dummies, some of them child sized. The low, haunting melody of a woman singing carries through the chamber.

Dwag crept up to the landing, pulling himself up, and snuck behind the woman and walloped her upside the head and she went down in a heap. He noted her ‘baby’ was long dead, unnaturally pale and desiccated. The woman, young, in her early twenties, was absent of any coloration to her skin, hair or eyes. Dwag dragged the unconscious woman back to the party.

The party investigated the pool of water and found it potable, if a little tainted with saltwater. The pit had three young female bodies lying at the bottom. The room itself appeared to be able to host a quantity of people, with supplies of clothing, children’s toys and rotting food.

The party brought the young woman back to consciousness and questioned her. But her answers were scattered, as she waxed about her baby, and the beautiful colors beyond, indicating the tunnel emitting the soft pink glow. The young woman, Tina, offered inconclusive details about her life here in the caves and the party asked her to show them the colors.

Moving down the hall, as the party left the fosterling nursery, Temujin spotted movement behind him, noting a gangly form appearing out of nowhere.


Temujin alerted his companions and took a shot with his bow, striking the thing twice. As the party backed up, the ‘thing’ disappeared. Temujin gathered his thoughts and felt that this might be an outsider called a dimensional shambler – something adept at moving across the planes and often acted as a servant to higher powers. The shambler appeared again, across the chamber and the party fired at range – making content. It’s eyeless face appeared to note them, and faded away. The party waited. It did not reappear.

During this time, Tina have moved into the light – cooing for a moment, basking in the soft rays, Tina slumped over to the ground. The party moved up, and Dwag felt a warmth of the light cover him but stayed alert, while Father Pyrlig and Nico’s hound archon were wrapped up in a feeling of ennui – the party retreated and Nico dispelled his archon. While Pyrlig was awake, his manner was slow and stunted. Temujin moved down the hall to retrieve Tina when in the distance there was a pulse in the light and Temujin felt a pain, as if his very essence was drained. He scooped up Tina and fled down the hall to his companions. Thinking further, Temujin gathered this thing, was called a Colour out of Space – an outsider ooze that devoured all things, and it’s only known weakness was a susceptibility to magical force effects.


The party didn’t feel up to further engagement with the Colour out of Space and backtracked to the last Y intersection and took the right-hand side hall.

Moving down the hall, they found themselves in a temple of Dagon, a large skum priest was before an alter, the walls showing murals to Dagon’s glory above and below the waves. As the party moved in, his skum bodyguards moved to engage and protect the priest – among them was the human vicar, Garrick Prosker.

Nico summoned elementals to aid in the combat as Dwag and Old Sawney took the front line against the skum. The skum priest cast a powerful enchantment which Mittens detected was a harm spell, and the priest closed in on Dwag – except for Nico’s elementals providing a defensive line between the party.

The party watched for the activity behind them should the dimensional shambler return. Two shapes descended into the room – large hounds, one attacked the hound archon guarding the rear while the other attacked the skum priest’s concubines at the far side of the temple.


The party slew the skum bodyguards and the elementals kept the skum priest at bay, until as Old Sawney attempted to moved around the line of combat, the priest closed in striking Sawney, and his fell divine power of Dagon slew Sawney immediately. The party fell on the priest and slew him. The fight pushed on and lastly, Garrick Prosker was slain as well. The two hounds, identified by Temujin as hounds of tandalos, fought on briefly, observed the party and then faded away – and the hall was quiet.

Sending his elementals beyond in the next tunnel they found a watery entry way – this lead out to the intersection heading to the sea. Too exhausted to revisit the Colour out of Space, the party returned to the surface where they were intercepted by Yacine.

Day 120 12:00PM Yacine stated that the Captain had returned with a tale that the party was slain and they were leaving, now! Something didn’t sit right with Yacine, so she set her ‘girls’ to follow the vessels and flew to Avalon to see if the party turned up – which they did.

There was no time to waste! The Splash and the Shale had a head start, but their masts were still visible, barely, on the horizon some four or five miles out. The party stole an available jolly boat as Nico prepared to summon elementals to help speed them on their chase.

[end of session 48]
{Day 120}



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