Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 49

February 2nd, 2016

Day 120 12:30PM The party appraised their situation and saw that the Splash and the Shale had a five mile head start. Without delay the party ‘borrowed’ an available jolly boat as Nico summoned elementals to power the with utmost haste. As the party passed the Tern Rocks, Temujin and Father Pyrlig noted a bright flash of light below them. It was noted but not a priority as the elementals propelled the boat onward.

Closing in on the Shale, a whistle was heard – the Captain had given word for the Shale to attack! As the party’s jollyboat came abreast of the Shale, they were barraged with ballista fire – but only Nico was winged. As they closed upon the Splash, it’s guns in the stern castle fired, both balls plowing into the sea. Fergal recognized the party, his face questioning and turned back to Sandara and the Captain for confirmation of orders.

As the party prepared to throw themselves onto the stern deck, Captain Damiano leaned over the rail, and peaceably offered the party to come aboard.

The party, Sandara, Fergal and Captain Damiano were quiet for a few moments before the party began it’s accusations that the Captain was false, a doppleganger or some kind of simulacrum – which the Captain denied. Dwag pulled the corpse of Damiano out of their sack of holding and dropped it on the deck for all to see, much to everyone’s surprise. Fergal suggested that this discussion continue in the captain’s quarters.

In the privacy of the captain’s quarters, the party gave the {see URL Link =>} Liecaller to Sandara, to administer. Sandara probed party members and the Captain, and found when she pointedly asked if he was something other than the true captain, a doppleganger, his answer rang false – the party sprang to action, but they were not fast enough for false or no, Captain Damiano launched himself out of the ship’s windows, diving into the sea – but Dwag was right on his tail and struck him once, with Mitten’s incapacitating the false captain with his magic.

The false captain was secured in the captain’s quarters and Ophelia Blue was summoned. She successfully raised the true Captain Damiano from the dead – for this feat, the party agreed to release her from her indentured servitude aboard the Splash and planned to release her to a convenient port of call. The Captain proceeded to make himself visible, to act like nothing happened and present himself, confidently in command.

Day 121 Over the next day, Ophelia, Temujin and Father Pyrlig were able to heal everyone’s wounds as well as cover the significant damage to Temujin and the rescued woman, Tina, from the ooze, the Colour out of Space, as well as remedy Captain Damiano’s weakness from having been recently raised from the dead. While Tina was up and mobile, her mind still suffered and appeared to be quite insane. Ophelia tended to Tina to keep her out of danger and safe while on the Splash.


The Captain, and the party braced the false Damiano and found that his sole aim was to thwart the true Captain. With the captain dead, his compulsion was over and he aimed to act as Damiano, steal his fleet and make his way as the dread pirate Damiano! Seeing him as a risk, as long as the true Captain was alive, Dwag quickly slit the false Damiano’s throat, and as his life left him, his body, and belongings, faded away.

Day 122 9:00AM The party felt that Lady Amaranth had more information to provide regarding the nature of the curse, so they planned to pay her a visit. Arriving in town, they found it too quiet and too still. As they walked to the town hall, they realized that they were being watched. Sheriff Anders greeted them at the door. At dusk, after the party left, fish-men strode from the sea and carried off many townsfolk. A great beast, that looked like a horse with horrid fangs, and was the size of an elephant, carried off the Mayor and Lady Amaranth.

The party headed up the drive to the Lady’s manor. Inside, they found both house maids dead, from slashing claws – very similar damage as what a skum might inflict. Entering the main hall, the party reviewed the standing stones that Mittens had already seen. Temujin noted the scratched iconography of a goat and correlated with the outsiders recently seen that this could only represent the Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young – an ancient outer god of fertility, forests and monsters.

With that, the party moved quickly to abscond with any valuables (gold, jewelry, art/furnishings) that remained in the manor – they did find a sharkskin journal belonging to Quint Harrow and another book of arcane lore. One entry in the journal implicated Quint’s involvement with the ‘neighbors’ (skum):

Along with the more mundane entries, the journal describes Quint’s first meeting with “the Neighbors”—though Quint does not describe them physically, the text nevertheless gives the impression that the Neighbors are something other than human. The journal also mentions the Neighbors’ home: submerged tunnels at the bottom of Avalon Bay, at the base of the Tern Rocks. Later entries detail Quint’s eventual pirate lordship, and the institution of the Fostering Pact between Quint and the Neighbors, including the line, “I can only ensure the health and prosperity of Avalon and my own line by giving the Neighbors what they require, even if that means giving up my own children, and those of my heirs and my people. Regardless of my personal feelings, it is a small price to pay for such security.”

The other book, bound in whale hide, titled, “The Book of Abstruse Geometries,” was written in Azlanti. It appeared to be a potentially valuable research tome and spellbook, detailing many aspects of the Dark Tapestry and its inhabitants – for the time, its many secrets remained unrevealed as Nico was unable to read the text.

Day 122 11:00AM With not enough evidence present in the house to remove the curse, the party felt the answer still rested with Lady Amaranth, and the tunnels below the Tern Rocks. The party returned to their jolly boat and headed out to sea. At the Tern Rocks, they prepared themselves and plunged down into the depths. The bay was dark and the party’s vision cloudy by the wafting sediment. As they swam deeper, the pressure increased and made them more uncomfortable. 400’ deep they saw a steel dome to their left, of unknown manufacture resting on the sea bed floor. It had frosted glass windows which emitted the occasional flash of light. Off to the right they saw a cave, emitting the occasional burp of air bubbles. They party turned towards the cave.

Dwag and Damiano led the party into the cave to find a shiny glass lens blocking the tunnel entrance. Beyond it they could see the tunnel continue onwards, devoid of water. Every few moments, the lens would open emitting a stream of air bubbles. Dwag tested the lens and found that he could push through it. Moving inwards the duo pushed through and found themselves in the dry tunnel beyond. The party moved in. They found themselves in a large cave, an exit was at the far end. The walls were covered in intricate carvings – much of the artwork was now covered in rank, fish-odored, green and black slime. As the party moved in, spreading out, taking advantage of the space – they realized that they had company. Two dimensional shamblers appeared, one to the left, the other to the right. Behind and beyond them, two hounds of Tindalos appeared. The shamblers disappeared and reappeared directly around Mittens clawing away at him – he did his own disappearing act, moving alongside Damiano, for a safer position. Dwag closed in and Nico summoned elementals who pounded away at the shamblers. With Mittens a safe distance away, they turned their violent attention to Father Pyrlig.

The hounds kept a distance, harrying the party with their baleful gaze and aiding the shamblers by providing magical haste. Dwag, Temujin and Nico’s elementals were able to come to Father Pyrlig’s aid and slay the two shamblers – their corpses dissipating. Nico’s elementals and Mittens and Damiano soon finished off the two hounds.

The large entrance cave was still and quiet as the combat subsided – but what waited for the party down the next turn in the tunnel?

[end of session 49]
{Day 120-122}



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