Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 5

Feb 17th, 2015

DAY 12
After returning from Soggy Island, the party gathered their belongings in preparation of leaving with the Man’s Promise at daybreak. Riaris cleared the officer’s quarters so she could have some privacy with Damiano. The strenuous sounds of the coupling haunted many fellow mate’s sleep amid ship.

DAY 13
Cut-Throat Grok handed out each party member’s prize for taking on the goblins (150GP each) before they boarded the Man’s Promise

Jack Scrimshaw was assigned as ship’s carpenter aboard the Man’s Promise and as the crew boarded he was putting the finishing touches of a weapon’s chest on the main deck. All hands were to stow all weapons in the chest other than a dagger or rigging knife.

The Man’s Promise and the Wormwood parted and the Man’s Promise headed north by northeast while the Wormwood headed northwest. The day was fair with a easy wind and Mr. Plug chose to set partial sail throughout the day.

Undermanned the crew was tired from fulfilling their tasks. Sandara, who had been sleeping in the officer’s quarters with Master Scourge and many of his cronies, crept back to the crew berths. Many of the crew friendly to Scourge had made themselves scarce. Dwag went up on deck to use the head and found Jape, Syl and Tam on watch.

Dwag and Damiano crept into the hold and gave some respite to the Rahadoumi officer, Haiyan, captured from the Second Son. They crept through the bilge looking for Owlbear, who had not been seen since boarding. There was no sight of Owlbear and the grating leading up to the locked hold was stoutly locked.

DAY 14
At daybreak, orders were given to head south by southeast with full sail. At midday course was set for due south. Drawing past a set of islands called the Trident Islands, the ship was attacked by six tidepool dragons. After a brief battle the dragons were slain. An aquatic humanoid made himself known to the crew, and introduced himself as Adali, a locathah. Adali and his people were hunting the dragons in their grotto-nest and they fled, enraged, attacking the Man’s Promise. As compensation Adali led the party in a jolly boat to the derelict ship, The Deprived, located in shallow water. Working together they pulled up a solid wood cask. Returning to the Man’s Promise, the cask was opened to reveal a silver clockwork toucan. A name was made out on the cask: Liat Murks.

Adali offered to show the crew to two other derelicts near the Trident Islands, but Mr. Plugg said that there was no time, that they would return and then he placed the toucan in his cabin.

DAY 15
The Man’s Promise was heading south by southeast, Kroops had been very ill without any ration of rum for two days and laboring as a swab under Master Scourge’s attentive gaze.

A rowboat was spotted and the Man’s Promise hove to. An unconscious man was found in the ship. His hands and feet were tied and a sack was over his head. A sack of 1,000 gold was aboard the boat. He was taken down into the locked hold – Father Pyrlig joined Jape, Tam and Mr. Plugg. After Pyrlig revived the stranger, he stated that his name was Fergal Tweens, that he had previously sailed with the Nightgull, under Captain Rory Shellman. Fergal stated that he was seen as bad luck during an attack on the Nightgull and sent away in this fashion, but he wouldn’t elaborate any more than that. He boasted that he was the consort of Ol’ Bes (Besmara) as well. Mr. Plugg didn’t like anything that he was hearing and he had Jape render Fergal unconscious.

They came across a ship called the Red Anger which appeared to be recently sunk on the reef. The party investigated via a jolly boat and Nico’s eidolon, Dur, detected a repeated clanking from the hold. The party descended and found a lobster-ish beast the size of a pony in a large cage. Dwag parlayed with the beast in broken common – Dwag wanted the beast brought aboard the Man’s Promise and wanted to goad it into attacking Master Scourge and Mr. Plugg. Dwag attempted to coerce compliance with mock poison and as he closed in to administer the poison, the starving, maniacal beast attacked him. The party slew the beast and while there was no treasure, they gathered two sets of spare weapons. One set was stored in the thwart air chamber of the jolly boat and the other was wrapped in sailcloth and carried by Dur.

The party speculated about their future under Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge’s command, which sailors may or may not be trusted and how to make the best use of their new found weapons in case they plan to mutiny in the near future. Kroop did offer that they were near the Slithering Coast – far off any proper sailing lanes. The traffic where they were heading were only by those attempting to not be found. And the most likely destination was a squib dock, owned by a Rickety Hake. With the prospect that Mr. Plugg may be able to supplement his crew at Rickety’s Squibs, the party thought of their own future should they become expendable.

{Day 13-15}
[end of session 5]



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