Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 50

February 9th, 2016

Day 122 12:00PM The party, after defeating the dimensional shamblers and hounds of tindalos, cautiously moved forward down the hall.

The hallway split into a four way intersection, Dwag leading the way looked down one of the side halls into a cavern.

Patches of phosphorescent lichen growing on the damp ceiling provide a dim light in this stone chamber, and the walls are decorated with disturbing carvings. Mounds of soggy seaweed have been gathered into nests or beds upon the floor. Carvings on the walls depicted skum in the midst of various graphic and disturbing mating acts with what are obviously human women.


Four skum, much larger than what the party had seen before stood by, their bodies strangely quivering. Many of the skum have had the top of their heads removed, their engorged brains exposed. Moving into the chamber, the skum howled and moved to action. Dwag, Damiano and Nico’s elementals moved in to engage the skum. However, the rest of the party at the intersection heard more howling resonating around them through the other tunnels adjoining the intersection – soon after the party took up defensive positions, a half dozen more skum emerged from two other chambers and attacked!

Dwag and Damiano left the chamber they were in and joined their companions in the intersection. These larger, armored skum attacked with a fury unseen by the party in the other cave complex. The elementals finished off their foes and Nico moved them to the intersection to support the party. While the skum were dishing out some pain, the party made gains to whittle down their ranks until the battle was ended. Nico noted that the skum wore fine scale mail and carried very fine tridents. He made a note to return here to gather this swag, later when there was time to spare. The party moved onward down the hall.


The party came to a T intersection. Mittens made out a gobbledegook of the common tongue coming from the left-hand passage, while Temujin made out the lisping tones of the aboleth language from the passage straight ahead. Temujin and Dwag ventured down the corridor, which widens into a large cavern.

To the northeast stands a statue carved of green and black stone, depicting a nightmarish creature that is neither fish nor eel nor octopus, yet contains features of all three and more. The walls around the statue have been decorated with hundreds of varieties of inlaid shells and pieces of strange reddish gold, amid profane symbols carved into the rock.

An elder, bloated skum stood at the far side of the hall. He greeted Temujin and introduced himself as Zhabh-boath – and he is a blubbery specimen whose scaly hide is tattooed with images of writhing tentacles. He is accompanied by two muscular skum sentries. Temujin made it known to Zhabh-boath that the party was investigating the tunnels to further protect the town. Zhabh-boath countered that there was nothing to fear and that Lady Amaranth couldn’t possibly support the party’s claim, as she was here and acknowledged that there was no risk to the fine folk of Avalon – unfortunately she could not be disturbed. At a conversational impass, Dwag called to the rest of the party. One of Zhabh-boath’s skum left the cavern by another hallway as the party closed in.

As the party entered the cavern Zhabh-boath cast a flamestrike to engulf them and the battle was on! Zhabh-boath quickly realized the numbers were against him and he maneuvered his great bulk to retreat out the rear corridor as the other skum sentry protected the priest’s ample flank briefly before he was overwhelmed. Nico sent some of his elementals to intercept the priest, while others stayed with Nico to protect the parties own flank.

Zhabh-boath was caught up at another T intersection, surrounded by elementals, along with Dwag and Mittens. A dimensional shambler appeared midway behind the party, attacking Father Pyrlig and Damiano. The shambler appeared to be attracted to the priest and Damiano and Temujin fought to help the beleaguered priest of Gozreh.

At the far end of the hall, two strange winged creatures hovered over the ground – they did not engage.


Zhabh-boath, surrounded and, drew on the fell power of the Dark Tapestry to repeatedly drain the life from his opponents – countered time and time again by Father Pyrlig as he fought to keep the dimensional shambler at bay.

Moments apart, Zhabh-boath was slain, as was the shambler. As the party quickly healed themselves, Nico instructed his elementals to move down the corridor to the floating creatures – however as they were approached, one of the creatures held out a strange device and the corridor was filled with a freezing cold mist hurting both the elementals and members of the party. The party moved around in some confusion as the concealing mist persisted, but the elementals attacked the strange pair of creatures. The two flyers withdrew, flying deeper into the room and higher, away from the cave floor, but not before Nico’s elementals managed to slay the flyer holding the strange device.

Day 122 12:10PM The party, having been in a running combat, and were now shrouded in mist. They attempted to heal themselves, regroup, and make sense of their next course of action while Nico’s elementals held the entrance to the grotto before them.

[end of session 50]
{Day 122}



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