Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 51

February 16th, 2016

Mike/Father Pyrlig was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 122 12:20PM Nico’s elementals pushed into the grotto as the strange winged creatures, called Mi-Go, retreated further into the large chamber.

This vast grotto is aglow with dim light in a dozen different shades. All manner of strange and unearthly lichens, fungi, and less identifiable plants grow upon a compost of foul- smelling black soil in a riotous tangle.

The retreating Mi-Go joined a dimensional shambler, standing atop a strange metal device humming quietly in the center of the room. Before the device was a pile of skum corpses as well as naked, and headless, men and women. The neckholes were not exploded out like what the party had recently seen but were severed cleanly. The strange metal device had a wide aperture at one end and a bloody, befouled opening of smaller size at the other.

Nico’s elementals engaged the shambler and Mi-Go on the machine while the party cautiously prepared themselves and moved into the room. The shambler got his claws on one elemental and dropped him into the hopper – the machine came out of it’s idle and roared as the elemental was chewed up and spat out onto the compost heap behind the machine, moments later the machine idled back down again. The party joined the elementals, and slowly, overwhelmed them.

While the party healed up, Temujin investigated the machine, finding a panel, he was able to deactivate the machine. Dwag and Damiano saw two more Mi-Gos at the far end of the hall, at the entrance of another tunnel. The party moved out of sight, clinging to the walls for cover and moved towards the duo of Mi-Gos.

Dwag and Damiano closed the distance, and as they engaged, they could see into the large domed chamber beyond. Strange machinery that blinked and binged were around the room, and in the center of the room were two Mi-Gos, attending to Lady Amaranth, who was naked and strapped down to a table. Seeing Captain Damiano, Lady Amaranth spoke to him, “There he is, my young, handsome captain. I have good news! My friends have shown me the cure to end this curse from Dagon. Plus, I’m going to have a baby – look!” Lady Amaranth’s belly was distended and her flesh writhed with movement. She added, “He’s going to be big and strong, and I will call him Wilbur. He will be the savior to us all and drive Dagon from Avalon – then we could live happily ever after – you could even be his step-father!” The party pressed the two defending Mi-Gos, slaying them and as they moved into the chamber, one of the Mi-Gos sliced at Lady’ Amaranth’s neck with his razor-like claw and with a soft moan, the Lady of Avalon passed away – yet the writhing in her body continued.

The party entered the chamber and attacked the Mi-Gos. As the fight continued on, the Lady’s corpse started to swell and turn red like a tomato, growing larger and larger it popped – to reveal…Wilbur!


Wilbur, or the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath, attacked the party with his massive tentacles, grabbing Dwag and pulling him close to his many drooling maws.

Over Wilbur’s head, a glassy censor opened near the ceiling, massive tentacles of yet something greater yearned to enter this realm – Wilbur’s true mother, Shub-Niggurath sought entry into this plane.

Nico summoned an equally intimidating servant to aid in the fight, a celestial ankylosaurus – Wilbur and the ankylosaurus proceeded to trade blows but the dinosaur gained the upper hand. As the party polished off the Mi-Gos, they jumped in the fray against the Dark Young, who was slain. As Wilbur died, the shining portal near the dome’s ceiling collapsed violently sending shockwaves through the dome. Machinery sparked and exploded and sea water started spraying through the cracks. The party made haste to evacuate the domed chamber.

Strangely enough, after the death of Lady Amaranth and Wilbur, the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath, Captain Damiano felt no change, no release from the curse that affected both him, and Father Pyrlig.


Retreating to the last T intersection they had encountered, Temujin sealed the hallway with a wall of ice and the party investigated the side passage.

In contrast to the other chambers in these tunnels, the straight walls and level floors of this rectangular room display clear signs of worked stone. Strange copper and glass canisters are arranged along all four walls, sitting atop stone pedestals. More than half of the canisters hold disembodied heads suspended within some bluish fluid.

As they party entered the room, they were greeted by the voice of Mayor Greedle, who asked them about their day, and how they were faring? After a brief conversation, the Mayor realized he was bodiless and began shrieking about his state. The Mayor’s howling woke up the other filled canisters that were occupied and soon the room was filled with a cacophony of insane rambling and cries of woe. Dwag soon had enough of that, and toppled all the pedestals and the canisters struck the floor and broke, the personalities trapped within gave their last gasps before they died.

The party returned back to the T intersection. Temujin’s wall ice appeared to be holding but they could hear the mounting pressure as the wall creaked and groaned from the incoming sea water.

Moving past the shrine of Dagon where the party had encountered Zhabh-boath, at the next T intersection the party turned down the right-hand tunnel. Entering a large cave, they heard the gibbering of common and heard the strangest phrases coming from a talking plant?

The damp walls of this dark cavern display a bewildering variety of obscure and esoteric symbols painted in bright, clashing colors and pigments.


Day 122 12:25PM This strange plant called a cerebric fungus kept asking the strangest questions, “What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? How do crustaceans propagate with barns? When she walks, she’s like a samba. So tall and tan and young and lovely does the girl from Ipanema go walking – How can I tell her, ‘I love you?’” Nico answered all the questions by siccing his celestial ankylosaurus upon it.

As the party attacked, Ogg’gggol, the alien fungus, cast black tentacles upon the party and then followed that up with it’s star-shriek – such a forlorn cry to the stars that it emitted that Dwag and Damiano nearly succumbed, feeling weak at the knees (and everywhere else), but with a bit of luck, they pulled themselves together and fought on.

Temujin dispelled the black tentacles and the party moved into the room. On the far side, another curious beast spied upon the party.


As Ogg’gggol died, the cavern ceiling collapsed upon the party. Nico had the ankylosaurus move to engage this large strange humanoid monster. As the party healed up, out of side chambers came more Mi-Gos that attacked the party. The ankylosaurus turned back and attacked the Mi-Gos. After a pitched skirmish, the party, the ankylosaurus and Nico’s freshly summoned brace of hound archons survived. The strange humanoid monster was nowhere to be seen.

[end of session 51]
{Day 122}



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