Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 53

March 1st, 2016

Day 124 6:00PM With both vessels secured, the party investigated the the sloop merchantman, the Weatherman. Acting captain, Seamus Handel, introduced the party to the captain of the Weatherman, Bern Holstein – whose ship was transporting leather, spices and timber. Captain Holstein also made it clear that they were in these waters transporting a passenger to the party. A female elf, named Eando Klyne, introduced herself. Her appearance was modest and business-like. Having heard from Jim Haveless from the Pathfinder Guild in Quent, Eando shipped out of Ollo in an attempt to join up with the party.

Seeing that the Weatherman was in these waters as a service to the party, yet rescued from the orc raiders aboard the Dryad’s Grave, Captain Damiano asked for a modest ‘rescue fee’ of one point for their spice cargo, which was readily agreed to. The captain also took a belaying pin from the rail, for Father Pyrlig’s later attempts to find this vessel. With that, the party took their leave of the Weatherman, along with Eando Klyne, and made immediate plans to sail north to the remains of the Brine Banshee, detailed by Haneilius Fitch. The Dryad’s Grave was towed by the Shale.

Day 125 2:00PM “Sail ho!” was shouted by Juba in the crow’s nest. The Splash slowly closed the distance between themselves and a shoddy caravel called the Isinglass. The latter shot up a white flag and the two vessels closed to parley. The captain, one Horace Croon offered to come aboard. An older chap he surveyed the party aboard the Splash. Hoping that they were a sporting crew – those who look for prizes on land as well as on sea, he offered a map to a fine galleon, ‘stored’ by a fried of his – one {see URL Link =>} Free Captain Autolycus of the Chion (a frigate out of Drenchport). The party would have to decide for themselves – after they surveyed his ship. Captain Croon and the party returned to the beaten down caravel and found that he was transporting sacks of grain and casks of ale, out of Raketooth, of Shark Island to Bag Island, Drenchport and Hell Harbor. The party pushed a stiff tax of the map, along with 2 points of grain and a point of ale – Horace Croon was dismayed, but could hardly refuse.

Captain Croon said he had a passenger looking to head south to Quent and introduced a dashing gentleman, one free-booter {see URL Link =>} Captain Sandru Vhiski. It turns out that Captain Vhiski had recently carried on an affair with Miss Angelique Marie, the mistress of “Baron” Palpate of Raketooth. Sandru was detected and needed to leave Raketooth in a hurry and was unable to rejoin his vessel, a brigantine called the Whale which departed hastily from the port. Captain Vhiski was confident that he would rejoin his ship in time but agreed to terms with Captain Damiano to pay 3,500GP for passage. Dwag continued to push and interrupt the transaction, but Captain Vhiski put on a good face, smiling and was undeterred by Dwag’s exclamations that there was just ‘too much F^$@ing talking’ going on and they should get back to work. The Captain joined the party aboard the Splash and they resumed their heading north, towards the Smoker Island.

Mittens questioned the new orc additions to the crew and found that the escapee, was a half-orc mage and 2nd mate named Glaive Snaggletooth. Glaive was quite popular with the crew and was known to frequent various ports around Shark Island, such as Ollo, Raketooth and Vilelock. The Dryad’s Grave also made port in Plumetown of Smoker Island – where the Splash was headed currently. However Captain Damiano dashed any hope of digressing from their current tasks at hand to attempt to catch up to Glaive, much to Mitten’s chagrin.

Day 127 10:00AM Nico, using the ring of the iron skull and Xiribal’s leg bone from Haneilius Fitch (who stressed how helpful he had been for the party to find this treasure, if only the party were appreciative maybe he would be granted an award so that he could retire with some security in Bag Island, <sigh>) found the wreck of the Brine Banshee, south east of Smoker Island. It turns out the bow was in shallow water, however the stern was a bit deeper, at 180’ depth. The party prepared themselves and swam down the sunken bow. Nico’s summoned some elementals to help push the party along and as they came down to the bow, they were intercepted by a merman, named Ormandar, who now made the bow his home. The party ‘claimed’ that this was their ship and they only sought to reclaim what they lost but the merman was not sympathetic, and diplomacy gave way to a combat-based decision of property ownership. Ormandar was joined by several large bull sharks that engaged the party.

Ormandar fell quickly to Dwag’s blade but the party battled with the pesky sharks for some time before they were slain. Dwag moved into the front hold, finding the door unlocked. As he moved in, the tendrils of a giant jellyfish, floating above him, grabbed at him and he exclaimed to the party that there a bit more battle to be had here! The party came to his aid and in time the jellyfish was slain. Nico helped determine what items were of value or magical and the party worked quickly to moved through the wrecked ship and scour it for booty.

The party made their way down to the stern of the Brine Banshee, a monstrous clawed beast excited the hull and swam towards them.


As they closed for combat, the beast opened it’s maw and blasted the party with a cone of cold. Soon after more sharks exited the hull and joined the fray. The party became aware that someone still within the hold was casting spells as Temujin and Nico were struck by a lightning bolt, obviously not the work of the blackwater charda (identified by Temujin) here before them.

Father Pyrlig kept the healing power of Gozreh flowing as Dwag engaged the charda and the party fought the sharks. Nico summoned two orcas to enter the stern and fight whatever they found there. The killer whales were engaged with a large devilfish, a much greater version of what the party encountered on Brinewrack Island, which fought wildly with the two orcas. In self defense it emitted a great cloud of ink to obscure vision throughout the space but this was no hindrance to the two whales.

The party finished off the charda after it mauled Dwag over and over. The sharks were slain and the orcas finished off the devilfish. The stern was still obscured in a haze of the oily ink cloud, but while it dissipated, the party looked to heal themselves and then see to what treasure rested among the wreck of the Brine Banshee.

[end of session 53]
{Day 124-127}



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