Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 55

March 15th, 2016

Day 132 1:00AM The party learned that their new orc cohorts were familiar with the toothy symptoms of lycanthropy, having seen it before near the environs of Shark Island, and laid Jim Hawkins low with their silver daggers – but not without injury. Six sailors aboard the Splash received nasty bites that would require care. The orcs trussed up Jim in the hold and kept a watch upon him to insure he didn’t stir any time before dawn.

Quickly, the party moved out into town, searching for Ben Gunn – they ran into Ginger Red, who stated that Ben was with them drinking at the Barnacle, when Ben transformed and savaged everyone around him. The tavern cleared out. The party made their way to the Barnacle and found the town guard there, investigating. They spied one of their crew, Bill, from Little Oppara, being questioned by the guards – the party closed and greeted the group and offered their help. They party was able to peel Bill off from the questioning guards and sent him back to the Splash.

After taking a detour down a nearby alley, to get around the staked out guards, Dwag looked for clues and found Ben’s tracks. A trail of bloody claw prints led the party to a tenement basement, Dwag heard growling and crept down the stairs and peered in. The transformed Ben was a half man, half wolf, standing upon his hind legs as he leaned over and ripped a limb from a local woman, dead and in the process of being devoured.

Temujin magically blacked out the alley from prying eyes as Dwag and Damiano engaged were-Ben. Mittens blasted a bolt into him and shortly after the party easily rendered him unconscious. They packed Ben and the poor lass into their bag of holding – realizing, they had another body in the bag! The poor feeble woman from the skum caves below the town of Avalon had been forgotten in the bag and passed away. They made themselves invisible and flew hastily back to the Splash!

Day 132 3:00AM The party bound up Ben with Jim and they determined they had eight wounded sailors, by a werewolf, on their hands and what were they to do?

When they woke in the morning, Temujin questioned Jim and Ben. Jim had no knowledge of what happened. Ben only realized of some strange visions he had at the bar, the young woman and the party – but it was very unclear – surely he had too much to drink while on shore leave!

Temujin copied the Chelish documents that they had, and presented them to Harlan Valance, when he arrived dockside early in the morning. Harlan, in turn, provided the letters of Marque and introduction to the Pirate Council. Temujin led the party to divulge the details of their complicated morning to Harlan. He offered that perhaps the temple of Calistria could help as she was a trusted ally to Tessa Fairwind.

Taking a carriage through the city, the party made a discreet entrance to the temple/brothel. Nico offered the recently found gold statuette, the Golden Vespal, as payment for any aid that Lady Dindreann could offer to their fellow sailors, and as Harlan Valance added, the few townfolk who were also injured. Lady Dindreann was quite pleased to have the return of the Golden Vespal and over the next two days would be able to cure the Splash’s sailors of any cursed affliction – as well as the townsfolk. She also offered to cover compensation for wounds suffered and a little something to silence the employees as the Barnacle.

While the cargo aboard the Splash continued to be unloaded and delivered to the various warehouses that Nico had made deals with, this allowed Nico some additional time to ferret out all sorts of supplies to create magical devices for his companions.

Day 141 12:00PM Mittens received a note from a local boy – and found that it was from Glaive Snaggletooth, the orc wizard from the Dryad’s Grave. The message said to meet him at noon at Fat Jesup’s bar. Mittens informed the party, who stayed at distance and went on to his meeting. Glaive appeared out of nowhere as Mittens took his table – the half-orc was dressed well in decent clothes, but for a mage, he had a great axe strapped to his back. Mittens made his pitch, for Glaive to join them and offered 1,000 GP per month, which Glaive gladly accepted.

The pair returned to the Splash and Nico was less pleased at Mittens salary offer – and negotiations were fierce – as Glaive put it – while he was an accomplished 2nd mate aboard the Dryad’s Grave, first and foremost, he is a mage and expects to be compensated, appropriately for his skills. While Nico was still nailing down rates for all the crew, he was able to successfully settle a term of 500 GP per month for three months, which Glaive agreed to.

Day 142 8:00AM With the cargo offloaded and all tasks settled, the Splash, the Shale and the Dryad’s Grave set sail for Port Peril.

Day 146 10:00PM It was a quiet four day run to Port Peril, the fine days punctuated by Temujin’s litany of orders to officers and crew to stick to their tasks: to keep the brass polished brightly, the decks scrubbed down and the cables stacked and stowed.

Arriving in Port Peril, the harbor master’s cutter greeted them and led them to a berth at Crescent Harbor. They were informed that they would wait there, for a day or so, until they could be attended to and their ships inspected. Captain Damiano gave the word that a four point bribe and their application be sent to Lucrehold.

Day 147 7:00AM The next morning, a voice asked for ‘permission to come aboard,’ and a dwarf was at the dock, standing next to a large half-orc. The dwarf was Harbormaster Tsojmin Kreidoros, who had a brace of young sailors come to inspect the Captain’s ships. The half-orc was {see URL Link =>} Sadok Goldtooth – the first officer of Kerdak Bonefist – the Hurricane King. Both Tsojmin and Sadok made pleasantries and Sadok stated that he received the required paperwork that was sent over yesterday to Lucrehold.


While Tsojmin’s boys inspected Damiano’s three ships, Sadok suggested that the party join some friends of his, Hainen Boynes and Stephen Slick, in conversation over at the tavern, Formidably Maid – where the party’s adventures started just five months ago.

[end of session 55]
{Day 132-147}



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