Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 56

March 29th, 2016

Day 147 8:00AM After Sadok departed the Splash, Ophelia Blue checked in with Temujin, and then took her leave from the ship.

The party made their way to the tavern, the Formidably Maid, to meet up with Hainen Boynes and Stephen Slick. As they entered the tavern, a dwarf sidled up to Dwag and asked, “Can you tie off a bowline knot son? If so I can get you a job!” It was the agent, Black Dougal, that had signed the party to the Wormwood. Dougal did not recall the party despite their unusual racial mix – the party took their leave and made their way to the back of the room where Sadok’s men waited.

Hainen was dressed simply in clean, but standard sailor’s clothes. Stephen was dressed in a dirty white canvas slicker and matching hat. They greeted the party warmly, offered food and drink and asked the party about their background.

Hainen asked, “I knew that fellow, Dougal, over there. I think, it was said that you sailed out of Port Peril earlier this year under Captain Harrigan, aboard the Wormwood? That Mr. Plugg, he’s a real pip isn’t he?” Hainen followed up, “How did you and the Captain Harrigan part ways?”

The party retorted that Plugg was a mutinous bastard who stole the Man’s Promise from Captain Harrigan – only the party fought back slaying Plugg, Master Scourge and their cronies. While they failed to return directly to Harrigan, they later made good providing a ship, as compensation, to Acting Captain Longfarthing at Bloodcove.

Hainen asked, “I heard tell about some battling with sahuagun near Trident isle, and some nagas somewhere. How’s old Rikety Hake doing?”

The party added that the Chelish killed Hake and burned down the squibworks. Which led to Stephen asking about the party’s experiences fighting Louisa Scott & the Night Voyager. The party regaled the pair about their repeated, pitched battles with Louisa and her Chelish cohorts in the Southern Shackles.

At that point, Hainen stated that Sadok had a test for the party, and he would be departing with them aboard the Splash tomorrow at daybreak. The party left on good terms and departed the Formidably Maid. Before returning to the Splash, Nico gathered supplies for future enchantments that he planned to craft.

Day 148 6:00AM. The next morning Sadok arrived at the dock and was invited aboard the Splash. Captain Damiano gave the order to set sail, due north, per Sadok’s instructions.  Temujin made sure the crew of the Splash kept in line and were busy attending to their duties.  At nightfall, near Saravent Island, Sadok gave work to change course, south by southwest.  

Day 149 The next day was fair and easy past Dahak’s Tooth.  The other resident tengu, Tahpio, remarked to Temujin that since this was supposed to be a short run, this ‘test’ would likely be around Shenchu Bay.

Shenchu Bay was ‘shared’ by three Tian Free Captains, Chan Ai-Huao, Jieh Hui, and Lo Shei Wen.  Also, there were three ports on the island, Cho-Tzu, Haigu Wan and Mong La – however the three ports were not controlled by any one captain – all were contested property.

Sadok gave word that they were after an agent of these three Free Captains – the agent’s name is Akinosa.  Akinosa had secreted himself in a narrow bay carved into the limestone mountains of the island.  He had a junk under his command, manned by hobgoblins and Tian tengu, called yamabushi.  His fort was high up on the limestone cliffs, with a single, unpleasant stair leading up.

It was noted, that the Splash was being followed.  The party worried that this new arrival would be a distraction or an observer to their action.  Sadok offered that the ship was his, or that of Hainen Boyne – it was Trelane’s Wish, a caravel – and only on standby should it be required.  

Day 150 The next morning, the party planned their attack.  The Splash would remain out of sight, but would block the entrance to the harbor to insure that the junk couldn’t escape without a fight. Nico summoned elementals, and they rode high up into the early morning mist to surveille their target.

The party flying high but with poor visibility in the fog dipped about looking for signs of life.  Nico sent his spare elemental down alone and it noted five clustered limestone pinnacles active with hobgoblin warriors and black-faced tengu, with red glowing eyes – the latter flitting about on black feathered wings.  The elemental returned and reported in to Nico.  The party cast their protections upon themselves and dove down through the fog to the central pinnacle where a derelict tower stood.  

Damiano, Dwag and Father Pyrlig touched down and were engaged by hobgoblin monks.  As Mittens, Nico and Temujin stayed aloft on their elementals and provided support – they were attacked by the tengu, who also stayed aloft.

Out of the ruins came a spider-like humanoid, who attempted to cast an enchantment upon the Captain – but he resisted the sorcerer’s attempt to polymorph him.  As Dwag, Pyrlig and Damiano were in close combat with the hobgoblins, fighting among the trees and ruins on the hilltop, from out of the trees swarmed masses of spiders, falling onto their bodies.  Nico gave word for his elementals to sweep the area with strong winds which blew the spiders away.  Nico also summoned his celestial Gamara, to attack both the hobgoblins, and the spiderish humanoid.  Gamara slew a hobgoblin and turned its attention upon the spider-man – which the latter found too intimidating and he flew away into the mist – Gamara struck at the spider-man but narrowly missed due the latter’s magical defenses. 

And the battle raged on…

[end of session 56]
{Day 147-150}



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