Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 57

April 5th, 2016

Day 150 6:00AM  The battle continued, with Mittens flying aloft between the limestone pinnacles, he was targeted by  the nearby hobgoblin and tengu warriors – who threw daggers and shot arrows at him.  Dwag and Damiano flew to a second flying tengu who was harrying Temujin with it’s bow and arrow, and tag-teamed him in combat.  

From out of the derelict tower, strode a great rotting corpse of a man.  A multitude of nails and stakes were driven into it’s flesh – this undead horror was covered in mold, with bits of it’s flesh falling away, yet it moved up to Gamara and struck the beast with great thumps from it’s fists. The party appreciated Gamara’s sacrifice in fighting this voidstick zombie!  Father Pyrlig moved in behind the zombie, with a plan to help dispel the abomination.

Temujin fenced in many of the hobgoblins and tengu in a wall of fire, singing their flesh and feathers.  The tengu escaped, flying over the barrier while the hobgoblins barreled through the wall taking the pain.

The zombie focused it’s rage and sent out a wave of life-sucking energy, paining Gamara, Pyrlig and Dwag and Damiano.  The latter two polished off their tengu flyer and moved to another. The tengu put up a fight, but were no match for the pair of warriors.

A flash of lightning focused on Dwag, and follow-up bolts struck members of the party. Mittens flew north, looking for the spell caster.  Flying into the fog, Mittens spotted the spidery humanoid, hovering over a spit of rock.  About him were many translucent shapes, mirror images of his own form.  Mittens prepared to counter attack this spider-man should it attempt to cast again.


Dwag and Damiano having slain their second tengu, started moving up to assist Mittens.  Father Pyrlig and Temujin also moved up into supporting positions – the party started taking shots at at Akinosa, the spider-man, making him feel uncomfortable with all this new attention!

Nico and his spare elemental picked off the tengu to the south, as they and the hobgoblins made their way down the precarious stone stair.  Nico heard the report of pistol fire – and was able to confirm that Sadok Goldtooth was making his way up the stair and taking out opponents as they got in his way.

Temujin was aware, via his Raven, that the Splash was ramping up for a fight – the gun decks were cleared and the cannons were being sighted upon the junk, the Dark Shadow.  

Akinosa’s magical defenses boosted his chances at survival as the party fighters could land very few hits upon him, as his images and blurry nature obscured solid contact.  Regardless, Akinosa didn’t like the odds, he hissed, “Surely we can work something out?”  But the party didn’t change it’s posture – perhaps nothing could be worked out!  Akinosa started casting and Father Pyrlig attempted to foil his casting but failed to interrupt it – with a magical ‘puff,’ he was gone.  Mittens determined that the spider-man dimension door’d away – while not far, there were many crannies and much tree cover for someone to hide in, among these jungle covered, limestone mountains.

The party got together and quickly flew down to the Splash.  The party dropped heavy magical ordinance up the stern deck of the Dark Shadow, killing the pilot and demoralizing the crew.  Realizing that Sandara and Fergal had things in order down here, the party, with their elementals flew back up to the scene of the battle on the limestone cliffs. 


Day 150 9:00AM The party took turns scanning the nearby mountains and treetops, looking for any signs of Akinosa.  They found nothing.  After a while, Sadok called off the search and they returned to their ships.  At this time, Trelane’s Wish had arrived.  Sadok gave word for the party to scuttle the junk and head back to Port Peril.  Sadok, took a rowboat back to Trelane’s Wish and set sail.  The party were able to recover some supplies from the junk, and sank it.  The Splash set sail, heading east at a leisurely pace.

Day 151 7:00AM  The next morning, Temujin successfully scryed upon Akinosa, and saw that he was walking east upon a footpath that was occasionally trafficked by peasants.  Captain ordered full sail and the Splash headed east with a greater pace.  Making an educated guess, Nico, Dwag and Temujin flew ashore upon Nico’s elementals, while Captain Damiano, Mittens and Father Pyrlig stayed aboard the Splash, determined to cut off Akinosa’s escape, at the end of the road – at the port town of Mong La.

Day 151 2:00PM  Dwag was able to find Akinosa’s tracks and while they sporadically left the path, presumably for Akinosa to climb into the trees to avoid human passersby, Dwag was able to stay on track. Even after Nico’s elementals term had expired, the trio moved on the trail at a steady run.

Day 151 5:00PM  The Splash arrived at Mong La.  A wooden town set upon rocks, barely rising out of the sea.  Wooden pylons and stilts helped support the various structures that appeared to be teetering for balance or leaning upon each other so that they wouldn’t fall into the sea.  The odor of the port was offensive.  They bay was busily being fished by any boat that could hold one or more fisherman without sinking.  Fish were gutted on the wooden decks, anything unwanted dumped back into the sea along with any other offal and detritus.  

[end of session 57]
{Day 150-151}



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