Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 59

April 19th, 2016

Kevin/Mittens was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 154 6:00AM Before delving into the investigation of the Jasperleaf Apothecary, Dwag, Damiano and Nico sought out a trainer to put them through their paces and toughen them up – they found just the man – Big Tom Cain, who was the second mate of the sloop, Dawn Approaches, captained by Beck the Brutal. The trio spent a few weeks under Big Tom’s mindful eye and demanding exercises.

Nico also sought out The Knotworks – a series of canyons and caverns, carved naturally and by man, out of the limestone bluffs behind Port Peril – there in the Knotworks were many vendors who sold Nico the raw materials he needed for his enchantments – he was also able to pawn some higher priced items at Mangey Marge’s Emporium.

Mittens, was able to study, and retrain with the Free Captain Erastus Williams, of the sloop, the Aviati. Captain Williams was one of the few area mages that did not truck with the Mystic Redoubt any more than he had to. His colleague, Little Ricky of the galleon, Saravent felt similarly.

While his comrades were busy training and manufacturing magical items, Temujin hit up the local longshoreman, supplying compensation for a small contingent to keep their eyes open for any unusual traffic that might occur in port.

Temujin sought out the Jasperleaf Apothecary and did introductory legwork of the premises. An old stately clay brick manor house but while the facade showed some signs of decay, the windows were firmly shuttered, the chimney grated off with steel bars and there were no back doors. All visitors, sporadically coming and going, entered by the front door, only after providing one of two secret password phrases, that Temujin was able to discern. The phrases were, that you wanted to buy "three jugs of terrap sap” or purchase " two pounds of powdered thileu bark.” Temujin rented a safe house across the street from the apothecary and kept a good eye on the comings and goings – once he had a decent understanding of the traffic pattern, he returned to the Splash to inform his comrades on what he had learned.

Day 176 9AM The party, holed up in Temujin’s rented safe house, confirmed his findings, and later in the afternoon saw a familiar face knock on the door of the apothecary – a slight, nondescript human male – named Pense the Knife. The party encountered Pense in Bloodcove, and that he was or had been working for Acting Captain Peppery Longfarthing of Sea Snake. While Longfarthing’s xebec wasn’t in port, the Last League was and that captain, Ndrina Solarii, was a part of Free Captain Harrigan’s fleet.

Day 176 1PM After a short time, Pense exited the building and made his way north up the boulevard. Damiano had secured himself, farther up the road, on the rooftops, while Nico and Temujin were up head, tucked into an alley. Pyrlig and Dwag kept watch at the safe house. However, as Damiano kept pace, aloft, with Pense – the small man paused, turned towards an alley and disappeared! Temujin was able to discern that he had D’ Doored away, most likely towards the Merchant Marina where the Last League was moored at dock. The party decided not to make a chase out of it, but Nico had sent Anduril up stealthily to retrieve a belaying pin off the brig, which she gave to Father Pyrlig. The party easily discerned that the Last League was preparing to make sail, likely on the dawn tide.

Day 177 1AM The party returned to the Apothecary and waited for nightfall. Dwag and Damiano stole across the lawn and used Dwag’s rope to climb to the small second floor balcony that faced west. There were no doors here and the shutters were stout and likely to make some noise if removed. They climbed down and backtracked across the lawn and ascended to the larger third floor balcony that curled around the east and southern sides of the house. The rest of the party joined them. Father Pyrlig magically silenced Dwag, who took his crowbar to the shutter and tore it off without difficulty. Dwag easily popped the window latch and stepped into the room.

He was in an unused maid’s room – This room is unfurnished and dark. A door to the north wall leads into a passageway, and a jagged hole has been hewn through the floor, opening into the room below. The party entered the room, and Nico summoned a foul babau demon – which communicating through telepathy, informed Nico of the adjacent rooms on the second floor – a lab of sorts, with two doors and a lamp hanging from the ceiling, burning low. The babau kept a vigilant eye out for anything tasty!

The party investigated the third floor, finding nicely appointed chambers and powder rooms The party kept a careful distance while Dwag and Damiano ran point creeping around the corner of the hallway. Dwag quietly popped the door open, but tripped upon entering the fine master’s quarters – there was a stirring in the bed. The dusky silhouette of a statuesque female sat up, but groggy, noted nothing and settled back down. Dwag waited many minutes until her sleep settled down, he moved alongside the bed with extra care, slipping his club from his pack. Placing one hand firmly upon her mouth, the other brought down the club hard on her head – she recoiled and sat up, her scream silenced by Dwag’s grip. Damiano moved up and stabbed the woman once, but still her muffled scream could be heard, and Dwag hit her one more time and she went limp.


The party moved up and quickly gathered any belongings and papers that they could find. Nico and Temujin looked through them quickly by the light that Pyrlig provided, and noted that some noted very important {see URL Link =>} details and contacts that Zarskia had maintained.


  • The details in the note, specify a kill order for a ‘Haddon Pike.’ You recently picked up a ‘Haddon Pike’ who was captured on the Dryad’s Grave – after the Brine Banshee sank in a storm. He is your ship’s alchemist
  • There are corresponding names in this document, that also appear in the notes, {see URL Link =>} ‘ Things you know about the Chelish.’

Is this how it went down? Mmmm, maybe this is just a cruel joke, please see the true ending below…

[Not quite how it happened…]
The party gathered everything up and retreated with their swag and Zarskia’s prone form and exited the building the way they had entered. They made haste back to the Splash.

Day 177 3AM The party decided that they wanted whatever information Pense had retrieved from his visit, earlier that day, with Zarskia. They prepared the Splash – however much of the crew of the Splash and Shale were on leave. Damiano gave the word to cull as many crewman between the two vessels as possible and the Splash would set sail after the Last League. The Shale would have to catch up after word got out and the rest of the crew returned from leave.

Day 178 6AM Sailing north in the pre-dawn light, the Splash put up full sail, Nico, driving the men on to greater efforts, soon they were pulling close to the Last League. Temujin cast a control water to stop the brig and followed that up with an obscuring fog. Fergal primed the guns and the gun crew ran them out. Temujin and Pyrlig were prepared for defensive measures. Nico prepared to summon his elementals and Dwag and Damiano were ready to leap to the opposing ship.

As the ships closed in the fog bank, the cannons roared, firing shot across the decks of the enemy brig, but all of a sudden the fog cleared and the brig lurched full astern, as the Splash passed by, the Last League turned behind Damiano’s sloops and their guns were at the ready at their gun ports – and they fired! As shot raked the main deck, Temujin yelled out for team two, currently below decks to take their stations for their fallen comrades!

All of a sudden, the Splash stopped dead in the water, with Temujin and Pyrlig failing to counter the magical attack. Twin fireballs raced toward the Splash, greeting team two in a fiery hailstorm as they raced out of the bulkheads. Pyrlig was granting healing aid all about him. The two vessels were still far apart for Dwag and Damiano to close the distance and bring the fight to the enemies decks.

Cries from below decks – hammering against the hull! Nico sent his summoned elementals below to protect the Splash – the water frothed with a fury of elemental on elemental action. Temujin tried again and again to dispel the control water spell upon their ship, but failed. Both ships fired their cannons at near point-blank range. Another salvo of fireballs crashed against the deck of the Splash, and mixed teams now scurried to repair damaged sails and rigging. The Last League was coming about to the port side of the Splash and summoned a fog of its own to surround the Splash.

In the fog, Nico, prepared to magically board the brig with the party. As Temujin dispelled the fog, there was a crack and a lurch as the Splash shifted in the water – new cries from below decks, “We are flooding!” Dwag and Damiano investigated the damage and found a monstrous water elemental in the hold, water flooding in all around its form, the broken and drowned forms of sailors everywhere! Nico summoned more elementals and archons to support Dwag and Damiano and they swarmed the enemy elemental until it was dissipated. As the party came up to the main deck, they were healed by Father Pyrlig. Temujin was preparing the sailors with provisions, flotation devices and rowboats.

The Last League was already out of range of Nico’s D’ Door and the party was running out of time. The water was rising – the Splash was lost! As the Free Captain’s sloop slowly sank into the sea, the party reviewed their options – Temujin noted the Last League – was it changing course? Was it priming its guns to finish them off as they were about to go for a swim? The Splash was lost – nearly in sight of Port Peril! The humilation!! Would the enemy brig get close enough to take over their ship or would it sail away?

[What really happened…]
Zarskia would be unconscious for quite some time, they left her in her bed, but took her belongings. Across the hall, Temujin and Dwag noted some strangeness in the decor – more traps. Dwag was able to disable them and they moved down the hallway.

Opening the door at the top of the stair, he pushed the door in and a rank odor emanated from the room. Peering inside, they saw a corpse of a babau demon – surgically cut open and many organs and body parts had been removed. The smell was foul and nothing else appeared to be important – they retreated into the hall and quietly closed the door.

Feeling confident about the evening, they debated – to leave with Zarskia and whatever information they may have gathered or press on into the downstairs for more info, potential swag, and bloodshed. They chose to press on. However, instead of taking the stairs, the party backtracked to the maid’s room where they had entered the house, and went down the ladder to the store room where Nico’s babau was keeping watch.

[end of session 59]
{Day 154-177}



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