Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 6

Feb 24th, 2015

DAY 15
The party returned back to the Man’s Promise – with Dur stealthily making his way to the aft of the ship with the parcel of extra weapons secured from the “Red Anger.” After the party boarded and reported to Mr. Plugg, Nico briefly shirked his duties to sneak down to the lower decks, open a gun port and retrieve the package of weapons from Dur. Nico stowed the weapons in the bilge and provided the Rahadoumi officer, Haiyan, with water before returning to the main deck.

Seeking to spy on Mr. Plugg, Dur crept about the ship, outside the windows of the captain’s quarters – and found them to be locked. However he did spy Owlbear chained to a ring in the floor – keeping watch in Mr. Plugg’s chambers.

DAY 16
The party awoke the next morning to the sound of the wind roaring and the sky was black, as a storm came up from the south.

The crew of the Man’s Promise spent the day keeping the ship afloat and preventing the sails from being torn to pieces. The rain pounded upon the ship and visibility was nil. While the storm was raging, a troop of grindylows slithered aboard the ship and attacked – but were eventually beaten down. The crew returned to their stations to keep the ship in order and due to the poor visibility they struck a reef.

The crew spent the rest of the evening stowing sail and ropes, manning the pumps and pulling boards from the main deck to attempt to plug the various leaks in the hull. Mr. Plugg gave Nico the storeroom keys to unlock Haiyan and Fergal and to use the extra hands in service of the ship.

During the dogwatch, roll call was taken and it was found that Badger and Sandara were both missing – both assumed to have fallen overboard during the storm. Mittens having searched the ship found Sandara’s holy symbol of Besmara hanging over a belaying pin port-side aft of the ship.

DAY 17
The next day was calm and clear and they were in sight of a small island, less than a mile away – however Mr. Plugg had foul news in that the ship’s water barrel was breached – the party would be going ashore to fetch as much water as they could carry.

8AM The party rowed out of sight of the Man’s Promise and came ashore on the eastern tip of the island. Climbing up to a granite rise on the island, they spied an untended cornfield and a stockade on the south western ridge. They descended down to the marshy tree line and trekked towards the corn fields. Dwag was very vocal about how peg-legged dwarfs are poorly suited to travel over swampy terrain.

On their travel they encountered two large toads which they quickly dispatched. Clearing the marsh they saw a massive tent made of ships sails hung about a large tree. Dur investigated and found several ghoulish ladies of the night circling the tent. The party approached and the ship’s whores rushed out of the tent slicing through the rotted canvas. After a short battle the party recovered, Temujin regained the use of his limbs after a brief bout of paralysis and they gathered what treasure that lay about.

Ghoul Whore Treasure

11AM The party made tracks heading toward the corn field.

{Day 15-17}
[end of session 6]



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