Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2017

Session 61

March 3rd, 2016

Day 177 2:00AM Captain Damiano gave orders to lock up Zarskia and her pirate guard in the secure hold away from Ben and Jim in the common hold. Then he summoned Haddon Pike to the captain’s quarters so he, and the party, could question Haddon, as to why, Zarskia, and the Chelish, had a kill order for him.

Haddon could only guess that once he had been a prisoner of the Chelish. Captured outside of Bloodcove, for some reason his captain was a wanted man – the crew of the entire vessel was spirited away to a Chelish prison camp, called Coiba. A heavily forested island, the prisoners were made to work, and live in unbearable conditions. Haddon made it known that he was a proficient alchemist, and after he was tested, he was moved to a stout fortress on a nearby island, called Senara. Haddon manufactured weapons-grade munitions for the Chelish and was sent out on a cutter to inspect some raw materials when the cutter was intercepted by a Shackles pirate, by the name of Page Callas, of the Arcus. Initially a prisoner, eventually Captain Callas released him and Haddon made his way to Slipcove on Bag Island, where he signed on with the Brine Banshee. Haddon added that both Coiba and Senara were located in the south-western shackles. Senara was very close by to two volcanic islands – which were active smokers, and identifiable.

Haddon was dismissed and the pirate guard was brought up and questioned. His ship ruined and the captain retired, this fellow, Johnny by name, and his mates took up the job of protecting Zarskia’s house and business operations. Strictly on the first floor since the second floor was guarded by a kamadan. Johnny and his mates didn’t truck with no Chelish and noted that business was dropping off of late. Johnny and his mates were decent fighters and offered jobs aboard the Splash – which he accepted and would go with some crewmen to gather up his friends who would surely be looking for work.

Zarskia was pulled up from the hold and healed mildly until she came to. The party cross referenced the paperwork they found in her home and {see URL Link =>} what they already knew about the Chelish. Was Zarskia liquidated her shop, she was to make her way to the Devil’s Arches, to Mazdrubal to meet up with her contact, Nisroch – a nidalese agent. Nisroch had delivered messages in the past, as well as another nidalese courier, by the name of Ethan Crix. She was to eventually meet with Nisroch at the White Lilly. Temujin employed a shamanic hex upon Zarskia to insure she was telling the truth.

When questioned about Pense the Knife, Zarskia knew that he was a member of Free Captain Harrigan’s crew, and fleet, but other then selling him quantities of poison, she didn’t know Pense nor Captain Wormwood.

Day 177 9:00AM At daybreak, Captain Damiano sent word to Harlan Valance, who arrived soon afterwards. Harlan bundled up Zarskia in a seabag and Temujin gave Harlan a copy of all the paperwork that they had acquired. The Captain assured Harlan that they would follow up the lead of meeting with Nisroch at Mazdrubal as soon as they could. After Harlan took his leave, word was issued for all crew of the Splash and the Shale to return as soon as possible.

Sandara returned, her face sprouting fresh bruises and a few cuts. Her body and movements seemed a bit pained and achy. Nico asked what had happened. It turned out that Sandara had run into another priestess of Besmara, named Alia Crane. Some time ago, Alia and Sandara had vied for the same man. While that was in the past, Alia still had some grievances to share with Sandara, by point of sword. While Sandara got away, it wasn’t without a bit of pain. Being fairly tightlipped about the whole affair, Sandara simply asked, that if we see the free booter, Captain Whitehall and his brig, the Thunderhead, that we sink it! Which Nico heartily agreed to.

After nearly a month of leave, the crew returned, exhausted, broke, and eager to get back to sea and to earn a bit of coin. Temujin make sure the officers mates kept on the crew to get them back into their labors.

Day 179 6:00AM Captain Damiano gave orders to Sandara to sail north towards the Devil’s Arches. Constant supervision and drills were run to get the crew back into their groove and to insure the 30 plus new bodies on board got into the appropriate rhythm.

The ships passed Sarenvent Island, owned by Free Pirate, Little Ricky. They party saw him at a distance during their time at Lucre Hold. Sarenvent was known to be a mage, and the island itself was infested with harpies.

Day 183 Noon The officers spent their time on deck supervising the mates and the crew, when Nico was abruptly pawed at by the sailor, Gummo. Gesturing towards the starboard side, mid-ship, Nico saw a young woman, green skinned, but her flesh was curling and peeling. The young woman wore rags and seaweed wrapped about her body. Nico gathered the officers about him, and the young woman, presented herself with a sloppy curtsy, and introduced herself as Chandu. She was hear to issue an invitation to a challenge – that her master, Kubla Du-Khan felt the death pangs of his brother, Oobla Du-Ong – and he wanted to feel the excitement of battle again. To the death it would be, but for the party, should they come, ‘they would receive all his treasures from the deep sea!’ The party agreed that this interested them and said that they would come when they could.


Chandu pulled out a bone scroll case, opening it she gave a rudimentary map indicating Oyster Cay, a settlement to the north, and nearby, in an inlet, they would find Kubla Du-Khan! With the invitation delivered, Chandu gave the dashing Captain Damiano a kiss and curtsy, and sidled over the rail, dropping to the back of a large squid swimming alongside the Splash. Chandu held tight, and the squid descended beneath the waves.

Day 183 6:00PM The Chelish sailor Maynu approached Dwag. From the berths, he could hear Jim and Ben complaining, whining. While he couldn’t make out what they were saying, they were pissing and moaning a great deal. Maynu thought Dwag should know. Dwag stated that he would check in on them and Maynu returned to his hammock. Soon afterwards, Dwag was about to leave the captain’s quarters and heard cries of alarm upon the main deck. Dwag and Damiano opened the door and found the main deck swarmed by clouds of bot flies. In the bow, Damiano spied four skeletal pirates on deck, Dwag and Damiano ran through the swarm of flies to engage the skeletons.

Mittens, Nico and Pyrlig came out onto the deck, where Nico was able to summon a single elemental whose whirlwind was able to provide the trio with respite from the harassing bot flies.

As a fog started rolling in around the Splash, and the Shale, a faint sour tolling of a bell rang out across the sea.

[end of session 61]
{Day 177-183}



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