Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 63

March 17th, 2016

Day 184 3:30PM “Sail ho!” shouted Rell, safely from the crow’s nest. Not that Fergal was heeding him at all! A brig was to the north, sailing a south-easterly course, with plans to pass by the Splash. It was sailing pirate colors. Captain Damiano gave orders to intercept. As the two ships closed, the more ragged, Dark Shadows, slowed for a parley.

A male tengu came to the rail, and introduced himself as Hyrix Blackfeather. He was acting captain of this prize vessel under Captain Varossa Lanteri of the brig, the Magpie Princess (out of Lilywhite). The Dark Shadow was captured from a female orc captain, named Magatta Uhl, and now Hyrix was sailing for Port Peril to sell off their gains.


Captain Damiano and Nico praised them for their industry but would tax them half of their gains – Hyrix had no option other than to say yes. As the two vessels closed and began belaying their plunder to the Splash, Hyrix approached Captain Damiano. He offered that the captain could have all the plunder and the ship if he signed on him and his own crew. Damiano put on a show, not a great show, but all the same, he spoke loudly of Hyrix’s insult and made it plain to hear that the Splash would claim all the plunder and impress the crew! The evening was spent stowing the flour, corn and ale below in the Splash’s hold.

Damiano had the new blood take positions aboard the Splash and sent 50 men from the Splash, with Hamish Handel, to sail the Dark Shadow, northwest on a course to meet up with the Shale.

Day 184 10:00PM The sea became choppy with high swells, the air was thick with a dense fog rolling in and in the distance, there was a tolling of a bell.

A high wave crested the deck of the Splash, bodies washed over the deck – the party could see a half dozen undead sailors at the bow of their ship, among them another man – his head entirely covered with a huge shell. From underneath the shell, where his face should have been were little beady crab-like eyes, quivering, and out from underneath the rim of the shell, a mass of tentacles spilled out, long and lithe and tipped with nasty barbs.

The party had already taken precautions and opened the bulkhead in advance. Dwag and Damiano moved up to engage the bony pirate sailors. At the stern of the ship, Yacine sang in a low register, a song of courage and confidence, bolstering the crew against their undead foes.

As Dwag and Damiano engaged the undead sailors, Damiano found that Shelly could reach him as the barbed tentacles swept in passed his parries and sank into his chest. The fleshy tentacles pulsed as they pumped an ichor into Damiano’s body.

Nico summoned a bralani that took to the air, and provided covering fire. Temujin and Mittens attacked their foes with magic, at range, near the stern. From deep in the ship was a howl that crushed many of the men’s spirits, nearly a dozen men filled with fear leapt over the rail. Mittens, also terrified, had a leg over the rail himself, before pulling himself together and withdrawing. The sailors who took refuge in the sea, were still screaming! Mittens saw in the lantern light that the surface of the water was iridescent with the mass of bodies from jellyfish that were feasting on the fleeing men.

From among the jellyfish arose a beast, a giant squid, it’s tentacles lashed out over the deck, striking Temujin soundly and raising him up in the air. Nico summoned elementals to surround and attack the squid, but the jellyfish, attacked the the elementals viciously.

Father Pyrlig channeled the power of Gozeh repeatedly to hurt their foes, and heal their friends. Mittens made Temujin slick and greasy – ewww – but Temujin was pleased when he slipped from the squid’s grasp and fell back down to the deck of the Splash.

From down in the berths, a ghostly shape of Fishin’ Jim hovered over the deck, he looked up a Dwag – and Dwag could feel his skin aging and shriveling under his gaze. Dwag and Damiano continued to make headway through the dead sailors and the party as a whole, struck Shelly down. Damiano severed the tentacles, and pulled the barbed tips roughly from his body. Dwag and Damiano jumped into the hold to engage Fishin’ Jim. Jim was pleased with their company and sank his hands into Dwag’s chest. The discomfort he felt before at the ghostly gaze was nothing compared to the creature’s attack that drew out his very life-source.

It was a slow battle as Fishin’ Jim’s ghostly form fended off the parties’ most damaging attacks. But in time, they whittled him down and the apparition faded away. The party turned and focused it’s attention upon the beastly squid, still alongside the Splash. Over and over it had attempted to grab at Father Pyrlig, but it failed to connect. Mittens and Nico’s bralani were able to finish off the beast and it sank below the surface.

One more night. Just one more before Pilk arrived. And the party were waiting for him!

[end of session 63]
{Day 184}



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