Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 66

June 7th, 2016

Day 191 As the Splash prepared to depart Mazdrubal, the Pathfinder agent, Eando Klyne addressed the captain. Stating that the opportunity was missed to chase down the Nidalese lead here in town, Eando offered to stay behind and do more digging on the Nidalese agent or agents. After Eando departed, the Splash set course for the open sea.

With the recent recruits picked up at Falchion Point, the Splash was packed to the gunwales with sailors. Knuckles identified five recruits from Falchion Point’s fighting pits, that were not only tough, but had some brains as well. Knuckles guided their training when Dwag was busy with his duties.

Fergal approached the captain and the fellow officers in the galley and offered them, two possible brigs, that he had stowed, north of Oyster Cay. Fergal asked for 2,000 GPs for their lease – more should they not be returned intact. Captain Damiano thanked Fergal and would consider the offer.

During dinner, the officer’s conversation was frequently disrupted by the spirited singing of the men in their berths. Temujin and Dwag went below – and while some of the men settled down at their approach, many from Falchion Point continued their racket. After a short exchange with crewman, Gleek whose drunken belligerence wouldn’t be tolerated, Dwag smote him and sent him off to the surgeon’s berth. The crew quieted down a bit after that.

Day 192 The Splash changed course, now heading due north up the Straits of Balthus. Devil’s Arches was off, in the distance, faintly visible off the port side while the Mwangi Expanse mainland was off the starboard side. The rain from over the past week eased up, and the Splash made an easy sail northbound.

The Splash passed the port-side sea town of Pex (of the Devil’s Arches) and shortly afterwards, passed the more pleasant town of Parley Point, on the mainland. With no reason to stop, the Splash sailed onward.

Day 192 10AM Virna slid down the rigging and reported a mast ahead, the ship is sinking and nearly down to the gunwales. As the Splash closed Nico sent Anduril to investigate. Damiano spied a women caught in the rigging, prone in the crow’s nest. And another man, tied to the wheel at the stern of the sinking Caravel, the Gold Elixir. The ship sailed Rahadoumi colors. The party noted that the water was busy with the gliding fins of sharks.

As the Splash hove to, the party investigated and found the crew gone of this merchant vessel, except for the two bodies, both man and women were unconscious. Pyrlig saw to their injuries and brought them both to consciousness. Then man, Arvo, was a sailor and stated that they were attacked by shark men. Many crew were shoved off deck into the sea. Himself, lashed himself to the wheel but was struck down before he knew the ship was sinking. The woman, was named Myrasep, and was a well dressed, attractive Thuvian. She was sailing onward to Port Peril and then to Eledar, in Sargava. She thanked the captain for her rescue – which he gallantly offered his cabin for her further rest.

Before the Gold Elixir sank any further into the water, a team of sailors were able to work some booty out of the hold and transfer arsenal. Afterwards, the Splash pulled away and continued north. Arvo worked his keep, and was granted leave by Nico to depart once they hit a civilized town.

Day 192 2PM The party noted that more sharks were trafficking the waters. Mittens felt a tickle up his spine, and peering about, he shouted an alarm as brawny shark-men swam alongside the Splash and threw spears at the officers and crew. These shark-men, never came on board, and the party chose not to engage them in the sea. Nico summoned moray eels to fend off the shark-men’s pack of sharks. At range some of the men were slain, and others went below to pick away at the hull of the ship. Dwag and Damiano went below, and the remaining shark-men and the great whites swam away, into the depths of the sea. The duo returned to the Splash, to receive some healing from the shark-men’s venomous spears, and the Splash sailed on.


Day 192 3PM Virna approached the stern stating that there was a man’s head popping out of the water, ahead. Not disembodied! As the officers looked ahead, they saw a handsome man’s chest and head, cresting the ocean waves, peering at the oncoming vessel. The Splash hove to, and Captain Damiano addressed the mysterious man. He introduced himself as Madros, a cecaelian and asked to come aboard to speak. The Captain allowed the request.


Powerfully, Madros launched himself from the sea – his lower body a mass of octopoid tentacles. Settling upon the main deck before the party – Madros stated that he was looking for the shark-men that the party encountered. They were called adaros and had close relationships with sharks. However these adaros were more organized, and sported odd yellow tattoos.


While Madros’ people were settled north of Oyster Cay, he was scouting this far south for the coming and goings of this group of adaros – however he didn’t feel that they were servants of the aboleth, Kubla Du-Khan. Those strange folk tended to stay in the quiet harbor, cloistered in the watery bowels of a ruined palace. He bid them safe travels, and leapt over the rail and disappeared into the sea.

Day 192 9PM The sailors were again rowdy – Temujin and Dwag went below but the men wouldn’t calm down. Dwag cracked some skulls and dragged the four ring leaders to the main deck, and deposited them in a jolly boat – to spend the evening there, being towed by the Splash. Nico had Anduril ghosting the jolly boat to insure the men were okay.

Day 192 11PM The ship was silent, finally. Anduril noted that the four men in the jolly boat were getting riled – there were indeed more sharks in the water! Aboard the Splash, Mittens sat up, and with that familiar tingle, he gave out an alarm – his own shout, echoed upon the main deck by the night watch. Mittens shadow jumped to the fore deck as Nico D’Doored to the stern. Pyrlig jumped up and made his way through the berth deck to the ladder above. Damiano and Dwag followed – stirring fresh from their hammocks, there was no time to don armor, they grabbed their gear and ran. Damiano and Dwag noted humanoid creatures above the main hatch – they weaved their way up the ladder, Dwag getting a clubbing from a great claw of the pair of beasties that awaited them on the main deck.


Damiano and Dwag squared off against this pair of humanoid monstrosities – octopoid heads, covered in writhing tentacles, each arm ending in great crab claws. Both Damiano and Dwag were hit repeatedly, once Dwag was severely hit, a greasy ichor from the claws sickened him. While Dwag rolled out of the beasts grab, it was determined and struck out at him again and again. While not as severely wounded, Damiano took a beating from his foe as well, a separate poison dripping off the beast’s tentacles sapped his constitution, slowing him down.

A humanoid shape leapt from the sea – a mass of swarming eels rippling with electric energy landed near to Nico – who summoned a hound archon to protect him. Mittens lashed out at the clawed humanoids, with lightning, but found they appeared at least partially immune to his magics. Temujin advanced cautiously through the berth awaking the men, and casting defensive enchantments upon himself. Early in the battle, Father Pyrlig could see that Damiano and Dwag were reeling from their attackers and attempted to bolster their health with the healing power of Gozreh.


Seeing the battle precarious, so soon, Mittens yelled out to the other sub-officers to enter the fray – Sandara, Yacine, Glaive and Fergal prepared to get to the main deck to aid their comrades-in-arms!

[end of session 66]
{Day 191-192}



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