Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 67

June 14th, 2016

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 192 11PM They party continued their battling with the humanoid swarm of electric eels – Nico doing his best to keep away from that particular dance partner, effectively aided by his summoned hound archon. Temporarily blocked, the aberration, called a galvo, move about the archon, up the opposing stairs to the stern and moved in on Nico.

Father Pyrlig rained the healing power of Gozreh upon the party, and in particular Dwag, who was reeling from the attacks of the piscodaemon. Captain Damiano fared a bit better but was still suffering the effects of the piscodaemon’s poison.

Glaive magically appeared on the stern deck, with Fergal and Knuckles at his flanks. They moved in to provide assistance to Nico and Hamish, who was at the helm. Yacine appeared at the bow with Hyrix and Sandara. Soon afterwards, Yacine began her chant to bolster the party and crew. Sandara moved in to aid her captain. Hyrix targeted his magic to the recently arrived Adaros who assailed the crew from the sea, attacking with their poisoned spears.

Aided the sub-officers, Dwag and Captain Damiano took the opportunity to drop through the hatch to the berth deck, to receive heavy healing from Father Pyrlig – afterwards they risked ascending to the main deck and the waiting claws and tentacles of the piscodaemons! In between bouts of healing, Father Pyrlig blasted the demons through the hatch with wrathful power of Gozreh.

The galvo slid through the many opponents on the stern deck – their attacks absorbed by his mutable nature. The salvo moved up and assaulted Nico – biting, slamming him, every touch tinged with electricity.

On the main deck, Dwag held on, only to get repeatedly slammed by the piscodaemon’s claws and falling to the deck, bleeding profusely. Mittens and Knuckles moved up to keep the attack on Dwag’s foe while he was attended to by Sandara and Father Pyrlig. Glaive, Fergal and the hound archon slew the galvo, shortly after Nico extricated himself to a safer position. They moved up to assist the battle against the pair of piscodaemons.

Nico summoned a moray eel to combat the adaros in the ocean, who had submerged and been attacking the hull.

Together, Dwag’s enemy was slain, as he was brought to consciousness – stumbling to his feet he rejoined the fray.

Captain Damaino continued to counter his foe but only barely managed to penetrate the unholy beasts defenses. Mittens moved in to assist and Nico’s summoned hound archon delivered the final lethal blow. The main deck was now quiet.

The party tended to their wounds, their poisoned bodies, saw to the crew to clean the unholy greasy messes from the deck. The four towed in the jolly boat as their punishment, were now three. And were duly chastened witnessing the battle point blank with adaros and sharks all about them.

After settling the ship in order, they resumed their course, maintaining a double watch while their continued their passage through Balthus Strait.

Day 193 9AM Captain Damiano had a pleasant conversation with Myrasep – through Damiano’s questioning, she reiterated her goal of passage via Port Peril to Eledar in Sargava. Weary from a late night and being successively poisoned, Damiano felt something out of place with Myrasep, but couldn’t press the issue and bid her good day and took his station at the stern deck.

With the party and crew on their stations on this fine day, Coto pointed out ruins off the portside. They were ancient standing stones built for someone other than a human.


Once a city or settlement, the Splash passed by what was known as the City of Bleeding Stones – a former cyclops settlement, long ago when they controlled the isles of the Shackles as their kingdom. While the City had been cursorily explored by Chelish and Pathfinder explorers – none had successfully delved deep into its secrets, or survived to tell the tale. With the regatta pressing and their visitation of Kubla Du-Khan imminent, the party made a mental note of the city as something to attend to later, continued with a doubled watch and corrected their course towards Oyster Cay.

Day 192 4PM Having passed by the rustic human settlement of Oyster Cay, the party came to where the X marks the spot, on the map provided by the young hag, Chandu. Entering the harbor, they noted it was wide, the water placid, but depth was shallow. After successive soundings they determined that it wasn’t save to venture the Splash any further inland and the party took to the jolly boat. They party rowed inward, the inlet turning corners, the sides of the mainland thickly covered with growth. There was only the slightest current emitted from a stream into the inlet.


Coming around a bend they noted an ancient human-sized palace falling into ruins, master stairs descending to the water’s edge. The party pulled to shore and tied off their boat. They heard a girlish laugh – Chandu was between the pillars of the palace clapping with glee. "My lord will be so happy to know that you are hear – come, come!” She turned and entered the shadowed gap between the pillars and disappeared. They heard her laughter stop and then a splash. The party followed into the darkness and found themselves in a large chamber with a rectangular pool 40’ by 30.’ The pool shed gentle ripples to the stone coping, evidence that Chandu had dove in here and down into the darkness.

Day 192 5PM They readied themselves to dive into the watery demesne of Kubla Du-Khan!

[end of session 67]
{Day 192}


A laconic summary to be sure. I was eager to learn what sort of injurious fate I had judiciously avoided.

Session 67

:) So sorry, work has been more demanding the past two days! I will try to update the log soon so you can answer the question – Are you the captain?

Session 67

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