Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 68

June 21st, 2016

Day 192 5PM The party stood at the pool’s edge, sunlight streaming in from overhead skylights and breaks in the stone and mortar. Vines wrapped about the aging columns and and amidst the dust and ruins, there was a sweet, fragrant odor in the air. The party prepared themselves, and steeled their nerves for their dive into the dark waters. Dwag and Mittens slipped into the pool and dove down about 30.’ They sensed movement below them where the sargassum was thick. Seeing the rapid movement among the heavy growth of seaweed, they swam to the surface, to encourage their comrades to join them (come on in, the water is fine!). Sluggishly, the party dropped into the pool and made their way below.

Temujin and Mittens saw large eyes peeking through the blades of the seaweed and fire lightning and magic missiles at the exposed faces. Under the water, they heard muffled roars and barreling through the sargassum came great monstrous fiends that appeared to be made up of the same seaweed stuff. As the ravaging beasts closed, they swiped their claws and grabbed Temujin, Mittens and Dwag close to give them tender loving hugs of death. The trio were getting mauled as these sargassum fiends continued to critically grab and claw – their pain mitigated by the healing power of Gozreh, tendered by Father Pyrlig. Nico summoned a water elemental to pound away at the beast assaulting Temujin. Damiano swam down and attacked the duo grappling Mittens and Dwag.


With a blast of energy, Father Pyrlig pushed the beast off and away from Temujin – the elemental took the time to focus on the fiend and distract him away from Temujin. Mittens, Damiano and Dwag managed to slay one beast and they proceeded to gang up on another, until Mittens slew it with another stroke of lightning. The water elemental continued to trade blows with Temujin’s sparring partner, until Temujin silenced it with another battery of magic missiles.

The party treaded water amongst the sargassum, taking a few rounds to heal their wounds. They did note, the decaying bodies of three adaros resting at the bottom of the cave, the familiar triangular tattoo scratched into their shoulders. They found nothing else of value. The party regrouped and continued swimming down into the depths.

The previous warm, still waters of the cave of the sargassum fiends gave way to slightly cooler waters, moving with a slight current through the narrower chamber. The tunnel opened up to a silty chamber, the party’s light source refracting off the sandy motes reducing their vision. Dwag noted two great eyes below them in the silty cave-bed. Bumpy reptilian hide protruded through the sandy cover – Mittens lashed out at the eyes with lightning, and the furious dire crocodile sprang from the cave floor up to Mittens and chomped down hard, grabbing him hard in its jaws. The party moved in to support Mittens, surrounding the crocodile – when a second swam out of the silty clouds to attack the party. One croc clamped down on the water elemental, swallowing him whole. The elemental suffering pains while inside the beast, punch a hole out to make his escape as the party slew the great croc. The second croc also attempted to swallow Mittens but just couldn’t choke him down, and while he struggled, it batted away the party with its mighty tale. Working together, the party slew the second croc and their bodies settled on the cave floor.

Mittens had spied something shiny on the cave floor when they first entered the cave. They party worked together to hack away one of the crocodiles and push it away from a 5’ construct, of something vaguely humanoid. The metal chassis held a glass chamber, that was smashed. The chamber appeared to house bones or a skeleton, only a few remained inside the vessel. The armature was crushed and bent and the party could see the manufacture of the chassis, joint-gearing to be unique, despite the damage. There was faint magic upon it’s breastplate – a makers mark. This ruined construct interested Nico, but was too much to carry at this time, so they made a note to return for it later.


Swimming ever downward, the tunnel split three ways. The lower two tunnels bled out occasional air bubbles, otherwise there was nothing to tell one to be different from the other. They party chose the top tunnel and continued to descend into the depths of Xanadu!

[end of session 68]
{Day 192}



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