Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 69

June 29th, 2016

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 192 5:10PM The party swam down the upper tunnel tube, Dwag and Mittens spied a humanoid shape ascending to them. They readied themselves before recognizing the form of the young hag, Chandu. She greeted them warmly. They were surprised that she held no animosity for the party – but they were invited for contest, not for vengeance over the death of Oobla Du-Ong.

Shortly after this exchange, Chandu’s eyes glowed with a gold light, and when she spoke it was with in a deep bass tone, “Welcome to my palace of Xanadu, my champions. Come down to me in this sunless sea. Hopefully soon from this chasm, shall there be ceaseless turmoil seething. For you, like I, delight in sport of combat! The dying voice of my brother, floated midway on the waves, prophesying war! Ever the weak one, his death fore-shadowed my own pleasure.” Chanda’s body slumped and she bid the party best wishes and ascended up the tunnel.

Resuming their descent, Mittens and Dwag felt their skin singe lightly – something was about them. The water swirled gently, slightly discolored. The duo moved downward and the water became agitated and slammed at them – on contact they were bruised and could feel the sting of the acidic touch of unseen appendages. Dwag was struck, but shook off the lassitude that effected his body and struck back. The party moved down to support Dwag and Mittens, and shortly, this strange nearly invisible ooze was slain, it’s corpse dissipating in the water. The party continued their descent.

The tunnel opened up into a huge cave, round and deep. Dwag spied a silhouette of something large (20+’) and eel-like below them. Mittens struck out at the creature with a lightning bolt – but nothing happened, except it got the creatures attention and it approached them quickly. A huge beast, it’s mighty hooked mouth snapped brutally at Dwag. A powerful beast, it’s hide was thick and turned away attacks, it appeared to resist many magical attacks – however Pyrlig’s channels did damage the beast.


The magical weapons of the party didn’t seem to help at all, until Mittens struck it true with his masterwork spear and the attack hit true and deep – the beast, called a lukwata was highly resistant to all kinds of magics. The party laid into the beast, and eventually slew it, Dwag taking the brunt of the beast’s wrath. They healed up and moved ever deeper.

The tunnel widened and descended at a gentle angle, opening into a great natural cavern. Many silhouettes stood out in the darkness. As the party swam down, they were engaged by a huge squid and many were-sharks. Nico summoned elementals to engage and clear the path for the party. Rays of acid shot up out of the darkness striking Mittens, Dwag and Pyrlig. Damiano’s magical defenses crumpled, dispelled by someone or something unknown, and he felt the pressure upon his mind from Kubla Du-Khan – but Damiano was resolute.

Nico’s summoned orca lead the fray through the were-sharks and giant squid and the party closed in on floor of the cavern. Kubla Du-Khan was a gargantuan aboleth his body covered in a thick and calloused skin. Two of his four tentacles wielded spear and trident. Kubla Du-Khan challenged the party, “I would be most happy if all should cry, Beware! Beware! And close your eyes with unholy dread! For you, will feed on my trident and spear, before I send you to your Paradise.” He was attended by three large crab men, that quickly scuttled about to engage the party. And hiding in the shadow of the aboleth’s bulk, was an old hag. She attempted to dispel Dwag’s protective wards but failed to do so. She continued to fling bolts of acid at the party.

Nico summoned Aqua-Gamara who laid into Kubla Du-Khan and the crab men, the karkinoi, began to fall – Mittens challenged the aboleth, “What? no grand soliloquy now?” Kubla Du-Khan responded, “This battle will certainly be written up in the annals of history, simply not mine!” And soon afterwards, he was slain. The great hall of Xanadu was quiet, except for the murmuring of prayers from Father Pyrlig, healing the party.

[end of session 69]
{Day 192}



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