Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 7

Mar 4th, 2015

DAY 17
1PM As the party departed the tent of the ghoul whores, they made quick time across the sandy fields. Dur was leading the party, until, from out of the sand a giant claw lashed out and Dur was injured and fled. The party approached and two more giant crabs joined the first one in a pitched battle. Ultimately, the party ended up walking away with some giant crab claws that they planned to enjoy later for dinner.

The party came across a break in the path. Straight ahead lead towards the cornfield, their intended destination. The path also diverged to the right, appearing to head up to the stockade on the rocky ridge. The party proceeded to the cornfield which was once tended but was now growing wild. At various points they spied scarecrows on posts – human heads buzzing with flies. Without touching them, they investigated and found them to have various tattoos and words written in Chelaxian.

Dur investigated the cornfield further until a beast erupted from the sandy soil and struck Dur critically, with large mandibles, and his summoning ended. The party engaged the beast, an Ankheg. It’s last gasp was to spit acid at Mittens and nearly incapacitate him, before the party rallied and slew it. The party helped themselves to some corn.

While the party got itself in order, a whistle got their attention. A women stood sixty feet away from them, down the path that they had come. She introduced herself as Anggarna, a healer and midwife of the village of Haven on the north-side of the island. Her people were ex-pirates who sought some peace, and had it until three years ago when the Chelaxian ship, the Infernus arrived. Anggarna added that ghoul fever spread across the island, and the small population was also hunted by ghouls; and a pod of grindylows from a neighboring island arrived, having been chasing the Infernus for sport and took up residence in a sea cave on the south-western side of the island. Anggarna was the sole living inhabitant of the island, that she knew of. Anggarna provided some healing to Mittens, and Father Pyrlig noted that she invoked no deities that he knew of and suspected that she drew her powers from island spirits, called loas.

Anggarna offered to help the party for an opportunity to leave the island. Mittens asked more about the nature of the grindylows – and Anggarna added that they were sadistic, and pleasured in torture and eating their captives.

The party left the cornfield and made their way up the rough cliff-walk to the stockade. Fearing that Sandara and Badger were in immediate danger, the party ignored the stockade for the time being and looked for a way to descend down the cliff-face to the grindylow cave.

3PM The party began to descend down to Riptide Cove, spying three grindylows playing in the water – one was wearing Sandara’s tricorne hat. Mittens and Damiano quickly descended but the grindylows noted their descent. The rest of the party took some pot shots with their bows and crossbows to no affect and started descending down their rope as well.

There was a brief battle at the mouth of the cave with three grindylow’s slain, but one managed to swim away into the darkness of the sea-cave. They did recover Sandara’s tricorne hat and Nico figured out the command word but it was determined that the boat was too large to fit down the caverns. The party used their water barrels as make-shift flotation devices but were frequently buffeted by the tidal waters against the sharp side-walls of the cave. The time was nearing 4pm and when the tide would be at it’s lowest.

Father Pyrlig lit the party up with divine light and Damiano was ahead of the party, scouting. He encountered three stirges but quickly slew them, after only one successfully struck and drawing blood.

The party turned right at the first intersection they found themselves at a large cavern, thick with floating sea weed – amidst it were many grindylows waiting for them!

{Day 17}
[end of session 7]



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