Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 70

July 5th, 2016

Mike/Father Pyrlig was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 192 5:20PM The party rooted through the sand and silt to gather up Kubla Du-Khan’s shiny swag. Not ready to depart, they decided to have a look about.

Ascending to the three-tunnel branch, Dwag and Mittens peered up through the cave mouth, only to find a very large, hairless, tusked head, peering blindly down at them, oblivious of their presence. But this shook Dwag, so they swam to the right-handed branch and hopped up the cave-mouth up into an air-filled cave.

This long narrow cave, had three ‘exploding fish’ in it, sitting on the wet floor, unawares of Mittens and Dwag – the latter bravely stepped up and stabbed the fish. The trio spun about and proceeded to bit at Dwag, and lash him with their tentacles. A second blasted Dwag with a powerful shot of water. The rest of the party moved up into the cave. The three watery beasties nipped and slapped at the party, but were eventually slain. Temujin pondered the nature of the beasts and thought that they were grodair – a magical aquatic beast. It appeared to generate it’s own water – by witness of it’s death flood blasting the party upon it’s demise. Also, all three beasts were dead, yet organs in their corpses continued to generate fresh water, which poured out on the stone floor.


The party healed up and ascended the rough-carved stone hall. Dwag led the way, the hallway leveling off and he dropped off a ledge that left him waist deep in dark, brackish water. He slashed at cobwebs to clear a path for the party and moisture from the webs rebounded and singed his face. Dwag paused and called for Nico to come up and burn away the webs. The party filed up and Nico, flying above burnt away the webs – incurring the wrath of the huge spider descending upon him from its nest. It attacked Nico, biting him soundly. Damiano threw daggers at the spider, while Dwag waited for the beast to approach. Mittens blasted the beast with rays and Temujin burned away the webs – the spider was holding onto the stone walls – still Dwag waited. Mittens second wave of blasts knocked the beast unconscious – and it fell landing upon Dwag and Nico. Dwag crawled out and butchered the beast.

Dwag made it clear that he didn’t want to lead the party. While the party healed themselves, they found some shiny in the spider’s nest high above them.

Mittens and Damiano climbed up the shaft. They appeared to be in a decayed chimney, opening up into a fine, formal sleeping chamber. The wood furniture rotted and trees grew through the stone walls, as well as vines, flowers and other foliage splitting their way through the ancient masonry. Pulling himself up into the room, yet prone on the floor, Mittens was still and surveyed the room. He sensed movement over by the rotted wood bed frame, where tree limbs hung lower over the floor, rustled – he heard a serpentine hiss. Mittens cast a protective ward and a large lizard crept from the brush – it was about five feet long, with dark green scales. Its jaw was pointed and sharp, and its eyes shined like silver. Mittens surmised it was a basilisk, and backpedaled back into the shaft alongside Damiano who was still climbing his way up. “Basilisk! Nico, send up the hound archons.” The archons made their way up and tracked the basilisk down and slew it. The party moved into the chamber and searched it, finding a ring and an ancient pouch of dust.

The party moved into the great hall, where the floor was buckling, the columns had collapsed and the ceiling seemed on the verge of caving in. Across the room timber had been arrayed, looking as if it had been collected there and cut. Dwag moved over to investigate. He found large, four-toed footprints in the sand. Before he could track it, he heard rustling, and dropping off the tree limbs, and cracks in the stone, falling onto him, were large ticks! They latched onto him and drank deep of dwarf blood. Screaming and running about, he ran into the next room and dove into the great pool, where the party had started off over an hour ago. He was able to free himself of the vermin in the pool. Nico summoned an air elemental and drove off the tick swarm.

The party debated whether they should continue to explore or head back to the Splash – they decided to continue looking about, only Dwag dissented. Heading back down to the left branch, they looked up into the cave – this time, no face peered back. Mittens and Temujin climbed into the room with Nico’s hound archons in tow. They found five large – nine feet tall – humanoids, with four toed feet and great tusks on their faces. Their faces were hairless with tiny eyes. They spoke giant and azlanti Temujin realized and he replied in azlanti. These creatures were buggane, and they served one above, called Malgus, who told them to spy on Du-Kane and look for treasures, which they may have found. They questioned why Temujin and Mittens were here – and Temujin responded that they met with Kubla Du-Khan, but that he was gone and they too were looking for treasures. The buggane leader eyed the pair slyly, and nodded to another, which started side stepping out of the room – and with that, there was a throw down.


Temujin created a bottleneck in the room by casting a wall of ice. The buggane pulled back and waiting behind the wall as the hound archons approached – Mittens attacked at distance with his spear. As the archons moved up, a pair of bugganes blocked their path and they tussled. The party, not getting a response from Mittens and Temujin, entered the cave and were now a fracas was ensuing. Dwag and Damiano moved up, but the the floor shimmered and two bugganes passed through the floor and attacked. Two archons turned to the rear to bolster Dwag and Damiano. The four bugganes were eventually slain, but Mittens and Temujin realized that there were five – one had escaped. The party decided that with its current flagging resources, that it was time to get their swag and go.

The party descended to the aboleth’s chamber where Nico summoned a water elemental to bore their chests of gold to the surface of the pool, where they packed everything into the jolly boat and rowed back to the Splash.

Day 192 7:30PM Sandara offered healing where she could while the party settled in. They debated whether they should return to the palace the next morning, or whether the time table for the regatta was more pressing – seeing that they still needed to find a suitable ship and put it through its paces before race day. The Captain gave orders for Sandara to set a course to Barter Town, to see if the brig that Fergal had available was suitable to their needs.

[end of session 70]
{Day 192}



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