Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 71

July 13th 2016

Day 192 7:30PM The party took their rest aboard ship, healing wounds and portioning out their new found swag. The Captain gave word that they would stay put in the safety of their current harbor and set sail on the dawn tide.

Sandara relayed the report of Carver Crayton, having a ‘spell.’ Mittens and Temujin questioned his brother Parvis – after some questioning they learned that back in Falchion Point they were approached by a Lon Ezeel, known to be a mage and possibly a Nidalese or Chelish operative. Lon Ezeel paid them a hearty sum of beer money, only asking in turn for Carver’s brass knife. The party determined that this duo, plus a few other Falchion Point Boyz were some bad apples and would be invited to leave in the near future. Dwag defended his brute-squad, which appeared to be working out well with Knuckles. Temujin attempted to scry for Lon Ezeel but without success.

Haddon Pike visited with Nico, stating that he had been experimenting with Zarskia’s recipes. He had made a few batches of Blood Leaf poison, some potions of invisibility and a few vials of antitoxin. While he failed in a few attempts, this was a venture in alchemy beyond explosives, and he was still learning. But Haddon would require more resources the next time that Nico was in a major port and could make the investment.

Day 193 9:00AM The Splash sailed north exiting Balthus Strait into wilds of the Northern Shackles. While Knuckles was at the helm, Sandara stood at the stern, eyes closed, quietly reciting a prayer to Besmara. The Captain approached her – Sandara confirmed that she was fine – pleased with heading north – the proximity to the Eye and its environs were closer to Besmara. Proximity brought greater savagery from pirates, beasties and the weather.


As Sandara gave orders to Knuckles to change course, heading east to Barter Town, Fergal approached the stern, warning the captain that nearby Benbog Island was known to be frequented by goblins, more dangerous by night, however.

Day 193 3:00PM By mid afternoon, the Splash sailed into the sheltered port town of Barter Town. Once a thriving town, with old stone buildings and a stone protective arch overlooking the harbor, the new construction was all wood, and shoddily built. Other than the Splash, there were no other sailing vessels in the harbor, other than a cutter or two and some fishing boats. Fergal eyed the harbor and looked beyond to the dry docks trying to sight his ship, the brig, the Aqua Luna. There were some masts back by the dry docks. Mittens noted that for the size of the town, the people traffic seemed unusually quiet. They set to the quay, turning the Splash about to be ready to make way if necessary and the party, along with Fergal ventured down the gangplank.


As they came to the main square, a well dressed fellow exited the tavern, The Hard Road, and bee lined for the party. He covered his mouth with a kerchief and stopped at 20’ before greeting the party. He alerted the party that the pox had cleaned out Barter Town. He was a Magnmarian merchant, named Alphonse Garrett, and had been stranded here for two weeks. Alphonse was aware of the plague-stricken sloop, the Snake Charmer, that the party had recently encountered that had sailed out of Barter Town. He was an agent for the Magnamarian Traders Inc. and looking for passage to anywhere civilized and disease free. Alphonse had taken pains to protect himself from the pox but would be grateful if the party would allow him to pay for passage out of this festering pit of Barter Town.

The party told Alphonse to stay put and headed over to the shipyards. The proprietor, John Rye, paled when he saw Fergal approach with the party. It had been two years and while Fergal had been paid up, John Rye had sold off the decking and hull boards to the mayor, Coober Pedy for new construction of slave warehouses. Fergal had hate in his eyes and looked briefly at Damiano, who gave a nod of assent, and as the party turned away to head to Coober’s office at the Hard Road Tavern they heard Fergal beat down John Rye brutally.

Fergal caught right up to the party, striding hard into the Hard Road Tavern, he braced the mayor immediately and as his thugs closed in, Fergal cut them down with his cutlass and his axe. The party insured that the mayor didn’t escape. When Fergal and the party had the mayor’s undivided attention – the mayor protested his innocence and that it wasn’t his problem that John Rye sold off pieces of ships for a profit. Coober Pedy offered to pay for his life, but all he offered was slaves. The party took the purse that he had on his person and the bartender, Quick Tom, informed to Dwag that Coober kept a room upstairs – which Dwag rifled and returned with a safe. In return, they party offered Quick Tom to leave with them and while he loathed the idea of leaving his workers behind in this wretched town, he chose to leave with the party.

The party left the Hard Road Tavern as Fergal administered a beat down upon Coober Pedy. Nico summoned elementals to fire up and tear down the town and to free the slaves from the warehouses on the outskirts of town. Alphonse agreed to pay 1,000GPs and possibly provide some information to Temujin once he arrived in a safe city that had fellow representatives of the Magnamarian Traders Inc.

Day 193 9:00PM The Splash arrived the fishing town of Sliphold after dark. But Fergal could make out the lines of his ship moored in the small harbor. They made their way to Choristo, the master of the shipyards. The party determined that while Fergal’s ship, the brig Dray Fugue, was decent enough, the hull would need a scraping to clear the growth of seaweed and barnacles that had collected while resting at sea. Temujin divined that a frigate was near at hand, while wrecked, with Mittens aid of a Salvage spell, they might be able to recover the ship. They party paid 1,000 GPs to Choristo to continue holding Fergal’s brig. Before departing from Sliphold, Temujin ‘invited’ a number of the Falcion Point Boyz to depart – this included the previous troublemakers as well as the Carver brothers.

Day 194 2:00PM With Temujin’s instructions from divining, Sandara set a careful course northwest. By early afternoon, the Splash anchored near a spit of rocks in shallow water. The party prepared themselves and dove down 50’ to find a frigate at rest on the ocean floor. Father Pyrlig drew out his trident of warning and detected a pair of beasts – the party called them out and arrayed themselves. The large beasts were constructs of coral and stone and as they engaged the party their massive claws cut and rasped at their flesh making great bloody wounds. Mittens and Temujin also realized that these constructs were immune to many offensive magics. Nico noticed a familiar, stylized “S” engraved in the torsos of the constructs. The party fought on until they broke the two golems down.


Mittens successfully cast his Salvage spell. The sea churned as the magic worked itself upon the broken frigate. The party returned to the Splash and a few hours later, the frigate, Dagon’s Bastard broke upon the surface of the sea!

Day 194 5:00PM Captain Damiano needed to get a crew upon the frigate and prepare the ship for travel – their destination would be Drenchport, three days away to get this ship settled before the Regatta.

[end of session 71]
{Day 192-194}



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