Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 72

July 19th, 2016

Day 194 5:00PM Captain Damiano gave orders for 50 crew and the command officers to move over to the frigate, Dagon’s Bastard. Sandara was acting captain aboard the Splash. The salvaged ship, having just been raised by Mittens magics, was water logged, with water draining into the ship’s well and bilge. Temujin gave orders for sailors to man shifts at the bilge pumps for the next few days. Nico summoned elementals to draw strong winds through the ship to help air out the vessel and to dry out the wood.

Dwag led search parties through the vessal and had crews of sailors throw out the rotted wood furniture and other detritus overboard. In their search they found a magically protected leather map case containing a map of the northern Shackles and some worn notes, some five years old torn from the the captain’s log.

The captain of the Dagon’s Bastard, was one Antoine Seaborne, who sailed the frigate out of of the capital of Andoran, Almas. Nico noted that the captain appeared to follow Iomedae, it was ironic that the ship bore the name Dagon’s Bastard – Dagon being an evil outsider god of the sea. Just before departing from Almas, the captain signed on a 2nd mate, Charlie Tens. Mr. Tens and the first mate, Mr. Ritter did not get along, but Captain Seaborne shepherded the new mate feeling that he was a good and able seaman aboard his ship. The Bastard skirted the tip of Rahadoum and cut close to Mediaogalti Island and the Eye. The captain was pleased to have a safe and blessed trip skirting the eye – as they exited the storm’s range and started south towards Hell Harbor, Mr. Tens confided in the captain that the passage was a safe one due to Mr. Tens’ sacrifice of a crewman early in the trip. Horrified, Captain Seaborne told Mr Ritter who assaulted Mr. Tens. With his dying breath in the Captain’s arms, Mr. Tens whispered out, "he wears a silken mask of yellow, whose queer folds appear to hide a face not of this earth.” The Dagon’s Bastard continued making for Hell Harbour, the Captain noted that he and the 1st mate were barely speaking. Closing in on the mainland, the lookout in the crow’s nest sighted goblin attack boats. Captain Seaborne gave a half-hearted response to ready boarding nets nets and sailors to take up arms. There was no other log entry.

Day 195 7:00AM Both ships and crew were ready to get underway, Captain Damiano gave orders to set a course due west to Drenchport. Nico began teaching Mittens the language, Azlanti, making use of an unusual primer, the Book of Abstruse Geometries picked up in Undertow Island. they would make use of the sailing time for study.

Day 196 Crew starting coming down with Enteric Fever on both the Splash and Dagon’s Bastard. Anyone who became sick were quarantined on the gun deck of the Dagon’s Bastard. Mittens and Nico were also afflicted. Temujin, Sandara and Father Pyrlig cured the disease as they could, but the infectious nature of the disease spread beyond their abilities to contain it. Quick Tom fell ill and Kroops had to be ordered back to the galley, a place that he didn’t want to return to, but followed his orders.

Day 197 While the fever spread through the crew, there were enough healthy crewman to keep both vessals moving at a good pace. Temujin and Father Pyrlig discussed the nature of Enteric Fever, that is mostly spread through contaminated food – they began purifying all food and drink being passed at meals

Day 198 Both ships arrived in sight of Drenchport, but they dropped anchor at a distance due to the disease still being present upon their vessals. The blight that had befallen them appeared to reduce since their last steps at purifying all food. The party talked to Kroops and found that Mr. Garrett had been helping out, since the crew had been short staffed. They also learned from Liara that Mr. Garrett had helped her aboard the Dagon’s Bastard too! How was he moving about between ships? The party decided to pay him a visit aboard the Splash.

The party braced Alphonse Garrett in the galley aboard the Splash, Nico luring Kroops away with some contrived conversation. The party pressed Mr. Garrett whether he was the cause of the spreading disease, but he protested his innocence, claiming that the stores of slaves at Barter Town were surely to blame. While Temujin’s Liecaller failed to elicit lies, the Captain and Mittens read Mr. Garrett true and that his answers were cadgey at best and not so truthful. That was enough evidence for Dwag who announced a throw down! The party arrayed outside the galley door, witnessed Alphonse Garrett transforming into a horrific demonic sight and as they attacked through the narrow doorway, Mr. Garrett’s skeletal head spat out a wave of corpse-bloated black flies that stung the party. Nico summoned an angelic bralani behind Mr. Garret in the galley. The party found that Mr. Garrett had a decent defensive position in the doorway to limit their attacks and they found that he was immune to many of their spells. Father Pyrlig bolstered the party and assaulted Mr. Garrett in his beastly form with Gozreh’s divine aid, and after a series of successive blows from Captain Damiano, the necrotic form of Mr. Alphonse Garrett exploded in a blast of dust.


Day 199 With the crew on the mend and no new cases of Enteric Fever, both vessels sailed into port. Nico brokered the sail of their plunder and purchased magically protected sails for the Dagon’s Bastard. The Splash was stripped of all weapons and cargo – all to be transported over to the frigate. The Splash was anchored in port and in the protection of the dock master. The crew was granted leave as the party made small supply purchases.

While in port, Nico extolled the two-part story of the party battling, separately, the two aboleths, Oobla Du-Ong and Kubla Du-Khan – a solid story which brought more sailors to the roster to join up aboard the party’s new frigate.

Temujin messaged Captain Cain Marko of the Night Voyager – Cain responded back that he had been refitting his sloop in Quent. He also stated that he had sent a message to the party and that it was in the hands of Captain Pegsworthy who was making for Cauldron’s Rock. With Nico’s assistance, the party teleported to Quent to talk to Cain. He stated that he had been approached by Captain Jol Blassey of the Ravage Dawn. Captain Blassey had asked whether Cain would take up another contract, presumably for the Chelish. Cain deferred since his ship was being refitted, it allowed him to delay an answer. The party asked him to accept and keep them appraised of any new intelligence. The party realized that they would need to periodically keep in touch with Captain Marko, magically, to communicate his progress.

Day 204 The party was nearly ready, but with only six days remaining before the start of the regatta. The party and crew were rested, supplies put away, their purses a bit emptier, but the frigate was ready with it’s new sails rigged, the ship dried out and cleaned, and the hull scraped new – they were just about ready to head to sea and put the Dagon’s Bastard through it’s paces!

[end of session 72]
{Day 194-204}



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