Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 75

August 16th, 2016

Day 212 4AM Dwag was at the helm and Father Pyrlig reminded him that the Pinnacle Atoll was quickly approaching. Seeing this traverse through the shoals would be risky, Dwag summoned all hands on deck. Closing in on the Sharkskin Reef, the party noted the Barnacled Bitch, a frigate under Free Captain Gorus Bain, damaged badly and sinking. The Pharisma’s Price was near at hand and playing the good samaritan, fishing sailors out of the sea, while keeping steady in treacherous waters.

As Temujin took to the helm and began the initial pass through the reef surrounding the atoll, there was a slight misjudgment of distance from the rocks and the Black Purrl ground it’s starboard side. Father Pyrlig controlled the waves, pushing the Purrl upward, to provide clearance to get past without further damage. The ship’s carpenter, Mathis Trevain saw too the damage and repairs, as Pyrlig helped out to make portions of the ship whole again. Dwag had the pump crews working to keep on top of the leaks in the hull.

Father Pyrlig tracked their own position in the atoll and compared it to the placement of the Sea Snake and plotted a pursuit course through the reefs. Passing through the outer ring the party noted the frigate, the Darcy’s Pillage pinned against a spit of rocks, as the waves continued to buffet the ship. They didn’t want to stop and lose time or get caught in some perilous navigation in trying to free the Darcy’s Pillage, Nico summoned a huge elemental to help aid them against the tides and push the frigate off the rocks. The Purrl maintained course passing through the second ring of the reefs and navigated around the atoll itself.

As the Purrl set their course to exit out of the third ring of shoals, they spied the Sea Snake just ahead in the pre dawn light. A strong wind settled around Temujin at the helm. As Temujin took efforts to protect himself magically, he was violently buffeted by all sides, by invisible blows to his body, but he stood firm at the wheel. Pyrlig attempted to get to Temujin but his path was blocked. Damiano struck wildly nicking something. Mittens illuminated the area with glitter dust, which showed the silhouette of muscular humanoid shapes that threatened Temujin. The rest of the party closed in on the stern as Temujin was nearly driven to unconsciousness – aided by Pyrlig’s healing power. Now that they could see their opponent, Dwag and Damiano laid into them with their weapons, but not before Temujin was felled, and being lashed to the wheel, pulled the ship to port. Damiano gave word to Dwag to take the wheel, but Dwag disregarded it and fought on with his foe. Damiano leaped to the helm, standing above Temujin’s prone body, took hold of the wheel and parried and counter attacked the invisible stalkers about them. Luckily Father Pyrlig was near at hand and applied healing to Temujin, enough to stave off death, but not enough to bring him to consciousness. Nico summoned a battle cat to the stern that helped thin the crowd of stalkers, and eventually they were all slain, their bodies dissipating in the storm winds. Pyrlig was able to heal Temujin further and get him back on his feet.

Day 212 6AM Temujin, Pyrlig, Mittens and Nico took some rest and time to prepare their spells, Dwag covered at the helm. The worst of the storm was behind them, the sun was shining with a gentle summer storm of raining falling on the decks and fog clouds obscured their view – but they knew via Pyrlig’s tracking spell that the Wormwood and Sea Snake were near, and from time to time they could hear a tolling bell or whistle sound off to their starboard side. Rarely, they got a glimpse of the galleon, the Brooding Six, at their rear, but it didn’t close in on them. Word was given for ‘lashings’ to keep men at their posts and push the ship with as much sail as could be raised. Having survived the Sharkskin Reef and Pinnacle Atoll, the Black Purrl under full sail lurched forward with best possible speed to the Coaming Point.

Day 212 10AM A dark thunderhead ruined the pleasant morning, as purple lightning bolts split across the sky. The dark cloud descended upon the Purrl and a massive lightning elemental broke out of the clouds, with two lesser elementals in tow. Mittens was at the bow of the ship as the elder elemental and one of its spawn braced him and attacked. The second moved down onto the main deck to fight Dwag and Damiano. Mittens feeling the lash of their powerful slams and electrical jolts, magically moved away from the duo – the elder sped across the ship slapping Pyrlig soundly, launching off the ship into the sea, to be left behind quickly due to the pace of the Purrl. Nico drew on the ship’s power to magically pull Pyrlig from the ocean and drop him safely back upon the stern deck. Nico crept away and forced his will into a magic jar, and moments later he overpowered the elder elemental, taking over its body, and he flew away from the party, sat at the bow and posed in his magical triumph. As the party attacked the two large elemental spawn, Nico, in the elder elemental’s body, assaulted one of his own kin – it was soon slain. The other fled away, only to be pursued and slain by Nico. Nico landed back upon the bow of the ship, continuing to revel in the coup upon the beasts’ consciousness.

Day 212 11AM Father Pyrlig confirmed via his tracking spell, that the Sea Snake and the Wormwood were falling behind. While the Sea Snake could put up comparable sail to the Purrl and likely keep pace to the very end, it was falling back to stay in line with the slower caravel, the Wormwood.

Day 212 1PM The Black Purrl sailed to the Coaming Point, welcomed by the Master of the Gales’ ship, the Kraken. A trumpet sounded and an albatross lit from the Kraken and flew to the Purrl. Upon landing upon the deck, the albatross transformed into the Master of the Gales’ humanoid form. He warmly greeted and congratulated them, they had won the regatta. They won a purse of 8,000 GPs, a deed to an island of their own – the Island of Empty Eyes, as it is known. And the Master clasped a silver plated manacle upon Captain Damiano to show his membership to the Pirate Council. However, he added, membership was provisional, “It’s called the Island of Empty Eyes,” the Master of the Gales explains, “for the queer statues that leer over its shores. Uninhabited and fraught with danger, make no doubt, but naught that pirates of your capabilities can’t handle. You’ve landed a seat on the Pirate Council as well, but winning a race don’t make a sailor a captain, nor a freebooter a lord. You’ll need to show the Council you can tame the island and make it your own, if you want to claim your seat. The lords of the Council will come calling in three months to see if you’re worth the honor that’s been bestowed upon you, and they’ll expect to be feted as befits pirate lords of their stature. Provided you look like you know what you’re doing, they’ll take your oath of loyalty and grant you your seat on the Council. If not… well, you wouldn’t be the first winner of the Regatta who failed to live up to expectations.” “In the meantime, revel in your victory – many pirate folk are waiting for you at Cauldron Rock and will accompany you all the way to Port Peril to share in your victory.”

After the Master of the Gales departed, the Black Purrl set sail for Cauldron Rock, for they wished to have a conversation with Harlan Vance.

Day 212 5PM Temujin informed Fergal and Sandara of the impending plight – Fergal was resigned to his fate and barely reacted. However Sandara was most upset. While a faithful servant of Besmara, Sandara feared what awaited her in the depths of the sea, in Besmara’s court.

Day 212 9PM “Captain! I am here.” Akatu rose from the sea – the crew were smitten with it’s presence. Damiano’s head ached, while in telepathic conversation with the servant of the Black Lady, he was driven to his knees. But Damiano pressed Akatu that he didn’t want to give up either member of his crew. “But Fergal is not yours to keep,” Akatu retorted, “And truly, my lady desires both!” Damiano registered the fear in Sandara and pushed back upon the proferred deal. Captain and divine avatar brokered for Sandara’s freedom – and that she would stay with the Black Purrl, but the Captain, and the party owed Besmara a boon, the time and task, would be of her choosing. With this visit nearing it’s end, Fergal removed his cutlass and blunderbuss and placed them on the deck. He saluted the Captain and the party, and Akatu’s tentacles wrapped around his body and swept Fergal off the deck into the sea. In a moment the gargantuan octopus was gone from view below the waves.

As the party continued their course towards Cauldron Rock, they had lots of plans to make, materials and men to gather, many stops along the way, and they would need to balance the requests for their attention as the favored sons of the Shackles! They also had three months to tame the {see URL Link =>} Island of Empty Eyes, before the council’s envoys came to review the party’s efforts to establish a stronghold that could host a fleet, in order to help defend the Shackles from foreign navies.

[end of session 75]
{Day 212}



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