Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 76

August 2nd, 2016

John/Dwag was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 213 The party, arriving back at Cauldron Rock, received their kudos from the various Free Captains in attendance. The party made sure to touch base with Harlan Vance, to share the details concerning Captain Cain Marko of the Night Voyager. He asked that they keep him informed of any further actions that Cain Marko makes on behalf of the Chelish. The party was approached by Free Captain Dask, the half-orc captain of the frigate, Darcy’s Pillage. He thanked them soberly, but sincerely for their assistance in getting his ship pushed of the rocks at the Pinnacle Atoll – and while he didn’t understand the magic that they wielded on his behalf – he appreciated it all the same. Dask sailed out of the northwest Shackles, near Ollo of Shark Island – and he would be pleased if they did meet again.

The party learned that besides the Darcy’s Pillage and Pharisma’s Price returning to the Rock intact, or nearly so, that Captain Pegsworthy and his ship also returned – a bit worse for wear – but lessons learned and he offered his congratulations to the party.

With that, the party joined with the flotilla, and their merrymaking, until they peeled off and headed to Drenchport to pick up the Splash. Hamish was granted acting captain status, and the two ships met back up with the flotilla until they arrived at Port Peril.

Day 220 Ships were arrayed in the harbor to welcome the party. Even Bonefist’s ship, the Filthy Lucre was there, firing it’s cannon as the party approached. Both ships moored up directly at the Merchant Marina and Nico oversaw the provisioning of the ships, the the officers and sub officers spread the word that they were recruiting as many abled bodies that could fill the two ships.

Nico enlisted three Shackles sorcerers, Nuala, Democritus and Laetitia. Captain Damiano was approached by a worn fellow, with a large scar running down his face. When they greeted, Damiano noted the man’s grip, minus his right index finger. The grizzled man introduced himself as Four-Fingered Tom and he used to work for Rickety Hake, but was the sole survivor, minus the injuries, but had a work crew of his own and was looking to setup a ship works somewhere. He could work aboard ship for a while, but looked to setup a dry dock if possible. The party was interested and took him and his crew on. An experienced stone mason, Thomas Fisher, and his apprentices were signed as well.

Some members of the party took some time to train and redouble their skills, while others set out to the various taverns to spread the good word of Captain Damiano and his crew! They came to the fine establishment, the Cup and Rudder, where Mittens and Temujin came across a familiar face. The young woman, Ann Sharpe – the apprentice of the elf mage Alora, in Bloodcove was here, but dressed up richly as an expensive doxy. She was in the company of many fine ladies chatting up some of the wealthier sailor types. After making greetings with Mittens and Temujin, the former explaining the change in his appearance, Ann detailed how she needed to get away from Bloodcove, she sought another means, and joined up with the temple of Calistria. Ann added that her mistress, Lila Kurundi was looking to peel off from the Port Peril temple, the local House of Stolen Kisses, with the good wishes of her mistress, the high priestess, Livdana Giedrence. The duo agreed that the timing was premature but skilled entertainers such as Ann or Lila could certainly be useful once their island has been secured.

Since leaving Cauldron Rock, Temujin made it a point to continually check in with Cain Marko. They had learned that just after departing Cauldron Rock, that the Night Voyager was already underway, running out west of Raugsmauda’s reach, in the southwest Shackles. Their plan was to head to the island (Chelish prison camp) of Coiba to meet one called “Nisroch.” [Day 212] After having arrived, they were made to wait several days as Nisroch appeared to be unavailable. Finally they were met by the camp commander, Mormo Saday who was accompanied by a grey greasy imp that stayed near, high aloft on their ship. [Day 214] Saday stated that Marko would be transporting a pair, a man and woman to the Gannet Islands. The duo were called Reicudan & Brona Dhu. Not quite sure if they are married or brother and sister. [Day 221] The Night Voyager hit storms on its passage but arrived safely at the Gannet Islands. The Dhus had a team of sailors bring them to shore – now Marko continued to wait.

Day 228 With the Black Purrl and the Splash kitted out with men and supplies, they departed Port Peril to head up the northern passage to the Island of Empty Eyes to see what waited for them there.

Day 234 4PM Virna yelled out from the crow’s nest, “Sail ho!” A merchant brigantine was sailing due south, trying to make a fast run avoiding the partying pirate flotillas. They made out the ship, an Andoran vessel called the Lehigh. It would be a hard chase at this hour. Captain Damiano assembled the party as they considered their options. The consensus was, they would really need the money in the weeks ahead, they can’t ignore any piratey opportunities. Sandara took command of the Purrl and Nico and Glaive teleported the party, plus Hyrix and two orcs, Ramo and Sammy, aboard the stern deck of the Lehigh.

Arriving aboard the Lehigh, Hyrix struck a defending, and very surprised sailor, with a scorching ray – slain he fell back into the sea. Father Pyrlig hit one with a blast and also fell back into the sea. Damiano got in the face of the captain and ordered his surrender – the captain said nothing, but quickly drew a pepperbox pistol from under his coat and fired point blank at Damiano. Damiano had just received magical boons from Mittens and Temujin, and the shot just went by, nearly grazing his head. The party descended upon the captain and first mate and Temujin blocked any other defenders from joining in – but casting a defensive wall of ice at the base of the stern deck’s stairs. In just a few moments, the officers were slain. The crew accepted their surrender and the party took stock of their easy victory. The ship was heading to Sargava with supplies of Chelish wine, pig iron ingots, spices, silks and a small box of cash. Later in the evening, the Black Purrl and the Splash caught up and Knuckles transferred over as the acting captain of this prize ship, with a crew of 20 to insure the sailors of the Lehigh stayed in line.

Day 236 The party and their small fleet arrived at the Island of Empty Eyes. It looked like paradise!


From a mile out they could sight the occasional massive stone statue, of great cyclops, the eye sockets empty but staring back at the party. The party decided the first order of business was to sail about the island. They noted two harbors, one on the southern shore, the other on the eastern shore. The southern harbor had a decrepit stone fort – with a large stone tower, irregular construction and of larger stones then the rest of the fort. The eastern harbor had a massive wharf extending into the sea – it needed repairs but it certainly could be rehabilitated. They noted two watch towers, on the eastern and western shores. And they noted roads running inland from the western tower and from the wharf.


Day 236 4PM the party decided to start at the eastern harbor and moored just off the coast of the island where they could get a better view – Huge stone pylons lead from the shore into the island’s eastern bay here. The broken beams and timbers that once formed a giant dock lie smashed between them, half-submerged in the water. Three giant-sized canoes and a catamaran lie beached on the sand nearby. They decided they would stay put here for the evening and investigate the eastern harbor in the morning.

[end of session 76]
{Day 213-236}



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