Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 77

August 30th, 2016

Day 236 7PM The party didn’t want to waste any time to do reconnaissance across the island. As the party prepared themselves, Nico had Anduril swim across the harbor and stealthily investigate the giant-sized pier. upon arriving at the shore, Anduril found the beach quiet, and as seen from a distance the two giant canoes and one catamaran lie unused upon the sand. Large cloven hoof prints were apparent but didn’t appear to be too recent – likely many days old. Anduril also noted two large ruts in the sand – likely from another canoe and catamaran that may have embarked onto the sea. Anduril make her way upon the paved road until she came to the great stairs ascending up the escarpment. Huge stone steps rise along this five-hundred-foot-high plateau, each one carved to accommodate giant-sized strides. It was slow work climbing the stairs in the darkness, but Anduril proceeded her way upwards.

Day 236 9PM The party proceeded through the harbor, carefully in a jolly boat with Temujin at the rudder. Stowing their jolly boat, they did their best to hide it in the ruins of the giant pier. They followed in Anduril’s wake up the road, to the great stairs. Moving stealthily, was slow work in the dark but they arrived at the top of the plateau, and connected with Anduril

Day 236 10PM Anduril had noted a light on the second floor of the eastern watch tower. Nico dismissed Anduril and Dwag went for a closer look. Mittens made Damiano invisible and he started moving up closer to the tower behind Dwag. A tall stone tower topped with battlements rises along the cliffs here. Two eyeless cyclops statues rise above these defenses, gazing sightlessly over the western sea. Above them, the spire continues upward, tapering into a giant crystal shard of pink quartz. At ground level, immense double doors, decorated in ancient glyphs, form the tower’s only entrance. The watch tower is 60 feet tall, with battlements above the second floor about 40 feet up. Approaching the great double doors, Dwag listened, hearing the rumbling snore of something or someone large. Dwag easily clambered up the side of the tower. However as he pulled himself up to the window to have a better look inside, he let out a grunt of exertion – noted by one of the cycloptic guards within. The guard cried out an alarm in a foreign tongue and launched himself at Dwag. Damiano, climbed up alongside in a hurry – just in time as the cyclops guard stabbed at Dwag with the point of his great axe, Dwag tumbled off the window face, only to be clutched and held on by his Captain! Dwag was able to renew his grip and roll into the tower but not without taking another hit from the guard. Damiano tumbled into the room as the second guard approached. Dwag noted that the first guard paused, for just a moment, closed his single eye and when he opened it, he looked at Dwag with a sense of the moment and spectacular timing as the cyclops swung his axe home upon Dwag’s chest, leaving a gruesome gash in his chest, the cyclops followed up with another successful attack.

The party hearing the clamor above, moved towards the front door. Temujin protected himself with magics and took to the air. Nico was invisible and started moving towards the tower, alongside Mittens and Father Pyrlig who were also moving up. With the alarm sounded on the second floor, the great double doors on the ground level opened revealing another cyclops that quickly closed the distance and struck Mittens soundly. Mittens responded in kind with a bolt of lightning and with a <bamf> teleported to the far side of the tower behind the cyclops. Nico summoned an evolved celestial trimera which occupied the cyclops as Temujin arrived and attacked it from his flying position with more lightning.

Father Pyrlig closed in on the tower as Dwag fell from the assault of blows from the two cyclops. With Dwag bleeding out upon the ground, Damiano attempted to parry the attacks from the two foes – their sallow faces excited with the prospect of fresh meat for dinner. Pyrlig let the power of Gozreh flow through him and into his companions as Damiano was bolstered and Dwag came to, prone upon the ground. From his position, Dwag swung out at the cyclops and struck and between him and Damiano they slew one foe, which gave enough breathing room for Dwag to get up and push the fight to the other food-crazed cyclops.

Outside, the cyclops and the trimera traded blows until the dinosaur was felled. Nico summoned his battle cat to keep the fight going and keep the cyclops attention. A second cyclops came out from the first floor, and both cyclops were hit with a lightning bolt from Mittens, who then teleported to the top of the second floor of the tower. The battle cat killed one cyclops while Temujin finished off the other.

On the second floor, with Father Pyrlig continued to heal the bloodied Dwag and Damiano, as Mittens knocked the last cyclops unconscious.

The party collected on the tower’s second floor and healed their wounds. Other than the cyclops armaments, there was very little in the way of supplies or valuables here. The party tied up the cyclops and in short order they revived him for questioning. His name was Dolph and he was a guard, sent to the guard tower with the three others, for failing to bring any meat or other foodstuffs to the larder. Guard duty in the western or eastern tower was the punishment for unsuccessful hunting – besides not being allowed to eat! Their weapon mistress who sent them here, was called Shaija. But the master and keeper of wisdom was known as Ishtoreth, and he resided a few miles down the road, to the west at Sumitha. Dolph and the other cyclops hunted various dinosaurs, pternadons, fished at sea, raided pirate ships that ventured this far out to the outer limits of the western Shackles. A few months ago they had good hunting as men came to the southern harbor and resided in the old fort. But the cyclops rooted them out and captured and ate them all. The ship went away – maybe it would return with more men to eat! Since then it has been hard hunting.

Feeling that they had gotten as much information as they would from Dolph, Nico gave the word and his battle cat slew him.

Day 237 8AM The party took their rest in the safety of the tower and departed upon the western road shortly after day break.

[end of session 77]
{Day 236-237}



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