Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 8

Mar 10th, 2015

DAY 17
4PM The party arrived at an intersection, turning right, they found themselves at a large cavern, thick with floating sea weed – amidst it were many grindylows waiting for them! Nico summoned dolphins to engage the grindylows. The party swam in, and found themselves snared on the seaweed baited with small hooks – they broke themselves free and continued to press the fray until all the grindylows were slain.

Swimming deeper into the cavern, Nico’s dolphins were aware of lacedons, trapped below the surface in a cage, attempting to grasp at the party – but with the notice, all were able to swim past safely.

Entering a large cave, the dolphins scanned the cave and found a octopoid monstrosity hanging in the submerged chamber. As the dolphins engaged the beast it spewed out a cloud of bloody liquid obscuring everyone’s vision. The beast grabbed and ripped apart the dolphins and then set upon Dwag and Temujin, who were incapacitated. Father Pyrlig and Anggarna were able to bring both combatants back to consciousness as Damiano, Mittens and Nico’s freshly summoned dolphins finished off the devilfish.

Looking down one of the four halls leaving the devilfish’s den, the party spied a grindylow in the distance, keeping watch. As they approached he swam away. The party followed down to the Cauldron; the lair of the Brinebrood Queen who shouted out that her prisoners and all others would be sacrificed to the glory of her mother, Lamashtu. With that, she cut the rope that suspended Sandara and Badger above the surface of the water. The pair of prisoners, tied up and anchored with silver bullion, started to sink to the bottom of the cave, towards a pair of shackled lacedons. Nico’s dolphins were able to intercept the sinking pair and began dragging them to safety.

The Brinebrood Queen’s enormous son, the Whale, surfaced to attack Damiano. Mittens, Temujin and Dwag danced about cutting down the grindylow and engaging the Whale along with Damiano. The Whale savagely bit down on Temujin, who was rendered unconscious, and as the Whale began to swallow him, the party slew him, and was able to pull their companion from the maw of the beast. Temujin was successfully revived.

With her son slain, the Brinebrood Queen jetted away, fleeing her sanctuary of the caves and the party was able to slay the lacedons at the bottom of the cavern. The party was healed and they investigated the murky waters for any valuables.

Brinebrood Queen Lair Treasure

The party had a long trial-filled day on Bonewrack island. They retreated with their treasure, and their repatriated companions, Sandara and Badger. They snuck past the lacedons in the cage and left the cave, and climbed back to the top of the bluff to take their evening’s rest.

Nico returned Sandara’s tricorne hat – which she offered it back to the party for they saved her life, and saved her from a gruesome death. Both Sandara and Badger were brutalized by the grindylows and would likely be haunted by the experience for some time to come. Nico insisted that Sandara keep her hat, which she was most appreciative.

There was more to do – the party camped near, but did not enter the stockade. They thought there were more tunnels in Riptide Cove that warranted more exploration, Mittens found a whale skull inscribed with arcane spells and needed time to transcribe them to his own books and scrolls, and they still needed to fill their water barrels and return in time to the Man’s Promise.
{Day 17}
[end of session 8]



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