Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 80

September 20th, 2016

Day 237 7PM Before returning to the armory to rest, the party decided to investigate the secret door that Dwag had discovered. Dwag practiced his due diligence and finding no traps, he crept into the low-ceilinged hallway. Dwag could tell that the excavations were fairly recent – within the year, and the shoring up of the walls and floors were not up to dwarven standards. He moved into a 30’ long chamber, a vault that appeared to house some of the pirate swag. A variety of small chests, crates, and sacks fill this small room. A corpse lies on the floor among the containers. The corpse, appeared to have been gently deposited upon the floor in the center of the room. Temujin surmised that this was the body of Bikendi Otongu. Nico headed up the looting of the casks and crates, finding a number of things resonating with magical auras. As they party approached Bikendi’s body, a coolness swept into the room and an incorporeal form hovered above them – the ghostly form scowled at the party – he would not allow himself to be picked clean until the party retrieved the dreamstone – the party held off, for now.


Moving on, the party found themselves in the garrison basement which had three prison cells. Dwag secured the cell keys. Based on the memories that Mittens had sensed from the pink memory stones picked up in the tower cellar, he could tell that this was the last stop for those sailors and prisoners that were handed over to Lodhotha. The party found a narrow stair that lead up to a trap door and into the quartermaster’s building that they had thoroughly searched.

Instead of returning to the armory, the party decided to continue moving through the fort, despite the darkness and lateness of the day. They exited by the western door and moved across the courtyard to what appeared to be a mess hall. Mittens, Temujin and Pyrlig heard some talking upon the wind, and the voices were getting closer. The party arrayed themselves in the alley and looked north to the direction of the conversation. Turning the corner they party saw ragged sailors, their bodies sometimes opaque, sometimes transparent. They sailors spied the party and hungered for flesh and souls – they lunged across the courtyard to close the distance with the party.


Nico summoned a mass of black tentacles which caught up three of the ghostly pirates. The other five charged ahead, throwing hand axes until they drew their cutlasses for melee. Damiano and Dwag were at the front, deftly deflecting the attacks from the dead pirates. Mittens and Temujin experimented with magical attacks to determine what would hurt these creatures. Pyrlig channeled the power of Gozreh against the undead. From behind the party, four small, softly glowing orbs appeared. Nico summoned an erinyes who flew overhead and provided fire with her bow. While the party focused upon the undead sailors, the orbs shot quick bolts of electricity at the party. The party took on all combatants; with Father Pyrlig leading the way, his channeling waves washing over both sets of enemies – the will o’ wisps faded away as the party destroyed the remaining undead sailors – their bodies also, fading away. Nico sent his erinyes on a hunting mission around the compound – to the northwest she spied a great spider – another phase spider, and she shot it – it too faded away. The erinyes continued her rounds.

The party regrouped and Dwag entered the mess hall, and the chamber was very quiet. Off to his right, he saw a vague shadow of a humanoid shape. He saw another, similar shape to his left. Dwag immediately backed back into the alley and closed the door. He informed the party that there were more ghost-like things in the mess hall, the party readied themselves in the alley. Nico felt a ‘ping’ of his alarm spell and then another ‘ping.’ Nico summoned a brace of bralani to defend him – and while the party prepared, the forms appeared above them, flying some 30’ over their heads. From the northern-most form, a wave of fear fell upon the party – but all stood resolute. The southern-most shade focused upon Dwag and in his mind he saw Captain Harrigan before him wielding his cutlass, about to strike him down – but Dwag resisted this fiction…and the image was gone. The party girded themselves and Nico sent his bralani to attack the southern-most form, which outnumbered, disappeared. The other shade flew into the wall of the quartermaster’s office and disappeared from view.


The party heard the sound of combat as Nico’s erinyes was peppering a cyclops that had entered the compound accompanied by a dire wolf. The erinyes was high up, in the darkness and it was aware of multiple cyclops being in the compound, at the gate and atop the two ruined entry towers.

Day 237 8PM Damiano and Mittens moved up to the roof of the quartermaster’s office to get a better view. Nico’s bralani flew down and grabbed him by the shoulders and prepared to take flight. Temujin and Father Pyrlig were sitting pat for the moment until they received more information. Dwag hustled through the alley, between the slave quarters and the quartermaster’s office to come around to the courtyard from the south.

The fighting continued…

[end of session 80]
{Day 237}



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