Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 81

September 27th, 2016

Day 237 8PM The fighting continued. Father Pyrlig flew to the top of the quartermaster’s office, joining Damiano and Mittens. Nico and his bralani cohort also joined the remainder of the party there. Off in the distance, they could hear the muted screams of Ederleigh in the armory. As the party spied a quartet of cyclops (joined by a pair of dire wolves) about the courtyard and eastern watch towers – Nico’s summoned erinyes was peppering the cyclops with arrows – flying high above her foes.

About the party, four phase spiders appeared. One locked it’s fangs into Temujin while the other locked onto Mittens. Mittens felt weakened by the poison being injected into his body. The other two phase spiders attacked Nico’s defending bralani. The dire wolves ranged around the compound with no attackers within reach. Damiano leaped the alley way to the roof of the barracks to attack the cyclops in the southeastern tower – but as he approached, the cyclops quickly gathered his focus and aimed his great axe true upon the captain, nearly killing him outright. At this point in time, Damiano decided maybe the top of the tower was not the best place to be!

A second cyclops climbed up the ruined wall, up into the tower. Father Pyrlig defended his captain’s retreat from the tower by blocking both cyclops with a wall of stone. The cyclops that brutalized the Captain was laid low by Mitten’s magic ray – he fell unconscious to the tower floor. The second cyclops leaped down off the tower onto the parapets beyond Damiano and turned about with his great axe readied, attempting to prevent the Captain’s escape. Nico summoned another squad of bralani directly between Damiano and the cyclops to harry it’s efforts to attack the Captain again.

The phase spiders continued to clutch and drive their fangs into Temujin and Mittens. Both fought back but could not drive the beasts off. Dwag heard the commotion and scaled the quartermaster’s building and joined in the fray with the phase spiders. Coordinating their efforts, the party and the bralani slew one of the phase spiders, the two in combat released Temujin and Mittens and started to withdraw. One was slain as it tried to escape, the second faded away to the ethereal plane.

Dwag leaped across the rooftop over the armory – as he did so, he saw a more formidable phase spider, with a shock of long red hair atop the southeastern tower of the fort – she peered over the tower walls as he made his approach.


With the phase spiders slain or driven off the party focused its attention upon the cyclops in the courtyard. Father Pyrlig, Mittens and Temujin brought down the elements of lightning and ice upon the cyclops, paining them and slowing their progress. The cyclops on the southeastern tower slid down onto the ground, and whistling for the wolves, headed east to make a retreat. The cyclops in the north eastern tower followed suit, but was slain by the erinyes. One of the wolves heading for the main gate was felled by Temujin’s arrow before it could get past the walls of the fort.

Mittens joined Dwag and also noted the phase spider with the red hair, but only briefly as it withdrew out of sight. Father Pyrlig administered healing to Captain Damiano and the party – the fight at the fort appeared to be over. Nico set his bralani on the chase for the escaping cyclops and his dire wolf. They returned some minutes later having dispatched the duo upon the beach.

While the party was recuperating, Dwag went into the barracks, up to the second floor to the now silent armory, where Ederleigh Baines had been locked up. Dwag unlocked the stout iron door and opened it, only to feel a coolness at his back – an incorporeal shade exited the opposing wall and touched Dwag, drawing out his very life force. As Dwag felt his energy being drained he could feel the creature attempting to get into his mind – but he resisted. The party heard a new muted cry upon the wind – that of Dwag. The party jumped off the roof of the barracks and Mittens and Nico headed up the stairs to see Dwag striking at the shadowy form. A second form appeared at the far end of the hall and cast a fear down the length of the hall – the party’s will was strong – they were shaken but stood firm, except Nico, who had had enough and raced down the stairs and out of the building past Father Pyrlig – who was able to dispel the foul enchantment from Nico. Mittens and Temujin found that the shades were not impervious to their magics but highly resistant. Temujin searched his memory and found that these creatures were outsiders, called Animate Dreams and were not undead despite their appearance. These malicious creatures feasted on the spirits of those who are alive and were frequently in the service of phase spiders or hags. As the party solidified their opposition, the two animate dreams slid through the wall and out of sight.

The party found Ederleigh Baines, his brown hair shot through with bright white locks – he was curled up in a ball upon the floor, cursing all those who denied him the ability to protect himself.

Day 237 11PM The party decided that they were due for some rest and perhaps the Chelish Fort was not the place to take such rest. Locking Ederleigh back up in the armory, the party made their way back towards the waterfall, along the beach about a mile and a half from the fort. Behind them, they had left a single unconscious cyclops upon the southeastern watch tower. The party made camp nestled underneath the escarpment, settling watches among themselves and Nico magically alarmed the perimeter around their camp.

[end of session 81]
{Day 237}



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