Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 83

October 11th, 2016

Day 239 11AM The party magically hovered at the knife’s edge of the mountainous ridge encircling Sumitha. Across the way, about 120’ distant, idly sat a half dozen Ngogas – cycloptic orangutans picking their nits and otherwise loitering about along the peaks. Nico drew his neglected crossbow and took a potshot upon the closest Ngoga – striking true, the beast screamed out in pain. The party casually took up arms, magically and mundanely, peppering shots at the Ngoga. After successive hits, the beast raced down the steep rocky slope, followed by four of its companions. Hitting the valley floor, the quartet, leapt powerfully on the mountain slope and raced towards the party that continued to fire away at the oncoming apes.
We will call this one, Blinky: Screen_Shot_2016-10-13_at_8.47.11_AM.png
The Ngogas leaped to attack the party – Temujin and Pyrlig were struck soundly. Nico summoned a bralani to act as a bodyguard and the party counter attacked. The party and the Ngogas traded blows on the mountain top – Mittens, flying, sidestepped out of the fray, hovering over the road leading into Sumitha. Moments later, two crossbow bolts flew from a building below – the corner of which was damaged and offered good cover to the shooters within. Mittens could hear low grumbling commentary in the cycloptic tongue from the building as he nursed his wounds. The first Ngoga was slain, its body tumbling down the rockside to the valley below. Moments later a horn beneath the party’s position rang out across the valley. The party polished off the remaining Ngoga as Yacine sang to boost the party’s spirits. Pyrlig cast a cloud of mist to obscure the party, which Mittens moved into for cover. They party quickly patched their wounds and cast further protective magics. A number of the party heard the howling of wolves and the booted feet of cyclops running, somewhere, outside their view beyond the obscuring mists.

Invisible, Nico slid out of the cloud of mist – on the far side of the canyon, he spied two Ngoga, one was 120’ away, the other more distant at 200.’ The latter looked upon the cloud. As Nico cast more protective magics, that second Ngoga peered carefully about the rock side and it listened to the magic incantations being spoken aloud. Nico saw a half dozen gargoyles sprint out of a cave, across a raised patio and took flight, flying in lazy circles and descending towards the party.

The party edged out of the cloud, partially descending to the road below – they concentrated their attacks upon the pair of cyclops firing from cover from the corner of the ruined building. Temujin cast a mesmerizing field of light to fascinate the cyclops, but they appeared to be immune and responded with more crossbow fire upon the party. Temujin adjusted the field of light, moving it towards the oncoming trio of dire wolves which succumbed hypnotic pattern. From the right-hand side of the building came a group of cyclops running towards the party – one of which wielded no weapons and appeared very fit – he closed for combat, fists raised. From a ledge to the left of the party, two cyclops took aim at the party lobbing rocks, while another fit cyclops jumped from the landing and closed in on the party his fists at the ready.

Nico summoned a tri-gamera-tops monstrosity and it appeared in the center of the road, keeping the enemy combatants at bay.

Damiano jumped into the ruined building, both swinging their axes upon the Captain. Damiano deftly blocked one insightful strike, but the other cyclops struck true, pounding away at the captain. Dwag joined Damiano and they traded blows with the two cyclops.


Mittens and Temujin brought lightning down upon the combatants spread across the road as Father Pyrlig channeled healing to his companions and negative energy upon their enemies. Dwag and Damiano slew the two cyclops in the guardhouse and quickly looking about they saw two double doors upon the far side of the chamber. The room was upset as if it was vacated recently – perhaps the party could hole up here if necessary. The dire wolves had been slain and the gargoyles mostly cleared out, but the new rank of cyclops were closing in upon the party and the tri-gamera-tops. Nico summoned a herd of rhinos behind the new group of attackers, who whirled about and engaged the rhinos. Late comers from the cyclops guard house, three more cyclops came up behind the rhinos and joined the fray.

To the left of the party was a large patio surrounded with stairs. At the top were two massive bronze doors – the doors clanged open. In the left-hand door stood an armored female cyclops with more cyclops at her back, in the chamber beyond.


At the right-hand doorway, stood a monstrous, 30’ tall male cyclops. His face, simultaneously angry and sad surveyed the scene before him, his meaty fist flexing around the great club that he held in his hands.


Day 239 11:02AM The battle raged on.

[end of session 83]
{Day 239}



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