Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 85

November 1st, 2016

Day 239 11:03AM The party continued to make space for themselves, working with their summoned allies to push back against the nearest cyclops and the pair of cave giants. Dwag laid into the cave giants, slaying them. From behind the fog cloud, the party could make out Istoreth issuing commands in his cycloptic tongue, translated by Nico, he told his troops to stay put and to continue to pressure their enemies from range. As the party negotiated around the enemies within the fog cloud, fresh cyclop troops came out onto the portico and ledge. Two cyclops dropped off the ledge and closed in on the dinosaurs, the remainder stayed at a distance and peppered the party and their dinosaur companions with rocks and crossbow bolts.

After quickly dropping the cave giants, Dwag and Damiano moved forward to engage the next rank of foes, a trio of cyclops – but Istoreth and his fellow giant cyclops moved up as well and reaching over their lesser comrades they struck viciously with their great clubs. The power of Gozreh was strong and overturned fate making a fatal strike into a near miss. Mauled but alive, Damiano fought on. Father Pyrlig continued to pour divine healing upon the party.

The cyclops on the ledges focused their attacks upon the dinosaurs, overcoming two of them. Nico’s summoned elementals took up a similar counter attack, and closed in upon the cyclops at the ledges, harrying their attacks and focusing their counter attacks on one opponent at a time to bring them down.

Temujin on the roof of the guardhouse, peppered the cyclops with arrow fire and Mittens targeted both great cyclops with magical rays.

Healed by Pyrlig, Dwag and Damiano continued to batter away at the cyclops that had ventured forth from the kitchens, killing three of the four. The fourth stalked around the fog cloud taking opportunities to attack at party members, dinosaurs and elementals.

Temujin, on the roof turned about hearing casting nearby – the female cyclops dispelled Mitten’s mirror images, and then Istoreth followed up by throwing a boulder, striking Mittens. Soon afterwards, the caster flew across the courtyard, attempting to line up Dwag and Damiano in a lightning bolt, but Temujin successfully countered the spell, causing it to fizzle out. Behind the caster, on the far right side of the courtyard, the cyclops bard returned, shooting Dwag in the back with a crossbow bolt.

Istoreth, already softened up by Mitten’s rays, was tag teamed by Dwag and Damiano, his alive, but unconscious body crashing to the earth. However the other great cyclops, Big Blue, hammered Dwag, nearly ripping him apart, but again divine providence was with the party and Father Pyrlig managed to heal his wounds and stabilize him, but Dwag remained unconscious. Big Blue prepared to strike again, but Father Pyrlig channeling his faith of Gozreh causing him to miss, and he was counter attacked by the party and he too fell to the earth, unconscious.

Dwag, Damiano, Pyrlig, Mittens and Temujin stood nearly alone save for the cyclops witch and bard. Nico stayed back at Sumitha’s entryway with the brace of summoned elementals, bralani and a lillend bard, who continued to brawl with the cyclops across the ledge and portico.

Day 239 11:04AM As Istoreth and Big Blue fell to the earth, this monumental moment was noticed from above. A great screech resounded through the sky. Waiting high above for an explicit sign from the party, or the current sign of weariness from both cyclops and party members, the fiendish cycloptic harpies descended from the clouds en mass. The air was filled with their hideous song.


The battle continued…

[end of session 85]
{Day 239}



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