Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2017

Session 87

November 15, 2016

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 239 11:30 AM After defeating the mighty cyclops and the single great cyclops in the doorway, the party pulled back to the great hall and out into the courtyard. Nico flew upward with Temujin, Mittens and Damiano – luckily he was able to spy the Black Purrl, far in the distance. He teleported with the group to the main deck of the Purrl, displacing a few sailors at work at their duties. Dwag, Pyrlig and Yacine stayed behind, under cover and keeping a lookout for the return of the harpies.

Nico summoned Glaive, who grabbed his gear. The duo returned, teleporting back to the courtyard. They joined up with Dwag, Pyrlig and Yacine, again teleported back to the deck of the Purrl. The party took a collective sigh, to calm themselves after the extended fight at Sumitha.

Captain Damiano gave orders for the Purrl to sail and set anchor due east of the eastern harbor, while the Splash and the Lehigh were anchored to the northeast of the eastern harbor. Damiano made sure the crew were set to their tasks and on an active lookout. After that, the party settled in for some much needed rest before their planned return to Sumitha.

Day 239 9 PM Captain Damiano was awoken by someone hissing to him – the phase spider, Paeta was fixed to the low ceiling just above his head, her red hair hung down all around him.


“Wakey wakey, hands of snakey, Captain! I have a proposition for you. My master, Lodhotha, will give you this island in peace, but you must leave Sumitha alone. It is ours.” Damiano countered that the island would belong to him and Sumitha was part of that and he wasn’t going to hand it over now! But Paeta spat back, “My mistress was counselor to Istoreth and it already belongs to us. My mistress has no other interest in this island, but Sumitha, and what remains at Sumitha is ours!” Damiano responded that the only other deal he was interested in would be the considering of Lodhotha’s surrender. With that obvious refusal, Paeta disappeared into the ether. The Captain roused the party in the Officer’s cabins and shared this recent interaction with them. The party seemed even more resolved to head to Sumitha on the morrow to claim the cyclop’s retreat for themselves and to make sure to oust Lodhotha. The party returned to their rest.

Father Pyrlig woke up yet again, to find Dwag in the throes of a steamy dream with some slattern named Miri – likely a memory from that time at the House of Stolen Kisses back in Quent. Soon the amorous disruption to Father Pyrlig’s sleep turned to terror as Dwag sat up screaming. Pyrlig forced Dwag to wake up – Dwag recounted being ridden by a heinous hag. Dwag felt drained from the nightmare. Pyrlig was understanding but could not restore Dwag until he made his prayers to Gozreh tomorrow morning. Should that time ever come without more disruptions. After some time, both Pyrlig and Dwag were able to return to sleep.

Captain Damaino found himself in a dream with forbidden fruit, his superior, the lovely Tessa Fairwind! But this dream turned to a nightmare, when he too felt helpless in his nightmare, clamped down in the firm grip of a grinning hag. As he woke, she was gone, but he felt drained from the grim visitation.

Near midnight, the squad leader, on night watch, Tahpio, the tengu, knocked on the officer’s cabin door, waking Father Pyrlig, yet again. “Father, Coto on lookout, she spied a glowing light, like a ball of fire floating about the ship until it came up to the starboard side of the hull and just disappeared.” Pyrlig woke the party and relayed this information. After quickly conferring the party raised the general alarm, grabbed their gear, started girding their armor and headed up to the main deck. Upon the deck they quickly looked about, but saw nothing suspicious, but then they heard a roar under their feet as the main deck pushed up and out with a great blast of a fiery explosion. They quickly surmised that the powder keg had been fired up. The ship was in flames, crewman were on fire or hit by shrapnel of the ship splintering apart. Some sailors were thrown into the sea. Father Pyrlig was pushed off the deck in the blast and landed easily in the water. Captain Damiano was thrown out the windows in his quarter into the sea. Nico and Sandara opened up their magical boats for survivors to grab onto.

Mittens grabbed a set of orc sailors and commanded them to follow him – they forced their way down into the hold, past the dead bodies of fellow sailors and the panicking of survivors attempting to get out of the sinking ship. The orcs followed Mittens into the hold which was quickly flooding. Two of the six orcs fell from the group overcome by the flooding waters. The four remaining grabbed the chest and followed Mittens back towards the main deck. One orc scrabbled up and finding a length of rope and a winch, he offered the rope to his fellows who tied it off, the whole group pulled like maniacs to get the Captain’s Locker up and out of the ship and off to one of the waiting jolly boats. Dwag swam through the flooding ship and grabbed the two orcs who were about to drown and pulled them to the surface.

The party and surviving sailors clung to the jolly boats, to floating wreckage and swam to the nearby shallows of the islets and mangroves until help could arrive. And help did arrive some two hours later. The Lehigh and the Splash arrived, having seen the explosion to their south, they readied to make way, when both ships and their crew were attacked by phase spiders. There were losses, but eventually the spiders just disappeared. Both ships arrived to pull the Captain, the party and the remaining crew out of the sea.

Day 240 1AM The Captain gave word to sail due east, to get some distance from Dread Cat Isle and two hours later both ships were some 20 miles away in deep water.

Day 240 10AM The party were now finally rested and recuperated from the previous day’s exertions, they proposed a change of plans. Sumitha would wait another day. But they would return to pick up the trio they left on the south beach. Nico and Glaive teleported the party to the beach and found Otheos, Zora and Ben Bo waiting there. They offered to bring them back to their ship and the two wizards teleported the entire group back to the Splash.

Upon their return it was made clear that the trio, while not working directly for Harrigan, were not to be trusted. They would lose their weapons and not have be confined to the officer’s quarters. The Captain was on the verge of having them locked in the hold when Nico presented the more diplomatic point of view that the trio has to understand where the party is coming from and at least the trio were off the island, had food and drink and would have their items returned in due course when events settled down. Zora was most displeased to have to be coerced in giving up her weapons but with Nico’s coaxing grew to accept the option presented.

The party rested, studied and honed their skills until the next day, when they planned to return to Sumitha. Over the night, with distance from the island, Dwag and Damiano had no further night visits in their dreams.

Day 241 6AM Nico and Mittens teleported the party into the long hall where two days before they slew some mighty cyclops and one great cyclops. Their bodies laid where they fell. The party looked about the long hall. Several statues and two ornate runic circles stretch along this rubble-strewn hall. Several exits have been blocked by a cave-ins, but a single open passage, its dusty floor marked with giant-sized footprints, leads eastward. Dwag, Mittens and Nico investigated the closest circle and found active conjuration magic. They surmised that it was a teleportation circle, but to where? As they continued to research the circle, they heard a stony grating beyond, and from an alcove stepped two large statues brandishing swords. The statues closed in upon the party with Dwag, Damiano and Mittens holding the line.


The fight was brief and the caryatid columns were destroyed. The party moved further into the long hall, seeing side halls strewn with rubble and cave-ins. They turned the corner heading east and spied a great chamber beyond. The domed ceiling of this chamber rises eighty feet overhead. In the center of the hall, a thirty-foot-high egg-shaped structure stands on the floor. Stone stairs climb the side of this domed structure, ending before a stone wall chiseled to resemble an immense eye, circled with strange runes glowing with an eldritch light. The stairs and eye are mirrored on the opposite side of the dome. Tiny stars roil across the top of the structure, their light projecting strange constellations on the ceiling overhead. Much of the northeast corner of the chamber lies in ruin, collapsed by obvious cave-ins, but three other exits remain—doors to the east and west, and a corridor leading southeast.

Within the egg-shaped structure the party could see a gold colored stone glowing atop a pedestal. Perhaps this was the dreamstone that Bikendi spoke of? The party planned their next steps…

[end of session 87]
{Day 239-241}



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