Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 9

Mar 17th, 2015

DAY 17
11PM The party was taking it’s rest adjacent to the stockade at the top of the bluff overlooking Riptide Cove. Nico and Father Pyrlig were on watch when Pyrlig thought he heard the creak of a door swinging open, but Nico heard nothing but the wind in the trees – moments later from out of the dark, came three ghoul sailors, looking for some companionship, and bone marrow! They ghouls attacked swiftly and struck true, both Nico and Pyrlig’s limbs ceased up, but not before Nico screamed warnings to his sleeping companions.

The party jumped to their feet and fended off the two ghouls threatening Pyrlig, but paralyzed and helpless, Nico was savaged by his ghoulish attacker with claws and gnashing teeth. The party slew all the ghouls, but it took much healing and divine ministrations to bring Nico about.

Dwag investigated the stockade, only to be surprised by a clawed tentacle whipping past his head. He retreated back to his companions by the fire – until they came in force, bringing light sources to illuminate the great tree at the center of the stockade. Damiano and Dwag were attacked as they opened the stockade gate – Damiano closed the distance by vaulting into the tree. The party was hindered by the attacker’s ability to blend into the cover and the shadows that the tree provided. The wretched creature grabbed Damiano with both tentacled claws and he succumbed to his wounds and was carried off as the creeper attempted to flee with its prize – the second creeper was slain and tumbled to the ground. The Mittens chased the creeper through the tree and slew it, grabbing at Damiano’s body but losing his own grasp on the tree – both Damiano and Mittens fell to the ground. Damiano’s condition was stable and he was left to get some rest until dawn.

DAY 18
12AM The party reconnoitered the small hut at the center of the stockade. They heard the quiet murmur of botflies from within and decided to hold off further investigation until morning.

7AM The party, refreshed, returned to the hut. Nico summoned a small earth elemental who ventured into the hut – it promptly returned stating that there were many flies and a dead man that moved, hanging from a hook. Nico commanded the elemental to engage the ghoul within and slew it. The elemental was then instructed to carry all the furnishings out of the cabin. Once that was completed, Father Pyrlig summoned furious winds to buffet the swarms of botflies away – and then they commenced to gather up the valuables that they found. The prize of which was a weathered, but valuable spyglass.

Stockade Treasure

The party then discussed their next steps, in regards to what to do about Mr. Plugg – Mittens asked Badger what she knew about Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge’s inclinations. Since her rescue Badger had been quite withdrawn, but she was grateful at her rescue by the party. She stated that Mr. Plugg’s star had risen aboard the Wormwood and saw the party as a threat to his success – but with his plan to strike out on his own and to take over and captain the Man’s Promise as his own ship, he had no need of the party. They were a short distance from Rickety’s Squibs where the ship could get repaired, provisioned and the crew supplemented. With the party having survived the most recent away missions it would be likely that they would be fired upon if when they returned to the Man’s Promise.

Badger shared that Mr. Plugg and Scourge’s cronies were: Syl, Tam Tate, Fipps, Maheem, Shikvah, Jaundiced Jape and Owlbear.

Badger also offered some history about the Wormwood, Captain Harrigan and Mr. Plugg. Badger had been with the Wormwood for three years and always earned well with the captain. Mr. Plugg had been with the Wormwood the last two years and had quickly moved up to the first mate’s position. Nine months ago, Badger and her cronies along with Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge returned a prize of war to Port Peril – when Captain Harrigan arrived he was alone, without the Wormwood and it’s crew, and without explanation. A new Wormwood was purchased and outfitted and they returned to the seas. Every six weeks or so, the Wormwood would meet up with a Chelish sloop called The Lash – it was commanded by a Chelish woman, Captain Lucilla. While Badger was there for each meeting, she was never in earshot of Captains Harrigan and Lucilla. Sometimes Captain Lucilla was joined by a well dressed, genteel sailing master, named Louisa Scott.

10:30AM The party, using their spyglass at Anggarna’s ramshackle village of Haven, spied the Man’s Promise, at anchor, settled evenly in the water and off the rocks, facing due east. Aware that Mr. Plug would play it safe in unknown waters where grindylows frequented, there would be a watch on deck and in the crow’s nest. It was known that Mr. Plugg was prone to being punctual, but with his recent setbacks, he would be most likely to sail with the light and the morning’s tide.

The party planned to retrieve their boat from where they left it the day before and after dark they would row around the ship to the port side, board, and as a whole, they would take on Mr. Plugg before engaging Master Scourge and his followers in the officer’s quarters.

The party rested, prepared their weapons and whiled away the afternoon, waiting for the evening to make their attack upon the Man’s Promise.

{Day 17-18}
[end of session 9]



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