Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 92

December 19th, 2016

Day 244 6PM As the moment broke, Nico immediately cast a windwall spell to protect the party from oncoming arrow fire from the harpies, who were standing atop the towers and arches. Mittens teleported himself up into the fray and breathed fire among the harpies and Khitomer, who was moving up into combat. Lawrence, at Haetanga’s bidding, moved up to do battle against his sons. Temujin kept his eye upon Haetanga, preparing to foil any spell that she might cast. Dwag and Damiano held off for a few moments, before moving up to engage Lawrence and Khitomer. The small glowing cherub at Haetanga’s side, fled away from the plaza and was soon out of sight.

The harpies were stymied by the windfall, but Gorgo cast a flamestrike down upon the party. Nico summoned a lillend bard to encourage the party to greater efforts. Khitomer engaged Damiano as Dwag fought with Lawrence. After breathing fire, Mittens fell to the ground and was harried by Lawrence, but successfully dodged his father’s attacks.

Father Pyrlig was kept busy at the start, healing the party and channeling negative energy at his foes – he was flummoxed when he realized that the same skill that Lodhotha had to heal with negative energy; this skill was learned by both Khitomer and Haetanga. Mittens kept the pressure on Gorgo with repeated attacks until when Mittens was occupied, Gorgo dropped down behind a pillar for safety and attended to her wounds. Twice Temujin foiled Haetanga’s attacks on Dwag and Damiano, turning back her magics. Haetanga did cast glitterdust upon Nico, exposing him to the harpies – should he come out of the safety of the windwall spell.

The harpies started to take flight from their perches and started to come around behind the party. Perhaps, Lawrence’s heart wasn’t in the battle, facing off against his two sons, and their friends, as he put up a lackluster offense until Dwag beat at him and he was knocked unconscious by Mittens. Father Pyrlig found himself in the thick of the fray, as he had offered healing to Damiano, when Khitomer struck him soundly, following up his attack by attempting to sunder his magical trident – the weapon shivered but stayed intact. Paeta, the phase spider attempted to attack Mittens but failed repeatedly. When she took damage she phased away to heal her wounds.

Dwag and Damiano moved up to face off against Khitomer who pounded away at them. Mittens took the battle to Gorgo and Haetanga who were near the four-columned archway – only to find that they, having healed up, were not as weak as he thought. Out of the windwall, Mittens was exposed to a battery of arrow fire – most of the arrows were turned away by his own defensive magics, but he didn’t enjoy being targeted by so many assailants, and pulled back to the party’s line. Nico attempted to summon more aid, but the realm’s abjuration aura continually dispelled his creatures as soon as they arrived. However Nico did cast a second windwall to protect the party’s flanks from the arrow fire of the encroaching harpies.

After slugging it out, Khitomer was felled, dropping heavily to the ground. Dwag moved up, flying towards Haetanga, to engage her. Pyrlig laid on healing to Damiano, as did Nico’s lillend. Temujin started firing ranged magical attacks at Gorgo and Haetanga from the party line. Dwag having taken some punishment from Khitomer, came to the same realization as Mittens and found that Haetanga was not as weak as he was led to believe. As he closed in she bit at him. The poison that dripped to her teeth did no harm to him and he shrugged off the pain of the bite – however, out of the protection of the windwall, the harpies fired upon him – one attack struck soundly – right through the heart and Dwag slowly fell to the ground, dead! The party quickly considered their options to raise him via divine methods, but the party was stretched out across the plaza and could not get to him, especially under such dire conditions with the hag and harpies so near.

Gorgo and her daughter Medea pulled, nearly out of sight, to the four-columned archway, where Haetanga hovered nearby, 20’ off the ground. Mittens became invisible and regarded the combat as the combatants shifted sides; Father Pyrlig dropped a sleet storm upon the left side of the plaza, all the harpies fled out of the cold and the poor visibility that the spell had created. Damiano, healed up, moved straight across the plaza, flying up to the four-columned archway to engage the harpies there. Medea flew up to close in upon him and Paeta returned to flank the Captain. Little did Paeta realize, that Mittens, still invisible, was directly behind the phase spider.

Father Pyrlig seeing the Captain engaged by so many, took the opportunity to streak across the plaza – harpies took shots at him with their bows, but fired wide.

Mittens felt the power of Haetanga, but was able to rebuff the feeblemind spell that was cast upon her. Haetanga then focused her attention on Damiano, his will softened as she cast evil eye upon him. His Ring of Delayed Doom reduced the effect but he could sense that there was still some ill omen upon him.

And the battle continues…


[end of session 92]
{Day 244}



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