Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 93

December 27th, 2016

Paeta, grievously wounded, disappeared again. The harpies changed their tactics. Unable to shoot effectively through the various wind walls across the plaza, they took flight, dropping their bows and drew massive morning stars from their belts – five harpies landed about the Nico, his summoned lillend and Temujin. Father Pyrlig, midway across the plaza was braced by another pair of harpies.

Damiano and the invisible Mittens were engaged with the remaining harpies atop the four-columned arches. The harpies hopped about attempting to strike out at Damiano, while Gorgo attempted to weaken him with her own spells.

Nico luckily, and repeatedly, summoned more backups to help defend against the harpies’ attacks. After concerted efforts the lillend was laid low but new defenders helped keep the harpies off balance. The party’s spellcasters kept an eye out for the companions across the plaza – Temujin continually dazing the harpies upon the columns – reducing the attackers upon Damiano. Mittens swapped opponents between the immediate harpies on himself and Damiano and supporting Father Pyrlig who was still facing off against his own pair of harpy combatants.

Gorgo repeatedly eyed Damiano but his will was strong, and when it wasn’t he drew on the power of his ring of delayed doom to keep on fighting. Frustrated Gorgo flew up to Damiano and struck at him with her own falchion. Her body was rippled with muscle, enhanced by the power of her goddess as she lashed out at the Captain. Mittens attempted to soften up Haetanga, but she was immune to many magical attacks.

Nico and his summoned bralani started turning the tide against the harpies – and they kept dying but fought on viciously. Temujin continued to pepper the harpies at the far end of the plaza with spells or his arrows to help clear the ranks. Father Pyrlig, having slain one harpy turned about and focused on his remaining opponent.

Damiano slew Gorgo, and with Mittens’ help, her daughter Medea was quickly slain – the last living harpy fled the plaza, taking flight. Nico gave word to have his harpies chase her down and bring her back alive.

Damiano and Mittens engaged Haetanga, who turned into a sphere of fire – and then exploded singing Mittens, before the hag fell to the ground – the duo followed up as Haetanga transformed back to her humanoid form and slew her – her body burning rapidly and settled as a small pile of ash upon the ground.

Day 244 6:10PM The bralani returned with the harpy captive, bound but alive. The party searched around the columns but saw no sign of Dwag’s body. Mittens and Temujin detected more conjuration magic here – they found a magical phase door existed under the columns and were able to discern the key and open the door, but the caverns below were no more inviting. They were at an intersection of low tunnels dug out of the mud. Rocks and tree roots protruded through the walls and ceiling of the tunnel and there was three inches of still water on the floor. No sense of tracks could be determined. Nico sent three bralani into three of the four tunnels to investigate and report back.

The party formed up at the columns and rooted through the belongings of the harpies. Waiting, Mittens investigated the small heartstone that sat on the stone tableau across the top of the well. The well itself radiated an abjuration magic. Mittens had the party ready, and picked up the stone – there was a rushing of water racing to the top of the well, forming up into the form of a large, beautiful, blue-green skinned humanoid. She introduced herself as Vaillea, a marid, and that she had been trapped in the well by Haetanga for many years. She was most grateful for her release and would gladly aid the party if she could. She did admit she hated this accursed realm and sought to leave. She would not join the party in the cave complex below the columns – deeper into the crossroads she would not go. If the party found their friend, she would certainly use her power to raise him.


Still waiting for the return of the bralani, the party figured that they would rest up before heading into the caves, no matter what details were reported back to them. They prepared to settle in – Nico approached the columns and through a sack over the decorated skull – to find that it vanished as the sack covered it and settled down upon the stone. As the party wondered what just happened, a strangely decorated man stepped out from behind the columns, smiling, at the party.


[end of session 93]
{Day 244}



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