Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 94

January 3rd, 2017

Day 244 6:30PM The painted man stepped out from behind the columns holding a pottery jug, with a snake coiled around his shoulders. He greeted the party with a smile and took a casual pull from his jug. He greeted them – and introduced himself as Papa Legba. Temujin and Mittens recognized that ‘Papa Legba’ was the benign aspect of Kalfu, or Carrefour. The party stated that they were simply passing through once their business was concluded. The party stated that they came for Lawrence D’Coco and their fallen comrade, Dwag. Papa Legba implied that it was best if we all stay cordial and business-like, and that he would allow Lawrence, who belongs to him, to leave in trade for the hearthstone – that belonged to Haetanga. Papa Legba eyed the ash pile that was his former apprentice, his expression was without remorse or malice. For Dwag’s body, he wanted his stones, the Stones of Ghola-Hamu left intact. He agreed that none of his servants would attack or conspire against the party as long as Captain Damiano would be responsible for his officers and crew in that none would desecrate or damage his circle. Pushed by the party, he added that others that may pass through his realm to Dread Cat Isle, he would inform the party of their passing. With the deal settled, a shadowy animate dream appeared bearing the corpse of Dwag. Papa Legba bid the party adieu and added that they would not be molested on their return hike to the stone circle where they entered this strange realm.

Vailea, the marid, did as she promised and raised Dwag from the dead. Dwag, alive, but pained by the experience, staggered to his feet. Father Pyrlig healed Dwag and Lawrence. The party extended an offer to Vailea should she ever visit the plane of Golarion, to visit them on Dread Cat Isle. After a long imprisonment, Vailea wanted to head home to the plane of water but if she ever found herself in Golarion she would visit the party. Vailea dissipated with a roar and a splash. The party gathered themselves and prepared to teleport back to the stone circle – however in the thick of the fog, the lack of distinct landmarks, Nico couldn’t quite remember enough features to safely teleport the party back. The party agreed to march back to the stone circle.

As the party marched, they could sense that they were being watched – creatures shadowed at the periphary of their site but the party was left alone. As they marched, Damiano talked to his father, who appeared familiar physically, but not as he remembered. But his father remembered many experienced they had in common, especially of the sinking of their ship of the tip of West Fang. Mittens was introduced as Lawrence’s son of another mother.


Day 245 2AM Captain Damiano slaughtered the hog-tied harpy they had captured and the portal opened. After a long day of slogging through mud and marsh they exited out into the stone circle on Dread Cat Isle. Glaive sat on the stones. Greeting the party, he added that Captain Bela Hawkeye of the Andoran had arrived this afternoon. They were curious to the party’s endeavors and was more than happy to wait around and see how the party’s men made out upon the island. After a short march they came upon a makeshift camp upon the beach – where the work crews were living to support the renovations on the docks. Sails were setup as large tented pavilion to provide food and shelter for the various teams. The Captain and party made way to a waiting jolly boat and set off to the Splash.

Day 245 Noon The party rested and washed up eyed all the activity that was taking place around them. Captain Damiano was approached by Yacine, who stated that she didn’t want to stay on much longer but would prefer to take up residence on the island. Damiano understood – but Mittens and Temujin piped up – adding that perhaps Yacine would stay on as their castellan, overseeing the island’s care. After giving it some consideration, Yacine agreed, as long as the overall goal was to eventually restore the Chelish Fort she would prefer to make that her residence when it was ready – the party agreed.

Maynu and some other sailors mentioned that there was a bridge between the eastern tower and Sumitha. When they were reviewing it’s status this bridge was quite impressive, with four massive cyclops statues, one standing at each corner. Three of the four statues still had the great red gems intact in their eye sockets.


The party sent word to the Andoran and invited Captain Hawkeye and her mage aboard the Splash. They were introduced to her company mage, Jonny Tom, a well-dressed, well-spoken Mwangi male.


Jonny Tom was more than happy to help them out, just lead the way. The party had Sandara sail the Splash out to the Black Purrl’s resting place in the shallows near the mangroves. Mittens and Nico worked out a fair price and paid Jonny Tom, who was most pleased – and he set about the casting. With bubbles rising to the surface and Jonny Tom knew that his spell was working, the Splash withdrew and a few hours later the Black Purrl broke the surface and floated upon the waves again! The Splash sidled up and transferred crew to start swabbing down and re-rigging the ship. Again, Captain Hawkeye stated that they were in no hurry since Drenchport was so near and offered to stay near just for the curiosity and entertainment value.

Jonny Tom mentioned to Mittens that the Mystic Redoubt would have a cost to entry. A sum of coin between 3-5,000 GPs or a unique magic item would work too. There was a trio of librarian mages who maintained the Redoubt for Lord Bonefist and the Pirate council. They were a dour bunch: Janus White, Torren LeGrand andHelene Zugmoy.

Day 246 6AM Knowing the timeframe looming towards them, the party made plans to purchase the supplies and manpower. They arranged with the Andoran, to head to Quent and safely return to Dread Cat Isle while the party proceeded onward to Port Peril. The plan was that when the Andoran arrived at Dread Cat Isle, the Splash, Lehigh and Black Purrl could sail onward – the Andoran would provide a measure of protection at Dread Cat Isle. While the party set their plans in motion, Mittens took time to study with Glaive. Temujin divined into the nature of Lawrence D’Coco being among them – was it part of some plan, or coincidence. His divinations told Temujin that Lawrence was here, as part of a plan, that was currently unknown!

The party kept Sandara and Knuckles aware of the possible return of the cyclops raiding party. Also, that there could be possible visitors, or no-shows, as reported by Otheos and Zora, of the ship, the Jester’s Grin, a corvette overdue from the Rampore Isles. The party did decide to return the items to Otheos, Zora and Ben Bo and release them to Quent.

Day 247-249 The party teleported to Quent, with Nico running point liquidating excess treasure, he also wheeled and dealed to get the best deal on timber, building supplies, tools, food and other sundries to support the burgeoning growth of Dread Cat Isle.

[end of session 94]
{Day 244-249}



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