Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 95

January 10th 2017

John/Dwag was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 247-249 The party teleported to Quent, with Nico running point liquidating excess treasure. Nico also wheeled and dealed to get the best deal on timber, building supplies, tools, food and other sundries to support the burgeoning growth of Dread Cat Isle. The Andoran set sail for Quent to load up bodies and supplies and return them back to Dread Cat Isle. The party hit up Captain Runescar with the Sargavan Exports guild – requesting a new set of shipping manifests. Put upon he would see what he could do – he told the party to check in with his sister Nessa, at the tavern, Flotsam & Jetsam, in a few days for the reports.

Day 250 The party teleported to Port Peril as Nico continued to liquidate the party’s excess magical treasure across multiple vendors. While in Quent, the party had no problems clearing taverns and gambling halls for folk looking for work, they found that in Port Peril the city was dry of excess manpower. Two frigates had come in and hired every able body who didn’t have anything better to do. After some talking with folk, the party learned that these two frigates, The Ivoryman (captain by a Mr. Fince) and the Hawk (captained by a Ms. Lenora) may be in league with the infamous Eldred Seabreaker who had just taken up on the two central shipping lanes in the northern Shackles – much to many merchant’s chagrin. Nico spread a little coin about and the party was able to entice sailing folk that they offered better jobs, and to be waiting at the pier when their three ships arrive in a few days.

The party took a ferry across the harbor and paid a visit to the Mystic Redoubt. They were greeted by one of the three librarians, Janus White, a cool customer who was quite businesslike. The party agreed to terms and paid the fee – they were shown into the library and made aware of its resources. Janus White introduced Mittens to a half elven, tiannese Free Captain, Chan Ai-Huao. Chan had a junk called the Minkai’s Grace and was one of three rulers over the Shenchu Isles. Chan agreed to tutor Mittens and was curious in her own right of this sub-officer for Captain Damiano.

Janus White pointed Nico towards the Sunken Plaza, to a crafter named Soren the Maker, who could teach Nico a thing or two about magical crafting.

Father Pyrlig paid a visit to the Sea Wrack Chapel of Gozreh. He was able to entice a fellow priest, named Korr Headland and a novitiate, named Ben Horngold, to join the party and return with them to Dread Cat Isle.

Captain Damiano trained with a fellow Free Captain, Little Ricky of Saravent, on how to be a good and trusted leader, or at the least, respected and/or feared!

Day 255 Glaive arrived one morning with some dire news. A fire was set on the sail-tent camp on the beach. The docks were hit too but didn’t suffer too much damage. But they lost over 20 crew in the blaze and many survivors are still quite wounded. Progress has slowed obviously. Glaive added that that wasn’t all the news. The two sailors in the eastern watch towers had their throats slit. The brute and loot squads have been busy protecting sailors between Sumitha and the eastern harbor, they can’t be everywhere. Not only that, three sailors are unaccounted for. The sub-officer, tengu, Tahpio, is missing. Along with two sailors, Chyros and Messias. Glaive returned to Dread Cat Isle. The party returned to the Mystic Redoubt, and made use of the garden pool behind the library – Temujin successfully scryed for Tahpio and picked him up, along with the two missing sailors, aboard a sloop, The Albatross. The party had encountered the Albatross during the Regatta, it was captained by an unpleasant woman, the Free Captain Tawny Gorn. Temujin also noted the presence of a cyclops upon the main deck – one he had not seen before!

Day 260 Nico returned to Quent and picked up the {click here ==>} manifest from Nessa – she stated that her brother couldn’t do this anymore, after this delivery, he couldn’t take anymore chances. While there were many good options, many merchants carrying valuable supplies, all that could be used at Dread Cat Isle. The party also knew that they would need to be wary for Free Captain Eldred Seabreaker, of the galleon, the Stormcrow. One thing the party noted that was peculiar, was the delivery of ballast, in a sloop, which was too small of a ship to transport much volume of sand or gravel to a port to return a decent profit. The party paid a visit to the Sargavan Export office to Captain Runescar and questioned who the buyer might be? And was there something else loaded upon that ship of greater value? Captain Runescar hemmed and hawed and only added that he knew nothing other than the listed contents, but that the buyer was a mage, called Amonkira. This Amonkira was supposedly in league with the legendary lich of the Shackles, Raugsmauda – the very same who transformed Lord Bonefist’s hand.

Day 262 While the party trained, they took the occasional leave at the tavern, the Cup & Scudder. One night they were greeted by a long lost, former, companion, Peppery Longfarthing, Free Captain of the Sea Snake. Peppery voiced her concerns to the party – the conversation danced around Captain Harrigan’s involvement with his infernal allies. At the end of the conversation, Peppery shared that if she thought she could get away with her crew and her ship, maybe she would join the party at Dread Cat Isle. She needed to be careful to see if any of her officers were truly loyal to her, or to Harrigan. As she departed, Captain Damiano looked about the room – he saw that the party, and Peppery, were being watched by a nordic pirate.

The party made its way over to the fellow – as they did so, a waitress brought enough food and drink for all. The blond fellow was friendly and greeted the party warmly, helping himself to a haunch of meat and fresh drink. He introduced himself as Karl Magnus, and he was an envoy for their former ship captain, that had hired the party right here in Port Peril. His offer to the party was to trade Tidewater Rock and the surrounding islands for Dread Cat Isle. Karl also added that a fine amount of coin could be paid to the party as well. After some bandying about, Karl stated that they could be paid up to 250,000 GPs in addition to the trade! But the party stated that they would need to think about it and they said their good nights and departed.

Day 264 At the Cup and Scudder, the party saw a familiar face – Myrasep, the Thuvian woman that they rescued at sea. She was expensively dressed and attended by many servants and bodyguards. Captain Damiano led the party to her VIP section of the bar. Myrasep greeted them warmly and clarified he role in the Shackles. She was the gold master for the Aspis Consortium in the Shackles – the party realized that she held a very high ranking in the guild. Myrasep told the tale of her rescue to her courtiers and added how she was treated with utmost respect. Captain Damiano invited her to Dread Cat Isle – which she accepted – she hoped that she could find time in the near future to see how the Captain and his officers were making out at Dread Cat Isle. Myrasep provided a dagger to Temujin to aid him in finding and communicating with each other.

Day 269 The Black Purrl, The Splash and the Lehigh arrived safely at Port Peril. Immediately the ships were pulled up and loading of supplies and crew began. The party had completed their training, research, and had bundles of supplies waiting dockside to keep them going for the weeks ahead. What to do now while their ships were being loaded?

The party conferred – they were surely interested in a bit of pirating. Anything they gain, they would need to take a captured ship as prize since their own three ships would be fully loaded. Something needed to be done about Tahpio and the Albatross, whose captain, it appeared, was in collusion with Captain Harrigan. The party geared up, and making their way to the garden behind the Mystic Redoubt, Temujin prepared to scry on Chyros or Messias. It was time for a little visit!

[end of session 95]
{Day 249-269}



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