Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 98

January 31st 2017

Day 303 The Council Envoy arrived in the southern harbor. {click here ==>} Lord Avimar Sorrinash sailed in aboard his ship, the Blood Moon. {click here ==>} Lady Cerise Bloodmourn arrived on her ship, Come What May. And lastly, {click here ==>} Lord Mase Darimar arrived on his ship, the Wavecrest. As the trio and their officers made their way to shore, the party greeted them at the beach. Avimar had a stink in his nose at the very start, eyeing the lack of work done to reinforce the Chelish fort. He had noted the gift from Rampore – the large harbor cannon on the temporary mount. But he felt the fort’s condition was lackluster. The party gave a quick tour of the fort, where Avimar questioned Temujin’s about their possible defense options, i.e., logical sense to put the cannons on higher ground. He also asked for a demonstration. At Avimar’s signal, one of his officers fired a flare. The Blood started crossing the harbor with a jolly boat in tow. "Sink the jolly boat, but leave my ship intact,” Avimar ordered. Nico summoned a brace of elementals that quickly crossed the harbor and trashed the jolly boat. Avimar seemed disappointed by the display – no guns, no attack. However, Mase Darimar gave a subtle nod of approval at Nico’s unique take on defending the harbor.

At that, the party moved on, taking a carriage ride to the escarpment stair, and along the great road to Sumitha. As the festivities commenced, the various pirate lords and their officers took in the food, drink and remarked at the unusual nature of Sumitha – but agreed it made for a grand spectacle. But Lady Cerise wanted more entertainment. "Tell me a story or song that would extoll your deeds?” Nico told the tale, of the epic taking of Sumitha against the cyclops. Mittens and Captain Damiano then sang the “Ode to Dwag” and his misadventures. Both tale and song were well received.

Lady Cerise was pleased, but yet wanted more. She beckoned to Captain Damiano as she pulled out her blade. “Spar with me and show me what you can do, Captain.” Damiano agreed and fenced politely with Lady Cerise – each nipping at the other – making just a scratch and letting a bit of blood. But both were aware of each other’s skill. After a few moments, where it appeared that Damiano could have made a fatal score – Lady Cerise ‘surrendered’ and applauded him for being a good sport.

While Damiano talked with Lady Cerise, Kroops scooted out to Mittens and Temujin, informing them that there was a ‘slight’ rat problem in the kitchens. Pyrlig joined Mittens and Temujin to find a swarm of rats throughout the kitchen. Quickly, and quietly, Pyrlig channeled his lord’s power and slew the rats before they made too much of a mess of things. Dwag checked around, but could not tell what may have drawn the rats out through the cracks in the walls at this point in time. Granted there was a lot of food about, but something seemed amiss.

Mase Darimar sidled up to Nico, to further discuss the party’s routes through the Shackles. Where had they been? What dangerous currents or storms had they encountered. While Mase enjoyed the discussion, he felt that more attention need to be paid to seamanship skills.

Mittens and Temujin noted that Kroops was looking a bit green at the gills. He had just had the little weiner hors d’oeuvres and slugged down some rum. While his belly was rolling a bit, a little more rum would surely help! Temujin looked about, trying to detect for poison, but the food appeared clean. As he turned about he saw magical highlights around Kroops’ mouth. He realized that there was poison about, but it was a two-stage poison that combined on his mouth and hands. Temujin delayed the poison and the party made efforts to scoop up the risky food and drink and replace it subtly. Scanning about, Temujin noted that Delemona Burie from Lillywhite also had the poison upon her. Temujin made casual conversation and was able to casually remove the poison from her without raising too much alarm.

Mittens searched for invisible creatures. Among the many halfling servants, one stood out, peeling away from the group invisibly. This individual soon took off into the air. Mittens followed suit. Stealthily Mittens followed the male halfling, who stopped off in the woods, briefly, while flying south. The halfling replenished his spells and flew down to the southern harbor, where he then became translucent and slipped into the water. Mittens teleported back to Sumitha to report what he had seen to the party.

The party was in full swing, maybe too much so. Lord Avimar was deep in his cups and was propositioning all the young ladies to dance, among other things. None were seduced by his thrust dance moves. Before things went too far, Temujin ensorcelled the pirate lord, who fell into a slumber. His officers accustomed to the habits of their master swooped him up off the ground and took him off for a rest.

The party, settling back into the party again, heard a boom. A few of their fellows heard it too. A couple of the pirate lords savvy in magic, disappeared to go investigate. Temujin teleported Dwag and Nico down to the southern harbor while the rest of the party stayed back at Sumitha. They found the Blood Moon in flames! Nico sent a squad of elementals to race across the harbor and assist the crew in squelching the flames aboard their ship. There was a second explosion, aboard the Wavecrest. Dwag leaped into the ocean and swam quickly toward Lord Darimar’s ship. Temujin flew out over the water and looked about – he spied movement to his left, aboard Lady Cerise’s ship, Come What May. Temujin gave the signal and Dwag turned about making for the Come What May, While Nico sent more elementals to help put out the fire on the Wavecrest. Dwag closing in on the Come What May saw a halfling climbing up the side of the hull – a large package stuck to the side of the ship just above the water line. Dwag leaped out of the water and brutally slashed the halfling, who dropped a grenade down at Dwag – who deftly avoided it. The halting scampered out of Dwag’s reach – but not out of Temujin’s who rained lightning down upon the halfling. The villain scrambled to the deck and raced across, sucking down a healing potion as he ran. Dwag pulled off the sticky package off the side of the ship, only to find it was now stuck to him! Dwag let himself sink into the waters, wrestling with the sticky bomb he pulled it free and he kicked back to the surface – Dwag felt the explosion bubble and roil the waters beneath him as the bomb exploded. Temujin didn’t let the halfling get out of his sight, as Nico’s squad of elementals arrived to put the halfling down.

The remainder of the party proceeded into the early morning before the lords and ladies took their leave to sleep at quarters prepared for them at Sumitha, or return to their own ships.

Day 304 The next morning, the party attempted to speak with the dead – this corpse, once called The Eel, or rather, Myskur Marquardt. Resisted at first, but subsequent castings they were able to glean more information about his past, specifically about his relationship with Barnabus Harrigan!

Myskur Marquardt, or the Eel, as he is known was a slave to the House of Thrune, in Cheliax. He fled Westcrown (city in Cheliax) after murdering his master. The Eel connected with Barnabus Harrigan and worked on the Wormwood for five years as an alchemist and healer…and a killer. After five years, he took his leave, cordially, from the Wormwood and studied Norgerber on Bag Island. The Eel looked to get out of the Shackles, and wanted to go to the Isle of Kortos. Myskur reconnected with Harrigan and struck a deal that if the Eel could discredit the party, then Harrigan would sail him to the Isle of Kortos.

The party met up with the Council Envoy, to find that minus a bit of fire damage to the Blood Moon and the Wavecrest, that they had passed the trials in securing the Dread Cat Isle and would now not only have a seat on the council, but that they would be able to vote too! And with that, the trio added, the first council meeting would convene in one month at Fort Hazard, in Port Peril. The party were given some gifts for their good efforts and the council departed.

However, many of the pirate lord invitees had spent some time sailing here, and were not so eager to leave before having further conversation with the lords of Dread Cat Isle.

[end of session 98]
{Day 275-304}



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