Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 99

February 6th 2017

Day 304 The party woke late to find some pirate lords had left on the morning tide – but many others were quietly talking at the southern shore, attempting to cure their hangovers with more rum and roasted pork. As the party took in the scene, their headaches and weariness comforted by their success the night before in clinching a voting seat upon the pirate council – a large galleon (Grand Sargavan) and two frigates (Andoran Patriot and The Falcon) sailed slowly into the southern harbor sailing ensigns of the Aspis Consortium.

A sizable retinue of officers, secretaries and other sycophants disembarked with Lady Myrasep – the gold officer of the Aspis Consortium – the highest ranking guild officer in the Shackles. Myrasep greeted the party warmly and apologized for her lateness and inability to arrive last night for the feast. Myrasep’s arrival was surely noted by the pirate lords spread across the beach – an agent of the Aspis Consortium making a personal visit at such an undeveloped backwater such as D.C.I.! After a tour, Myrasep’s entourage fanned out over the island to appraise it further.

The party caught up to Arronax Endymion and Master of the Gales, talking together. Lord Endymion eyed the party as they approached. Neither had met before and but greeted each other civilly. Lord Endymion stated that besides their success at the Regatta and attaining membership at the council, he had heard word of them, or written of them. His agents found a corpse of a female elf in Hell Harbor, named Eando Klyne. A Pathfinder. There were notes about her tracking down two Nidalese men, Lon Ezeel and Nisroch, for the party. Both men warned the party to make sure to reinforce their island as time and money exists. The party had won themselves a good port, and as the party already indicated, they may surely being eyed by Captain Harrigan and the Chelish.


The party ventured on and catch up to a number of their comrades from the southern Shackles (Captain Van Marin, Tavion Axmis, Captain Pegsworthy and Tarys Yorl). The party shared their concerns with their fellow pirate captains. Captain Van Marin took his eldest son aside, and when Christian Marin rejoined the conversation, he shared that his father had released him from the Destiny, and granted him the brig, The Free Wind. Now free booter Captain, Christian Marin, would bring his ship to D.C.I. to help the party as he could and to keep in regular contact with the Destiny, which would return to the southern Shackles. Captain Pegsworthy added that he would be available to help too. But at this time, D.C.I. wasn’t built up enough to host his ships and he really knew the southern pirates lanes to make a profit – but he would be available to help should he hear from the party. The congregation all provided pieces of their vessels to Nico and Father Pyrlig so they could tracked in the future, if necessary.

Myrasep rejoined the party and asked if she could establish a guild on D.C.I. The party agreed. The relationship could be beneficial for both parties. She added that she would leave bronze guild officer, Hollis Wood here as a deputy as well as the frigate, the Andoran Patriot.

Day 305 The party considered their time ahead of them. They had been on island for just over a month planning for the feast. They had a month before they were able to vote on the pirate council at Port Peril. They had time – what to do, what to do? They considered gathering more concrete evidence either Harrigan or of a possible Chelish invasion. With Haddon Pike’s details, as well as the dwarven survivor, Varren Skipjack, they felt that they could find the Chelish fortress, Senara, or the prison camp, Coiba. First, they decided they would try to increase their prestige, especially among the pirate lords of the council, by sizing up and taking the mysterious Black Tower.

The party began talking to the various pirate lords and their underlings to gather information about the mysterious legend of Aiger’s Kiss, which currently dominates the curiosity and imaginations of the Free Captains of the Shackles. It’s been 25 years since infamous pirate Captain Tevenida Aiger (known in the legends to have been a powerful cleric of Norgorber) led a raid on the Isle of the Black Tower and its foul mistress, the Shrouded Queen, whose mastery over ocean currents and strange monsters had rendered the nearby sea lanes dangerous for any pirates seeking a shortcut into the lucrative shipping lanes. Captain Aiger lost her sword, her ship, and her life in that raid, but the Shrouded Queen was defeated and the sea lanes around her isle opened again. Yet while the Shrouded Queen no longer menaced the surrounding seas, something remained active within her Black Tower, for all attempts to retrieve Aiger’s Kiss have failed. With this year being the silver anniversary of the Shrouded Queen’s defeat and the loss of Captain Aiger’s magical sword, the tale seems to be on everyone’s lips. The short sword, Aiger’s Kiss is said to have been a particularly potent weapon against outsiders.

Day 306 The party prepped the carrack, The Captain’s Lady, with a skeleton crew of sailors with very similar names (Redshirt #1, Redshirt #2, etc) and Mittens summoned spiritual sailors to help man the ship. At dawn the party and their minimal crew left on the morning tide, sailing southwest across deep water towards the Black Tower.

With the success of the feast settled and the Captain and his crew back on the sea – they eagerly set a course out of sight of any land, straight towards their objective. Varren Skipjack helped plot the course and helm and seemed a skilled choice to join the party. The party was relaxed, spread across the main deck.

Day 306 6PM As the sun started to set, the water around the ship started to roll violently. The ship came to a sudden stop with the party and human sailors sliding across the deck. As the party started peering about, the ship rocking back and forth, they looked to see what held them fast – for they were aware of magics that could do this – but they saw nothing and no one about! Mittens and Nico gave immediate word to send their human and spirit sailors below decks. The main deck erupted with a massive geyser blasting through the spirit sailors and Nico was launched into the air – and with his own magics, settled gently into the crow’s nest with Damiano and Dwag.

As the party prepped themselves for any impending danger, they continued to look about – to see a massive beast crest the waves. Monstrous shark heads and tentacles snapped and whipped about through the rolling waves. Both the party and their ship were in danger from such a beast!


[end of session 99]
{Day 304-306}



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