Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2017

Session 141
December 12th 2017

Day 334 6AM

[end of session 141]
{Day 334}

Session 140
December 5th 2017

Day 334 3 AM As the sloop, the Scud Cloud, departed Drenchport, the party took some rest in the officer’s quarters – after casting some protective magics over the ship. Father Pyrlig and Ray Lan restored their drained levels from the battle at the opera house, but Mittens and Temujin were still suffering from the strength drain. The party fell asleep to the sounds of the wind and rain from an oncoming storm front.

Day 334 6AM Temujin was stirring in his hammock and noted that the ship was slowing – there was activity, footsteps, on the main deck above – something was up! Temujin woke the party and they joined Captain Harari on the main deck. The captain pointed out, through the rain and fog, deeper in the inlet beyond – a ship made of glass and steel.


The sight of which sent a quiver of covetousness among the party. The party could also hear activity, digging, at shore, out of their sight, in the fog. The party decided to close upon the ship first. Temujin and Damiano made out a form on the main deck of the ship, a large steel clanking humanoid – a construct. It’s right arm was a cannon. The party took a few moments to buff, should diplomacy fail to win the day.

Mittens D’Doored the party to the ship. The cannon-wielding construct pivoted about, lowering the cannon, the wick igniting. A another large construct was lowering chests into the hold – moving about with short bursts from its jump jets. Beyond the hold, another construct seemed quite different, like a golem. It’s design not like the others. It had artistic motifs that drew on Katapeshi styles. A human sized construct hovered slowly to the party. They asked if its master or captain was here. The slight construct moved away and dropped into the hold. A few moments later the slight construct returned. Behind it, a pile of reddish black sand oozed up out of the hold, over the lip of the steel deck and coalesced into a rough female form. This form stated that it was the captain of this ship and it’s master was Sidonis. The party reined indignation that Sidonis and his servants would pillage treasure from the Shackles. The Captain didn’t respond at all, but briefly commented that it’s former master, Free Captain Autolycus no longer needed the treasure. The party queried if they could talk to Sidonis – the answer was no, she was not in contact and could not be for some time. With receiving that answer, the party attacked!

Damiano engaged the captain, slicing into her. Temujin attempted to trap her in a wall of stone but she dodged it and dropped into the hold. The Cannon Golem turned on Damiano and fired away – both shots went wide, but Damiano heard cannon balls rolling inside the construct as the barrel was primed and ready to take another shot! Nico summoned a diplodocus which punted the Katapeshi golem off the deck into the sea. The flyer construct moved away from the ship and started firing at the diplodocus with lasers and rockets. As Nico evolved the diplodocus to grant it wings, it closed on the flyer grappling it. The flyer extended two tendrils from it’s face, and whipped at the diplodocus, as a second flyer from shore closed in and shot at the dinosaur with it’s lasers.

Ray Lan sliced at the ooze/captain, until she rolled into the hold and then turned it’s attention upon the cannon golem. The latter focused on Captain Damiano, firing and missing, and then firing true striking Damiano grievously right in the chest – that’s gonna make a mark! Luckily Father Pyrlig was able to quickly heal that damage. The slight construct moved off the deck, getting attacked from Temujin and then Mittens closed on it. The duo slew it and it fell, plopping into the sea.

The ship’s hold door slammed shut and water rippled around the vessel as it started to descend. The party focused on the cannon golem. Ray Lan lunged at it, ripping apart it’s protective plates and pistons for massive damage – the party polished it off and closed on Nico’s position. Nico D’Doored the party into the hold below, while his diplodocus continued to duke it out with the two flyers.

In the hold, the party joined the festivities in session – waiting for them was a huge monstrosity – This massive headless wood-and-metal giant wields a scythe, a wicked spiked wrecking ball, an immense pick, and a huge crossbow.


Next to it was a large golden golem. Chests were in the chamber and on each side of the room were large double doors. The massive construct slashed away at Damiano, while saving its wrecking ball for Nico – whose protective magics saved him from a nasty hit to the head. As Mittens turned on the beast, a pool of reddish black sand coalesced behind him, the Captain! Her arm was a pointed blade and she stabbed Mittens from surprise. Nico summoned a deva to stay between himself and the ooze/captain. The party ganged up on the ooze/captain and the massive construct for a few moments but there were no winners or losers yet. The ship continued to slowly descend as the fight raged on.

[end of session 140]
{Day 334}

Session 139
November 28th 2017

Ahoy! There be good pictures here!

Day 334 12:30 AM The party faced off against Tanith, stating that they were taking Lady Camilla out, for her safety. Tanith protested stating that we were all friends here. At that point, a tux-wearing gentleman showed up behind the party, on stage, “What’s this? What’s this? There is no need for any excitement here.” The party pointed out Tanith’s infernal appearance and he appeared to be taken aback. Temujin pressed the well dressed fellow, named Boris Yvain, who was the owner of the theatre, that some of the more subtle decorations didn’t just celebrate Besmara, but the King in Yellow. Boris was unable to play naive…Damiano moved up and slashed at Tanith…and the fight was on!

Actors, backstage crew screamed and went running. Ray Lan ran at Boris and sliced him up good – as Ray ran past the large ugly, Mr. Lorrie he noted the latter’s transformation into a lanky, winged beastly humanoid.


Lady Camilla panicked and ran down the back stair with her fellow actors. Damiano continued to focus on Tanith – for a moment, as she gazed at him, dominating his mind. Mittens savaged Tanith with his magic – so Tanith demanded that Damiano protect her from him.

Behind Mittens, Isabelle appeared as a young maiden, however she pulled a scimitar out and proceeded to slice Mittens up with her scimitar and claws! She gripped at Mittens pulling him close – as her guise dropped she was a horned beast with four arms and her body was covered in tiny maws. As Isabelle gripped Mittens the tiny mouths gnawed at his flesh.


Boris, displeased at Ray Lan’s attack, backpedaled and looked up into the rafters – he gave a sign. A glass globe dropped, smashing on the main stage. From the glass shards a green gas coalesced into eyes and tendrils – the party seeing this otherworldly oddity among them didn’t panic, didn’t lose their shit – they fought on resolutely. As Ray pressed the attack on Boris, the beast, called a vespergaunt slammed away at him – each strike attempting to draw out a bit of his life force.


Nico summoned a leonel, it’s holy aura helped protect the party, but despite that, Damiano continued to be compromised. The leonel protected Nico and attacked Tanith.

After Isabelle’s savaging of Mittens, Sandara moved up and healed a lot of Mitten’s pain. Ray, sandwiched between Boris, the vespergaunt and Mr Lorrie (now transformed into a Leng hound), was taking a beating – he withdrew down a side hall to get a little healing from Father Pyrlig – who also shared some channeled pain with the Leng hound, vespergaunt and Boris. Boris attempted to ‘slay’ Pyrlig but was foiled. He attempted to then disintegrate Father Pyrlig – again foiled by Temujin. Temujin was able to dispel Damiano’s domination and he turned about to attack Tanith once again.

Tanith, not liking being the attention of Damiano and the leonel, successfully teleported across the stage behind Boris. The leonel moved up to cover Mittens from Isabelle’s attacks. Isabelle turned on Temujin, slicing away at him and pulling him close for her tiny maws to grab and bite and suck Temujin’s strength away. Mittens cast a chain lightning: Mr. Lorrie, the Leng hound exploded, Boris didn’t appear to be feeling too well either. Tanith was tottering.

Nico’s leonel focused on Isabelle, the party pressed and slew Boris, the vespergaunt struck Pyrlig, siphoning away his life force. As it was slain by the party, the vespergaunt faded away into the air, disincorporating. Tanith was knocked unconscious and Isabelle was slain, she in turn grappled by the leonel and the party ganged up on her, and finished her off.

Party quickly searched the theatre. Damiano and Temujin went up into the rafters looking for the confederate who had dropped the vespergaunt globe at Boris’ command – but with the ensuing combat and time, whomever was responsible had made their escape. Mittens and Pyrlig were able to find the frightened Lady Camilla hiding in a ward robe and bring her back to the stage. Ray, Nico and Sandara searched the corpses and Boris’ stage office. Moving quickly they pushed papers and books into Nico’s bag.

The party decided that there was no good to have an unconscious lilitu demon with them – they slew it.

Day 334 1:30 AM The party left the vacated theatre and made for the wharf, where Lady Camilla directed them. Without question, Bonefist’s men, took Lady Camilla from the party and on a small cutter, delivered her over to Fort Hazard.

The party teleported to Drenchport. In a soft drizzle, they walked to the piers to find the Scud Cloud – the sloop that the Master of the Gales left at their disposal. The party introduced themselves to the 1st mate on duty, Christopher Pike. He woke the captain, Peter Harari – a Mwangi. The party informed them that they wanted to depart at once! The second mate, a half-elf female, named Alora Sylvain informed the party that they had the officer’s quarters to themselves. Mase Darimar was on board as well, sharing the captain’s quarters with Mr. Harari.

The word was given and the crew sprang to their stations and prepared to depart from Drenchport.

Day 334 3 AM The Scud Cloud pulled free of Drenchport harbor and turned northwest towards the Bhudrek Atoll – the intent was to hug the northern coastline of Tempest Cay and keep a lookout for the oncoming Chelish armada. In the meantime, the party settled into the officer’s quarters, hoping to get a little rest.


[end of session 139]
{Day 334}

Session 138
November 20th 2017

Day 333 11 AM The party along with the Master of the Gales, Mase Darimar, Arronax Endymion, Tessa Fairwind and Harlan Vance, returned to the Black Purrl to discuss their plans. While there, Temujin took the time to divine the location of Admiral Druvalia Thrune – she was aboard her flagship, Abrogail’s Fury, a massive four masted war ship. Her fleet appeared to be in the cone of the Bhudrek Atoll where it opens to the sea – a number of ships were sunk nearby, while others sailed away east. Temujin recognized some of the sinking ships belonging to Harrigan’s fleet. Temujin also divined where might the initial Chelish attack occur…and found that Drenchport was the first target. Obviously that put the Master of the Gales ill at ease. He wished to return to Drenchport to begin defensive planning. Master of the Gales did offer a sloop, fully manned that could take the party closer to the Atoll if they wished to. In the meantime, all the lords present made it clear that communication between them needed to be frequent.

The lords took their leave of the Purrl. The party continued their discussions and it was determined that maybe they should not head directly to Drenchport, but instead take the fight directly to Fort Anadile via Temujin’s plant walk spell. Temujin didn’t have the spell prepared but would have it the next day. The party planned to spend the afternoon recalling their sailors and getting some final provisions that they needed for the days and fights ahead.

Ambrose sidled up to Mittens, petting one of the new kittens/crewman, “Sir, after my last joke was received with a bit mixed feelings I thought I would just let you know, that I saw your father last night. He was getting his drink on (nothin’ wrong with that!) and was friendly with a local girl. If I were you, I would be expectin’ word of a new brudder or sis anytime now. I thought I should let you know that he was in town.” Ambrose added that Lawrence D’Coco was frequenting a bar in the Lower Scrimshaw quarter called the Thirsty Churl.

Day 333 1PM Nico and Temujn planned to head into the Sunken Plaza, to liquidate some treasure and pick up a few resources. As they were heading down the gangplank about to head into a carriage, a small carriage pulled up and a young woman hopped out – she questioned her driver about the Purrl and appeared a bit intimidated. She was well dressed and had the bearing of a handmaiden. Nico asked if he could help her with anything. She introduced herself as Isabelle Beray. She was the handmaiden for Lady Camilla and offered tickets to their show at the World’s Stage Theatre in High Eastwind. Nico and Temujin tried to suss out her motivation but Lady Beray seemed sincere. They took the tickets and bid her good day.

Nico and Temujin were able to complete their transactions without issue. But they heard word that the lower quarters of Port Peril seemed to be suffering from a fever that was spreading through the populace. The last that they had heard of any sickness was from a slave ship en route to Quent from the Sodden Lands some weeks back. They made sure to have Father Pyrlig cleanse them on their return to the Purrl. Temujin also heard rumors of the surprisingly short pirate council. Some comments were made on how that ’new Free Captain Damiano’ appeared to hijack the proceedings along with Tessa Fairwind’s help.

Day 333 6PM The party convened on the Purrl and decided to take in a show! But first, Mittens shared details about dear old Dad down at the Thirsty Churl and they thought they should head downtime for a bracer before showing up comfortably late to the opera. After all, how much opera does one need to sit through.

Arriving at the Thirsty Churl, a real dive, they found Dad. They greeted Lawrence and introduced Ray Lan as another likely son! Lawrence was proud to learn of yet more offspring, and with that segued to his latest lady-love (Umm, I’ve seemed to have forgotten her name). Nico floated Lily a drink of his own, an elixir of love, and pointed her off to an unsuspecting sailor. Lawrence, while lost in love did state that he has picked up a command under Avimar Sorrinash. After catching up, the party took their leave and headed uptown to High Eastwind.

Day 333 10PM The party was seated in their booth taking in the performance (Oh the tragedy!) Mittens and Temujin noted that while the decorations of the theatre had themes devoted to the ocean and to Besmara, there were newer artistic embellishments that hinted to the King in Yellow. The party enjoyed the show (Wow, that was a lot of singing!) and after the encores, proceeded down to the stage to try and make their way backstage and pay their respects to Lady Camilla.

Day 334 Midnight The party joined Lady Camilla in her dressing room. They were accompanied by Miss Isabelle Beray and a number of other actors, patrons and fan-boys. A large, ugly fellow carried a keg under his arm and other drinks to get the entire crowd properly lubricated. Lady Camilla was being helped out of her wigs and costume by another lady, named Tanith. While the party was engaged in polite conversation, Temujin successfully dispelled the domination upon Lady Camilla. She appeared confused for a moment but pulled herself together. Tanith provided her with a whiskey to settle her nerves. The party noted both Isabelle and Tanith raise an eyebrow when the domination was dropped. Mitten’s charm was still in effect. They party continued to talk when they noted an illusory disguise over Tanith. They dispelled the illusion to see Tanith’s true appearance: This seductive woman has goat horns, goat hooves, and a serpentine tail, her eyeless face is her most disturbing feature. With a slight smile, she shook her head.


The room tensed, a fight seemed imminent – It looks like new live entertainment was about to take the main stage!

[end of session 138]
{Day 333-334}

Session 137
November 14th 2017

Day 332 2:30PM The party’s carriage proceeded to Lady Camilla’s apartment. Ray Lan popped out onto the street and made nice with the locals. Such a prominent local actress, but the party didn’t know what she looked like! After gathering a description of the actress, Ray returned to the party and they waited. Soon, a carriage pulled up to the apartment and the coachman jumped down, opening the apartment door. As Lady Camilla made her exit, Temujin hexed her with misfortune and Mittens followed up with two charms. The first was resisted, but the second succeeded, in a fashion. Mittens could detect that Lady Camilla was already charmed and this initial compulsion superseded his own magics. Lady Camilla paused as the magic effects tickled her mind. She looked up the busy street but did not note the party hidden in their carriage. She climbed into the carriage and the coachman vaulted up to his seat, cracked his whip and they proceeded away.

The party pondered on how to proceed as the carriage disappeared in the distance. Nico cast magic jar, but sensed no great energy or life force readings nearby. While they discussed their options, they gave word to their driver to head to the theatre, but then they recanted, and turned the carriage back to Lady Camilla’s apartment. Ray Lan broke in and found her apartment nicely appointed – many fine furnishings and paintings. Via Mitten’s message spell he asked the party what to look for – Nico, back in his own body, dimension door’d the party into the apartment. What was not apparent to Ray, was readily visible to the party. Much of the themes of the art displayed through the apartment showcased ruins, such at the City of Bleeding Stones, the twin suns overlooking the lost city of Carcosa, the ruins of a city near a fog-shrouded lake and a landscape that looked familiar to the party – of Balthus Strait, and discretely in the corner of the painting, a suckered tentacle crept from the sea and grasped a broken stone carved with a “Y” symbol.

Temujin reviewed the diaries that Ray had found – they were certainly Lady Camilla’s, similar to the diary that Temujin took from Stephen Fantome (which was Camilla’s). They spoke of dreams she had, pining to visit Castle Sigguros again someday and her love for Kerdak Bonefist. They were also aware that Camilla was the second woman, in a triangle – that Bonefist appeared to have another consort named Hyapatia. In one of the diaries, Mittens left a note, “Queen Cassilda, we will talk someday."

Day 332 6PM The party set the room to rights and returned to their carriage – they agreed that this wasn’t the time to follow up with Lady Camilla at the World’s Stage Theatre. They headed back to the Black Purrl.

Captain Damiano checked in with Glaive and Sandara as the rest of the party gathered their notes – they prepared to review how to present their case to the pirate council. Damiano stepped into his quarters and froze in the door. Upon his desk was a great basket covered in a heavy piece of oil cloth – the cloth flexed and pulsated. The magic message spell still active, Damiano called the party to his side and they stepped into the room. They did not detect magic nor evil. What could this be?!? Temujin took his spear and pushed the oil cloth onto the floor and there in the basket were four kittens and a large grumpy tabby cat. Each had a label: swab, lookout, swab, cook, mouser and master at arms.


Later, Ambrose Kroops reassured the good Captain that it was all a bit of fun and that He, Kroops, was always looking out for the Captain’s back.

While the party reviewed their plans, Damiano spread a reassuring word with the crew on deck.

Day 333, Oathday 9AM The party, joined by Sandara, made their way to the pier and were ferried over the Fort Hazard. The atmosphere was full of revelry and good cheer as the pirate lords and their entourage freely enjoyed the food and drink supplied by Lord Bonefist. The party scanned the courtyard and didn’t see Bilgerat Jacobi, Sadok or Bonefist. But they noted a cheerful fellow make introductions and keeping moods light, his name was Kirrian “Sweetlips” Vortheen. Kirrian hadn’t a care in the world, but an under secretary to Bill-Gerat, a poor overworked fellow named Les Pickens was running around trying to make everyone happy and failing miserably. Soon, all were summoned into the great hall. In the center of the room was a large table with Bonefist at the far end. The pirate lords took their places at the great table, the chairs were only about half occupied with attendees. The entourages each had smaller tables orbiting the great table. At the far end from Bonefist, a great wooden chair sat, carved with various sea motives – this chair was left for Besmara, should she ever grace the council with her presence.

Bilgerat Jacobi and Sadok started the proceedings, reading through the various issues on the agenda – as each came up for discussion, the initial proponent of the issue, as prepared, dropped the case, one after the other. In minutes Bilgerat Jacobi was flustered as there was no discussion, no meeting to preside over – Sadok and Bonefist were confused as issue after issue was breezed through and dismissed. Bonefist berated Jacobi for not knowing why there seemed to be something strange a foot in his own council meeting!

Eventually, Issue #5 was introduced by Tessa Fairwind. She had often suspected that the Chelish were probing the Shackles for a new opportunity to invade. There was too much Chelish coin being captured and too many Chelish sailors being pressed into service, to just be good luck. So Tessa found a group of sailors looking to make a mark and were relative unknowns to follow the trail of Chelish activity in the Shackles and their gathering of evidence supported her task: Funding and Support for Chelish Investigations (and defense of the Shackles). Tessa turned the floor over to Captain Damiano, who had just stepped up from his support table, quaffing some elixirs to improve his speechifying.

Damiano presented the Manifest captured from Harrigan’s fort detailing both Harrigan’s and the Chelish fleet massing at the Bhudrek Atoll. He added that Andronicus the Ass was a traitor, although he didn’t have evidence to support that – when challenged by Bonefist. However there was evidence that the Rampore Isles was in collusion with the Chelish, and the party provided the various invoices that had been captured at the fort of Senara. The party also pulled out the Chelish captain, Kyan Kain, regaling the crowd about the sinking of the Dominator at D.C.I.. Sadok had guards take Kain away for questioning. Jacobi refuted that all this was fairly circumstantial, it would take days to go through the paperwork and it could be fraudulent. Nico refuted Jacobi, pressing that not only was this a very real threat, but Harrigan had it worked out how he would lead Chelish marines through hidden tunnels under Fort Hazard to quickly put down Lord Bonefist. While the talking continued Sadok slowly leafed through the pages, eventually stopping and walked up to Bonefist. He whispered in Bonefist’s ear for a moment, Bonefist nodded and reached for his flagon.

Kerdak Bonefist quieted the room, hammering his flagon down on the table like a gavel. “So was have ships amassing, we have numbers, we have lists of their commanders and fleets, but where, when? We need proof.” Eyeing Damiano, “ You said that they are coming, you state Bhudrek Atoll is their lair – well, you will go and finish the charge you are leading. You will coordinate with Master of the Gales and Arronax Endymion and fashion a plan to investigate the Atoll and bring word back that this so-called threat exists more than just a bit of story on paper. This council meeting is over…Jacobi, you worthless bastard, arrange my carriage, I’ve a whole lot of free time today for entertaining with my lady actress!” Bonefist cuffs Jacobi as he gets up from his throne and moves toward one of the privately guarded doors. This council meeting, the shortest pirate council meeting in years, was over!

Day 333 11AM As the pirate lords mill about still eating, drinking and gossiping over the upheaval that happened in the council meeting today, Lords Endymion, Master of the Gales and Mase Darimar closed in on the party’s table to figure out their next steps.

[end of session 137]
{Day 332-333}

Session 136
November 7th 2017

Day 331 11PM Damiano, reached out to the nearest building and crept out of the fog. As he did so, a female archer on the rooftop, shot down at him through the alley way. Damiano scaled the building and closed in on her. Temujin, having that nasty taste in his mouth from the magical fog, dispelled it, clearing the party’s vision. As the fog cleared, a second female archer shot from another rooftop. One arrow narrowly missed Father Pyrlig, but her second shot struck true. A powerful bolt of negative energy rippled through Pyrlig’s body, but he resisted it’s deadly effects. From out of the darkness, a shadowy horse galloped at the party – upon it’s back, a dwarf sat. It’s baleful, deadly eyes were focused on Father Pyrlig and as his steed pressed on, he swung a burning hooded lantern down upon the priest smiting him mightily.


Father Pyrlig channelled Gozreh’s might against the undead dwarf, pushing him backwards and giving Pyrlig some breathing room. Ray Lan closed in on the dwarf savaging him with his claws. Yet the dwarf pushed on, with a driving hatred towards Pyrlig, he spurred his heels into his horse and rode at Pyrlig again – Ray Lan slicing at the dwarf as he rode past.

Amidst the party, a glass globe shattered, thrown from a rooftop from the party’s right flank – high up stood a heavy-set cloaked man, his body shrouded in many additional cloaked images. A poisonous gas spread among the party – the biting in the throat for Temujin, Pyrlig and Nico seemed to ignite and make this new gas more potent – but only Nico succumbed. In moments, Nico found his limbs leaden, and nasty boils spread across his body. He felt his body weakening. Nico instructed his deva to fly overhead, just above the party, to attack the undead dwarf when possible, and to allow the deva’s protective auras to further shield the party from more magical attacks. Moments afterward a fireball rained down on the party, only to be diffused by the deva’s wards.

Mittens blasted the mage on the rooftop, as Temujin and the deva focused their attacks upon it as well – as they attacked they whittled down his protective images.

As Damiano closed upon the archer, she took small backward steps and continued to fire upon him point blank, but with his intimidating approach, she missed often. With a few slices, the archer was dead at Damiano’s feet.

While the undead dwarf continued to batter at Father Pyrlig heedless of the party’s attacks upon him, he was finally slain – and with a mournful growl the dwarf slid off his horse, crashing to the ground, the horse dissipating in the fog. Ray Lan wasted no time and scaled the opposing building and closed in on the second archer – slicing her up as he closed in. Damiano leapt across the alley and moved in to assist Ray Lan. The archer, seeing the danger that she was in, backpedaled, out of the two catwalk’s reach and cast a dimension door to escape. The wizard, with the deva closing in on him, his images nearly exhausted, retreated, and teleported away to safety.

The party searched the other two corpses, finding some fine magical items, with two very deadly arrows of slaying. Mittens was aware that this dwarf was an undead type called a grave knight. Very much like a lich, it’s heavy plate armor can often act as a phylactery – Nico took some care and placed the dwarf’s armored body in a separate bag.

11:30PM The party continued on their way, arriving at the piers and seeing Tessa’s ship, the Luck of the Draw at rest. The crew were carousing, conservatively, aboard ship and the party made their way aboard. Captain Damiano and the rest of the party filled in Tessa and Harlan about the details of the past day. Tessa asked about future plans with the council various issues that are still live for debate. The party planned to find Hardluck Massey and Cerise Bloodmorn and talk to each of them about their issues. The party relaxed and took some rest aboard the Luck of the Draw, when they were awoken by the officer of the watch at 3AM, informing them that the Black Purrl had just pulled alongside.

The party was ferried over to the Purrl, checked in with Sandara and Glaive and went back to sleep in their quarters – Nico borrowing the Captain’s magical hammock – between the hammock and the deva’s magics, Nico’s plague was dispelled.

Day 332 10AM Rested, the party sent word around town looking for signs of Hardluck Massey and Cerise Bloodmorn. They found that Massey was at the Cup & Rudder, a tavern they knew well – they went on their way, but were wary of passersby and folks in the street.

At the Cup & Rudder, they found the Chelish captain, Hardluck Massey, in a quiet corner of the bar, canoodling with his Tianese cabin boy, Kiyano Steel. Massey’s quiet time disturbed, he growled up at the party, asking them what they wanted. Damiano and Nico were to the point, that they wanted him to drop his issue at the council tomorrow, alluding that there was no point, since Harrigan was dead. That wasn’t enough for Massey, he wanted proof. Nico rifled through his bag, showing just a bit of Harrigan’s head from the bag – but that was enough for Massey. He gave out a chortle, and said ok. That was enough for him. He honestly didn’t care about Harrigan, only his money. With him dead, he wasn’t going to see the second half of his payment anyways – he considered his issue dead. The party left him Massey and Kiyano Steel to their happy fun time.

Noon Nico’s street urchins provided him with the location of Lady Cerise Bloodmorn – she was also having a bit of sport, at the temple-brothel of Calistria, the Siren’s Lash. It was nearby, so they headed straight there.

The party was greeted at the door, by the high priestess and madam, Lady Livdana Giedrence, a dark skinned half elf (of mwangi, not drow extraction). Livdana informed the party that she could give word to Lady Bloodmorn that you were, but she wasn’t sure how long it would be until Ms. Bloodmorn was free and willing to see visitors. The party waited and watched the entertainment through the finally appointed brothel. Two hours later, Lady Bloodmorn sauntered out casually and greeted the party. When pressed by the party as to what it would take for her to drop her issue, Cerise hinted that her issue was to curry favor with Bloodfist (which many of the party thought was likely the case). While she was a Free Captain and member of the council, she didn’t have her own island and wanted one. The party offered a swap, drop the issue and then they told her of Harrigan’s fortress on Gannet (Garnet?) Island. The party informed her that they just recently found out that the island fortress recently became empty – how fortuitous for all parties involved (except Harrigan and his cronies). Cerise took the deal and agreed to drop her issue. She wouldn’t whole heartedly agree to invasion plans and counter attacks until she hear more about the issue, at the council meeting.

2:30PM The party took their leave, out of a back door of the Siren’s Lash, and agreed, maybe it was time to approach the actress, Lady Camilla. At this hour, they may be able to catch her leaving her apartment, heading to the theatre – it would be ripe time to potentially charm her. The party hired a carriage and headed uptown.

[end of session 136]
{Day 331-332}

Session 135
November 1st 2017
Back to where it all started.


If you yearn for the smell of the clean salt air and the sour stench of boiling tar, and desire the opportunity to fulfill sailors’ every vice, then you need look no further than Port Peril. By the nine layers of Hell, I think they’ve invented some vices of their own, so best take caution—you can’t trust anyone in that port, and any word given by the Free Captains only goes so far. Between the thieves of Pike Street, the perfumed doxies of Scrimshaw, and thirsty sailors looking for the nearest cask of rum, you can find yourself battered, shirtless, and broke before you’ve even left sight of the quay.
—Xavi Narcis, first mate of the Serpent’s Curse (retired)

Day 331 6PM The party discussed their options and which Free Captains they thought the party might be able to approach and sway to their side. Jolis Raffles sent runners out to find the whereabouts of Lady Camilla, the renown actress of the World Stage Theatre, and rumored mistress of Lord Bonefist. The halfing runners also sought out the bar where Lord Sorrinash might be holed up with his men.

Temujin cast his divinations, to discern if the information provided by Sahzara was true. He asked if the impending Chelish invasion was truly happening in three days time. The response was cryptic: There are many ships upon the seas of the Shackles, some indeed Chelish, some pirate, some merchant, some Rahadoumi, some Sargavan – their motives are their own.

In the meantime, the party packaged up a crate of Raffles’ finest wine and proceeded under guise of halting servants, with Jolis joining them, over to the manor house of Lady Alahandra Boisich, just a few blocks away.

The party was greeted by Lady Boisich’s elderly human butler, Hambliss – he showed them into the foyer. As Hambliss prepared to announce Lord Raffles, Captain Damiano had Mittens drop their illusion – Damiano assertively presented his need to talk directly to Lady Boisich. Wary, Hambliss beckoned to the captain to follow him up the stairs to the Lady’s private drawing room.

Lady Boisich was of mixed Rahadoumi blood, in her late 40s, early 50s. She was well dressed, adorned with jewelry and a slim dagger was at her belt. She greeted Captain Damiano cooly and he made his pitch – that anyone siding with Harrigan was siding with the Chelish! The Chelish were planning an imminent invasion and would likely hit first, at the populous islands to the northwest of the Shackles – this raised an alarm with the Lady, as her island, Whyrlis Rock was to the northwest. Damiano pressed that they had significant evidence of Harrigan’s collusion – which Lady Boisich requested to see. She followed him back down the stairs to the sitting room where the party waited. Damiano asked Nico to break out some documents for Alahandra to review.

As Nico rummaged through his bag of holding, he was none too discrete in making sure that Alahandra had a view of Harrigan’s corpse secured within the bag. Nico handed her some documents which she carefully looked over. When she was done, she turned to the party, "So what is it that you are asking of me?” The party clarified that they wanted her to drop her agenda item for the council and to back their claim about the pressing danger of the Chelish invasion. Lady Boisich agreed to drop her claim and would be open minded to the party’s presentation before the Free Captains. The party seemed satisfied, taking their leave but aware that their disguise was dropped, Dimension Doored en masse, back to Jolis Raffles manor house.

Day 331 8PM By this time, a number of Jolis’ runners had returned and secured the locations of both Lady Camilla and Lord Sorrinash. The party decided to have a discussion with Sorrinash first. Jolis gave the party instructions on where Sorrinash could be found – the most familiar intersection closest to the bar, the Parlour.

The party teleported to the Scrimshaw – the large central boulevard of the middle-class section of Port Peril. The city was bustling with activity with so many Free Captains converging – there was much entertaining and business to take care of. The party wasted no time in the streets, but were wary of watchers here and there, in dark alleys and on rooftops. They made for the Parlour and found themselves in a tight, low-ceilinged basement of a bar – it was dark, smokey and busy despite it’s lack of obvious appeal. The party sidled up to the bar, ordered some rounds from the bartender, Bradley and asked if Lord Sorrinash was in – Bradley confirmed that he has and maybe the party would like to buy the good lord and his company some drinks. Nico pried some GPs from his pouch and Bradley sent some wenches laden with drink to a back room. When they returned, Bradley ushered the party into the private sitting room.

Lord Avimar Sorrinash was deep in his cups, with his officers, many had their hands full with flagons and wanton wenches. They were quite jovial, if a bit crude. The party greeted Sorrinash and asked that they square away his issue before the council, before the meeting – maybe they could settle it together. The good lord agreed, of course they could come to terms, for 25K GPs. The party had heard word that Lord Sorrinash could be on the fence, that if he is denied his due, he might be swayed to the Chelish side – although they were unsure of who his contacts were. And Lord Sorrinash was a worthy pirate lord. After further discussion, Mittens proposed 20K GPs and the terms were accepted. Nico, on the spot broke out the coin, to a great huzzah from Lord Sorrinash and his men. The party took their leave and returned to the Parlour’s main room.

Day 331 9PM The party figured that while they were here, maybe they ought to get a few words out. Nico, Mittens and Temujin spread little rumors here and there that the Chelish were massing an armada. Would it attack the Shackles? If so, when, where would it attack? Nico then proceeded to entertain the room the rousing defense of D.C.I. against the Chelish man of war, the Dominator.

A halfling bumped into Father Pyrlig, looked at him, at Pyrlig’s symbol of Gozreh and had a moment of recognition. Whirling about the halfling saw Captain Damiano, and with surprise, greeted Father Pyrlig, “You must be good Father Pyrlig! Sir, I am Valreth, and I have run into a fellow priest of your lord. There is a fellow by the name of Tybald Gar, in town just a week or so. But this fellow priest of Gozreh is spending some time at the Sea Wrack Chapel at the lower Eastwind ( a location that Pyrlig knows well). He warned me to keep an eye out for fellow priests of Gozreh. There is word on the streets that servants of Norgerber are on the lookout to hunt and kill you. You need to be play it safe!” Valreth wished Father Pyrlig well, and as he went on his way, Father Pyrlig gave him a few coins and his thanks.

While Nico was entertaining the bar with his tale, Ray Lan eased back in the shadows with his ale, bumping a table and spilling a man’s beer. “No harm done,” said the man – a blond northerner (a viking type, rare in the Shackles). “You look to be a sailing type,” Eyeing Ray’s claws, but noting his weapons as well. “Who are you sailing with? Are you recently in town as so many are with the Council meeting and all?” Ray confirmed that he had just come in with the Black Purrl. “Well lad, my name is Karl Magnus, you likely have some exciting days before you – for me, I’m soon to head north for a spell. Good night to you,” and Karl finished his beer, stood up and made for the door as Nico was closing out his tale.

Day 331 10PM The party pulled themselves together and decided to make the long walk down the Scrimshaw towards the Merchant Marina to see if Tessa’s ship, the Luck of the Draw had pulled into the harbor. They moved through the busy city streets and come up the the bar, the Gorgon – a full on brawl had spilled out of the Gorgon and raged throughout the streets. Ray Lan and Damiano climbed up to the rooftop for a better view. Nico slid into an alley to summon a deva; Temujin stepped along side Nico to back him up, if necessary.

Mittens, Temujin and Father Pyrlig noted a familiar face, Fergal was beating down a sailor in the broken window sill of the bar. Mittens enlarged himself, spread the word to the party and opened a path through the brawlers – as he arrived, Mittens cuffed Fergal’s opponent unconscious. As the fight burned itself out, the party came together around Fergal – who acknowledged that his Lady had released him after a spell. The party probed, we need good sailors…and Fergal added that know he was the captain of his own ship. The party probed further, we need good ships too! Fergal noted that he had travelled a spell north of the Shackles, near the Sodden Lands where he was raised. He had a frigate of his own, called the Hand of Fate, after taking it from the previous bastard of a captain. Fergal added that he had no current plans, his ship was in the harbor and he waited to hear how he could best aid his shipmates!

Day 331 11PM The party finished catching up with Fergal and made for the Merchant Marina. As they were getting closer to the harbor, the cool air off the waves settled about them as they marched along the wider roads and could see the piers ahead. All of a sudden, the fog grew noticeably thicker, and it seemed to have a bite, a fowl smell and Nico, Temujin and Pyrlig had a sick taste in their mouths. The party paused, looked about, steeling themselves to face whatever might come at them in the fog.

[end of session 135]
{Day 331}

Session 134
October 17th 2017

Day 331 10:24AM The party drank their wine and shuffled their feet – Sahzara spoke up, “Surely you have tales of your exploits across the Shackles. My court would love to hear a tale or two. How does life fare on Dread Cat Isle?” With that invitation, Nico detailed the recent defense of D.C.I. against the recent Chelish probing attack – which was received well by the court.

Sahzara questioned the party of what they knew of Free Captain Alahandra Boisich, of Whyrlis Rock? They didn’t know much other than that she was an aggressive pirate captain and had an unbanning nature of supporting slavery in her mines, but released all slaves after a five year term of service.

When asked by the party about the Hurricane King, Kerdak Bonefist and his interest in the King in Yellow – it was clear from Sahzara that Bonefist had no interest in that regards, simply feigning interest to get into the skirts of the actress, Lady Camilla. It was Lady Camilla that Temujin had read about in Stephen Fantome’s notebook, about her visits to Castle Sigguros in the City of Bleeding Stones. But Sahzara added that the King in Yellow was a threat to the Shackles, and to whomever rules here! The party itself slew the great Deep One underneath the Black Tower. However the Northern great Deep One, Queen Cassilda still lives.

The party proffered an magical, infernal crossbow – it was appraised by the Imp’s monkey henchman, Abusa. Sahzara proceeded to confirm minor details for the party, until he offered one tasty nugget of information: Today was Toilday and the Council would meet in two days time, on Oathday – the day of oaths to be sworn and pacts signed. The Chelish fleet would set sail from the Bhudrek Atoll the very next day, on Fire Day.

The party asked who might else interfere with their plans. Sahzara added that Alahandra Boisich was bribed by Harrigan to fire up insinuations about the party, that those looking to talk about Chelish conspiracies, might be the actual conspirators themselves (the famous ‘smelt it, dealt it rule’). He added that Boisich had no love of Harrigan, only a love of coin. Sahzara knew of no other fell conspirators, other than a small man, named Bilgerat Jacobi, who served Bonefist. Jacobi only was interested in discrediting the party for a bit of sick fun and enjoying a bit of petty evil.

With that, the party felt that they had heard enough – they had reigned in their urge to fight, not knowing exactly they would be fighting for. Mittens tried to Dimension Door out and could not – it wasn’t until the party took their leave and back tracked to the grotto could they magically move about. They immediately teleported to Port Peril.

Day 331, Toilday, Noon Temujin cast a sending to communicate to Yacine, to warn her of the imminent invasion – they were to man all hands aboard the Lehigh and the Splash and rendezvous at Quent.

The party went directly to the townhouse of Lord Endymion and informed him of the news – they could see by the shaking in his hands – that this day he had always feared, was near at hand. He would be sending word to Hell Harbor directly! Mittens cast a sending to inform Van Marin in the Southern Shackles, and Van Marin would share the details with Free Captain Pegsworthy as well. They also sent word to Tessa, who replied that her ship, the Luck of the Draw should pull into Port Peril later this very evening. The Black Purrl was due into port sometime tomorrow. Word was also sent to Myrasep, the Gold Officer of the Aspis Consortium, and they told Jim Haveless of the Pathfinder Society in Port Peril of the impending danger.

Day 331, Toilday, 6PM The party invited themselves to Jolis Raffles home, informing him of the news as well. Lord Raffles was more than happy to put the party up while they further worked out their plans for the immediate days to come.

[end of session 134]
{Day 331}

Session 133
October 10th 2017

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 331 10:15AM Ray led the party down the cool, slick steps. Walking cautiously for several minutes, Ray saw the tunnel open up to a long chamber. There was a strong smell of rotten flesh. The floor was covered with a watery, bloody mire. The only sound that could be heard was the rustling and squeaking of rats. The chamber was 45’ long, 15’ wide – a low-ceilinged hall. Alcoves were along both walls filled with bones of the dead. Three tables run along the center of the chamber, covered in bodies, recently dead. The corpses wore Chelish garb. Ray could see the stomachs and necks of the bodies pulsate.

Ray cautiously entered the room, as the party turned the corner of the hall and proceeded to catch up with him. Closing in on the corpses, their eye popped open and they sat up – while he was invisible, the undead looked right at him. From their rotten, ripped up bodies, entrails flew out of their cavities clutching and wrapping about Ray’s body. Seeing this, the party moved up with haste. Nico immediately sent his bralani and avoral into the fray. Four undead were immediately in combat with Ray, Damiano and Nico’s summoned creatures.

As Ray fought back against the Bloody Bones that had gripped him, his gaze scanned the floor – for a moment he saw his reflection in the bloody morass at his feet, then a skeletal face stared back at him and shifted from the reflection to standing immediately beside him. The party was hit with a wave of fear – only Ray and a bralani succumbed – filled with uncertainty, their reactions were staggered.

This new foe, this blood covered skeleton, that the party felt that they had seen before in the aged passageways under Hell Harbor, struck Ray visciously with claws and fangs. Damiano, Mittens and Pyrlig focused their attacks upon this skeletal terror until it was destroyed. The party then turned towards the rotting corpses and finished them off as well.

The party found nothing of value in this chamber. They took a few moments to heal their wounds. The party formed up ranks, Ray turned invisible again and they ventured on into the dark halls beyond the bone room.

Heading down the stairs, some loose stones had washed out of the tunnel wall and water flowed from the breach and ran down the stairs. Ray continued past and came to another chamber. This room was a 30’ x 30’ stone chamber. Left of the archway, the wall has a water-worn hole, with a torrent splashing out. The floor flagstones are worn, washed-out and heaving. Sand and other sediment has gathered thickly through the chamber. Vines grow thickly throughout the chamber; they are covered in sickly purple and off-white flowers. The far wall and ceiling is blown out into a dark recess. Water cascaded across the broken stones of the recess. A pile of rubble has become a makeshift high ground above the water-filled chamber and ‘throne’ for a purple-skinned naga.

As Ray approached, he messaged back to the party and was overheard by the naga. She asked, “Who is there? Please, feel free to enter.” Ray waited until the party moved up and they stepped into the room, being wary of the shifting flagstones under their feet. Mittens and Nico’s avoral were aware of another being, hiding in the dark blown out part of the chamber – a medium sized humanoid, shrouding itself in it’s leathery wings.

“Greetings, I am Pathess. You are in the receiving room of my Master’s court.” The party seemed surprised that she wasn’t going to attic. They asked for the reason that they were attacked in the bone room. Pathess clarified that the undead weren’t guardians – simply spent husks from her Master’s defiling of their bodies. They were gifts, sacrifices brought by the last Chelish envoy that had journeyed here a few weeks ago. Pathess directed the party’s attention to the doorway beyond – there is the passage to my Master’s court.

The party backtracked while Nico’s summoned allies kept watch upon the naga. Ray felt a little tickle in the back of his mind – but it must be nothing. They debated whether to slash and burn their way down the tunnels, or proceed in good faith. Damiano, Pyrlig and Mittens wished to proceed with minimal bloodshed.

Mittens recounted the dream he had received, to the party:
When you are taking your rest, midday, after the trials of the past day, you are startled awake. Sandara (the party hasn’t raised her yet), dressed in a shift, bereft of signs of any physical wounds, stands in your doorway.
She speaks to you – and while you hear her voice, you hear that of another male and female voice resonate with each word that she speaks. Despite this strangeness, her words are soothing and without menace.
“You stood firm against your comrades to protect one who may not have been worthy of mercy. But every sailor appreciates the morning of calm seas after a night of storms.”
“You are heading into the deepest jungle seeking a foe who is not your enemy, yet aids your enemies. He has mighty oracular powers, and knows you and your companions well. Where he lives – it is both his fortress and his prison – he has abided there for many decades, and he is not alone. He is unique among his kind.”
“Storms are on the horizon for you and your friends. Mercy begets mercy. Every sailor wishes for a second chance when they find themselves cast adrift in the sea!”
Sandara backs into the shadows. “Your old friend asked that I speak to you, and Anggarna wishes you well. I am her master, Met Agwe.” And she is gone.

They returned to the receiving chamber, waded into the cool waters flowing through the chamber and proceeded down the hall. The stonework became quite rough and it was covered with a pale yellow moss. Ray led the party down into a larger, natural chamber.

This natural appearing chamber of uneven ground is 75’ long and 45’ wide. A long narrow pool runs along the left-hand side wall. A wide recess opens up on the left-hand wall, spilling water into the pool. The far side of the pool disappears in a narrow cleft in the rock. The floor is covered in a pale yellow moss. The vines in this chamber are covered in sickly purple and off-white flowers. On the far side of the chamber there is an exit tunnel carved out of the stone. Just before the exit is a large body, lying on its back, half-wrapped in vines. It looks like a bestial looking ogre (almost ape-like), with great tusks and thick bristly hair. It has great claws and cloven feet.

Ray carefully moved across the chamber to the body. It looked as if ever so slowly it was being dragged into the foliage. As he investigated, the little flowers puffed a cloud of tiny spores. Ray took a couple of off-balance steps, his head reeling before he regained his wits and got out of there – jogging back to the tunnel where the party was waiting. Father Pyrlig cast a protection from plants ward, while Nico’s deva cast a protection from evil. The party moved into the grotto, en masse.

As the party passed along the water’s edge, a stunningly beautiful woman surfaced from the pool. This beautiful woman has pearlescent skin and long, dark hair. Her nudity is barely hidden by a diaphanous, wet shawl. She greeted the party, regarding them, until her gaze fell upon Nico and Father Pyrlig. She introduced herself, “My name is Esme, this is my grotto and it is only fair to pay a toll. Give me a gift to proceed to my Lord’s court!” Nico was coolly negative about providing any gifts. Esme responded, turning her attention upon Pyrlig, “Surely if you can spare no trinkets, at least grant me a kiss.” Pyrlig wasn’t feeling too warm and fuzzy about kissing some watery tart that wasn’t his god/goddess! Nico cast dimensional anchor upon Esme – she recoiled from the threat and sunk down low into the water.

The party moved along the water’s edge towards the body lying down on the ground. Mittens and Ray noted a dark shadow moving deep in the water – likely a very large crocodile. Arriving at the body, Damiano and the deva investigated it – surely this dead beast was something that had snuck in from the jungle above, only to die here. Damiano and the deva saw the flesh, and surrounding foliage start to shimmy, as a black mass of a tick swarm flew at them. Damiano ran through the mass of tickets feeling their bite and blood drain sap him. Mittens, Pyrlig and Nico’s summoned allies sprayed the area with magic to kill off the swarm. In the tunnel beyond, Damiano picked off the remainder of the ticks and waited for the party to join him.

Day 331 10:24AM Doing what some rogues do, Ray led the party down to a finely hewn tunnel, ending at a ledge that opened into a large chamber.


Stepping out onto a ledge, 20’ above the court, they noted the 10’ wide stone stairs descending to the flagstones. The walls and ceilings are jagged and naturally shaped. The ceiling is 40’ high. The wind at the ledge whips wildly although upon the courtyard the wind appears non-existent. The flagstones of the floor layout in a labyrinth of paths, none wider than 10.’ Flagstones and the sub-surface have given away to great pits throughout the court – holes that fall away into darkness. Rich plant-life grows along the floor and cliff edges. Alongside the cliff, hanging from vines, are two large horned girallons.

The chamber is near dark but alive with noise. Monkeys howl and call out in the dark. Bats flit through the air and try to avoid the strong currents. Down upon the flagstones are three great braziers on 15’ metal stands, anchored into the stone. At the floor level are finely hewn cave mouths leading out of the court.

Seeing through the low light the party could make out an array of shapes. Three great trees grow out of the flagstones. At the farthest point, some 65’ away, a great tree grows out of a pool of water, and a pale humanoid shape sits deeply into the tree as if it were his throne. At his side are four jaguars prowling in the dark. To the left and right of his dais stand two white marble statues resembling large jungle cats – the bodies covered in etchings and runes. Off to his left, stands a slender, attractive female, with eyes that glow softly in the dark. Creeping about, behind the throne tree are four ogre magi.

Mid-way, about 50’ away, stands an attractive, but exotic, blue-skinned female humanoid. Her face has a fiendish look with a sultry gaze, and she is dressed quite slutty. She is accompanied by four humans (pirates perhaps?). Two men and two woman. Their clothes are well-kept (the latest in Chelish fashions). The pirates appear to be part of this exotic woman’s entourage.

At the base of the stairs, below the party, a large frog-like fiend, sits on his haunches, disinterested. Its eyes are dead and milky. It’s wide face is split by a fanged maw. About him six large-ish boggards fawn over him.

As the party takes in the details, four more ogre magi move up, with an ape-man, standing upright, yet hunched. The monkey-man introduces him as Abusa, “Welcome to the court of Sahzara. Welcome, be welcome!” He gestures to them to come in. The party descends the stair and Abusa leads them midway through the precarious pathways towards the Master. About a dozen serpent folk busy themselves about the court. Some approach with platters holding crystal goblets of wine.

From this distance, the party can make out Sahzara, languidly leaning, into the tree that is his throne. Sahzara is naked and has no genitalia, but clearly appears to be male. For an imp, he is large, nearly six feet. He takes a glass of wine from a serpent folk servant and raises it towards the party welcoming them to his court.


Mittens and Damiano repeat that they are here to rescue him – they would lead him from this jungle to freedom – Sahzara laughs – he didn’t realize that his imprisonment would end simply by his walking his way out! He has been here, trapped, cursed by a mage known as Black Jenny. The party recalled that Black Jenny was a pirate, and once a powerful mage. She was an apprentice to the famous sorcerer, Gray Whyrlis. Gray Whyrlis died fighting the sorcerer, Raugsmauda, who later became a lich and who still resides in the Shackles. It was Raugsmauda that transformed Kerdak Bonefist’s hand when he was a young man.

But Sahzara was certainly interested in his freedom should the party find a way to compel Black Jenny to free him. But Black Jenny hadn’t been seen on Whyrlis Rock or anywhere else in the Shackles for the last twenty years.

Sahzara clearly welcomed the party’s company, stating he hadn’t had visitors since the last Chelish envoy had left and he was clearly entertained by the presence of some ‘local boys’ as represented by the party. The party was uncertain which tact to take or how to continue this conversation, so they paused with some uncomfortable silence and took a sip from their wine goblets.

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[end of session 133]
{Day 331}

Session 132
October 3rd 2017

Day 331 10AM The party peered over the edge and saw Nico’s summoned avoral sitting upon a limb, devouring a head-fruit from the tree. Nico noted that Mittens was also proceeding towards the tree, he cast protection from evil, bolstering Mitten’s will. Mittens paused, his head now clear. Damiano and Ray proceeded to climb down the ledge to better hack at the tree’s trunk. Ray was invisible, but Damiano was buffeted by the trees limbs as he descended down the cliff face.

Mittens, his head now clear, attempted to cast at the tree, was swacked by a tree limb. Temujin shot arrows at the great tree – some landed, some glanced off it’s bark.

The party noted a large giant, a towering, plant-encrusted woman wields a massive bow, and her dark skin is decorated with numerous intricate tattoos, break out of the tree line.


Mittens and Nico greeted her. Alongside her, swinging through the trees were four large, four-armed white apes – they settled in various trees around her. She looked at the party curiously. Mittens and Nico asked her for an escort and safe passage through the jungle. She would provide it should they put down their weapons. The giantess dispatched a girallon and it began to swing away. Nico and Mittens looked at each other and agreed that they couldn’t agree to her terms, and they attacked the girallons. Mittens charmed the beast that was swinging away, it paused, as neither could understand each other. Mittens shadow-walked over to a tree trunk and offered to be the beasties friend, he offered food and water. The girallon paused, sniffed and took the treats that Mittens offered.

As Nico sat back, about to summon more creatures, he heard a cluck from behind some shrubbery – a scaly looking chicken popped out from the undergrowth – Nico recognized it as a cockatrice and backed away. The cockatrice moved up and attempted to peck at Father Pyrlig’s toe. Father Pyrlig smote it in return.

Nico summoned bralani and sent them to engage the giantess – they stayed at distance and peppered her and another girallon with lightning bolts. In return, the giantess raised her bow and started firing arrows at Temujin, Father Pyrlig and Damiano. The giantess was highly skilled with the bow and her arrows packed a punch.

Nico’s avoral cleared its head, wondering what the hell it had been eating. It flew from the tree and struck it, as Damiano and Ray started attacking the tree as well. The tree struck back with limbs and a toothy maw moved about the surface attempting to lash out at the trio.

Two girallons launched themselves at Father Pyrlig and Temujin. Pyrlig covered the ground with ice impeding their movement as Temujin filled the apes with arrows. Damiano, Ray and the avoral slew the tree, and they proceeded back up over the cliff wall to the party.

The giantess was struck by the avoral’s magic missiles – however she appeared to absorb the magic, her runes glowing blue. She raised her bow and struck Temujin three times, one critically – he runes glowed bright and discharged adding the absorbed magic misses to launch at Temujin. Temujin was critically injured but his ring of regeneration kept him from death. Father Pyrlig and Nico administered healing to him and got him back on his feet.

Damiano who had just climbed the ledge, sauntered over and slew the cockatrice, and then turned to engage the closing pair of girallons. Ray joined Damiano and they finished off the girallons and started to move along the ledge to join the bralani that have surrounded the giantess – who continued to fire arrows skillfully or lash out with her fists should anyone get to close to her. The party closed in and slew the giantess.

Out of food, water, Mittens resorted to prestidigitation to entertain the last girallon, it began to swing away, when Nico’s avoral glided over and spoke to the beast, “Perhaps you will return with us…for belly rubs?” And it did.

The party gathered and knew there were more tiers to descend to get to the valley floor. With the avoral interpreting, they asked the girallon if it could lead them down, and it could. The party magically flew or Nico’s bralanis carried them and they followed the girallon which smoothly brachiated through the trees and vines. The girallon paused at a fallen tree trunk. As the party closed they could see the shimmer of spider webs. The girallon found a spot that it approved of, swung under the trunk and resumed it’s journey safely through the webs and headed directly down to the forest floor (avoiding so many encounters carefully prepared by the GM <sigh>).

Day 331 10:15AM The party landed nearby to a muddy wallow – a slow moving stream pushed through the valley floor. The jungle growth covered the sides of the ravine walls. The party made out crude huts and 20-30 man-sized frog-men approached. Temujin translated this time. The leader of the village of Mug-hu, Bleepeth, would indeed take them to the gates of the court. He led the party on, along the riverside. The ravine walls narrowed, closing in with the jungle growth getting more dense. Ancient stone buildings were strewn through the uneven landscape. Bleepeth the boggard led them up to a stone archway and stopped.


A snake-like humanoid stepped out from the archway – he was a serpent folk, and he introduced himself as Issilar, a herald of the Master’s court.


The party stated that they came in peace, in order to rescue and save the Master. Issilar cocked his head curiously at the remark and stated that the party could enter and if they came in peace, they may place their weapons in his chest. When pressed by the party, he confidently stated that should they leave their weapons, their safety would indeed be assured. The party opted out of relinquishing their weapons. Issilar simply stated then in that case, they would have to take the path, and what was upon it, as it comes. Issilar turned towards Bleepeth and the girallon and hissed – both fled back the way that they had come. Issilar stepped out of the party’s path and the party formed ranks and proceeded into the 10’ wide archway and down the stone steps that descended into the darkness.

[end of session 132]
{Day 331}


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