Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 1

Jan 20th 2015

The party found themselves, together in the city of Port Peril, looking for employment. Four ships were in the harbor looking to increase their rolls of able bodied seaman. The party found themselves bumping into each other as they interviewed the various seaman, officers and associated parties of the various available pirate captains.

Kevin/Mittenculous, playing a catfolk wizard, with his white rat familiar: Dirty Pete.
Mike/Father Pyrlig, playing a human cleric of Gozreh.
Brendan/Damiano playing a catfolk swashbuckler.
Jay/Nicodemus playing a half-elf master summoner, with his eidolon: Dura.
Ian/Temujin playing a Tengu Shaman, with his familiar: Raven.
John/Salty Dwag playing a dwarven slayer.

The four competing pirate ships and their captains:
Captain Lesnar – The Crusher [Caravel]
Captain George Lapin – The Dawn Tide [Sloop]
Captain Jol Blassey – Ravage Dawn [Sloop]
Captain Barnabas Harrigan – The Wormwood [Caravel]

After much discussion the party signed on with the agent of the Wormwood, a dwarven sailor, named Black Dougal.

The next morning the party came aboard, were assigned their berths and Black Dougal took his leave back to shore as the Wormwood hoisted sail and made way out of the harbor.

The party was assigned their roles aboard ship and survived some minor seasickness. Master Scourge appeared to take added interest in Father Pyrlig’s inability to stay aloft in the rigging.

Five days out of Port Peril, Temujin spied the first sail on the horizon. The Wormwood made contact with a Rahadoumi merchant ship and successfully boarded and took the vessel with minor injuries. One officer and a half dozen sailors were captured alive.

During the fray, Nicodemus, summoned several celestial eagles to aid in combat. Damiano, boarded the Rahadoumi vessel by swinging from a broken line hanging from the yardarm. Captain Harrigan, Lt Plug, Conch and Dwag lead the charge aboard the ship and/or contributed to the highest body count attributing to the success of taking the merchant ship.

{Day 1-5}
[end of session 1]



Session 1

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