Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 105

March 21st 2017

Day 312 9:45AM The being in yellow rags, Udolpho, leaned into Damiano, bitting the Captain but his claws were fended off. The Captain reposted aggressively.

Dwag and Temujin were going toe-to-toe with the two massive stone constructs – the tiberoliths. When they didn’t strike at the party with their massive fists, they shot out waves of electricity.

Nico’s summoned celestial octopi stood bewildered – until Mittens ventured close and it swung to attack, but missed. Mittens tried repeatedly to fire up the tiberoliths, but they powerful resistance repelled his magical attacks. Father Pyrlig raised a magical wall of stone to provide Temujin and Nico some cover from the tiberoliths and then he moved into position flanking the tiberolith that Dwag was combatting. Nico summoned a lillend to sing and boost the party’s spirits.

Udolpho’s voice pierced Damiano’s mind – ‘We would not be fighting if there was a threat – put down your weapons so we might talk.’ But Damiano resisted the compulsion to throw down his rapier and continued to fight back, stabbing away at Udolpho.

Nico summoned a massive stone elemental that moved up behind the second tiberolith, but before he could attack he succumbed to the waves of insanity emanating from the shrine – he stood and gibbered nonsensically.

Damiano struck true, slaying Udolpho – whose robes fell to the ground, the body boiling away is a sickly greenish-yellow vapor. Damiano started to swoon as he was gripped in a powerful vision. “Under a sky filled with black stars, you see the lake of Hali, thin and black, without a ripple or wind to stir it. You see the towers of Carcosa. Briefly, behind you, you hear the fluttering tatters of a cloak. Something is behind you, looking upon you. The King in Yellow is there, and then the flapping of his yellow robes fades, as you muster the courage to turn about, and see him fading into a fog bank.” As the vision ended, his mind was stabbed, and his faculties impaired. While the Captain reeled from the after effects of the vision, he started to move across the room to aid Dwag against the stoney constructs.

Dwag slew the tiberolith that he had been battling and the party closed in on the remaining construct and destroy it. Checking the room they found a treasure trove – some of which would be required for resources to restore the Captain.

The party moved onward through the hallway to a circular foyer. Hallways went to the left and the right and there was a door going straight. Dwag searched and opened the door to find a larger circular chamber, filled with water. The larger chamber, also had hallways leading to the left and the right and a double set of doors heading north. Checking the double doors, Dwag disabled a trap, left as the Yellow Sign.


Opening the door a gentle current of seawater flowed in. Upon the current was viscera and blood, floating body parts. They appeared to be bodies that were recently dismembered and likely pertaining to Deep Ones that may have recently passed through the halls.

Dwag and Damiano lead through the submerged right-hand side halls to a door. Dwag got the door opened and saw a huge shelled creature – it stared back at Dwag and lashed out with a mighty tentacle. Damiano moved into the room and struck at the massive mollusk, as did Dwag. Mittens and Temujin attack with magic, further down the hallway – as they did so, the double door reopened, and two alive Deep Ones entered and attack. The lillend, as well as Temujin and Pyrlig fought off the Deep Ones, and slew them. Dwag and Damiano took some lumps but prevailed against the massive shelled beast.

Dwag and Damiano realized they were one room away where they entered this dungeon from the shaft exiting the Shrouded Queen’s lair. They backtracked to the party and went down the tunnel where the Deep Ones just attacked from.

Day 312 9:55AM The party moved a bit slower as their aquatic support spells expired. Nico summoned elementals to help propel the party along. The tunnel widened and grew taller, the stone no longer appeared worked, but naturally worn by the sea. The current picked up, and Dwag and Damiano noted a huge purplish spider hanging in the top of the chamber some 50’ away – it clutched a heavy fabricated bag of webbing, stone and bones and swung it slowly, as it’s many eyes noted the presence of the party.

Dwag closed in on the beast, as did Damiano. Temujin attacked it with his arcane magic and then was followed up with Father Pyrlig’s divine magic – Pyrlig noted that the beast didn’t flinch from the damage. Dwag soon realized the massive spider was an illusion and let his fellows know the truth – but Damiano was not convinced and still felt the pain that the spider’s weapon had dealt. The true spider appeared just over the heads of Nico, Temujin and Mittens and it lashed out with it’s weapon. Dwag quickly retreated back to the party. Nico summoned a massive sea-beast to engage the spider. Damiano, slowly, was able to see the illusion as it was and returned to the party. Attacked from all sides, the massive spider was slain.

Day 312 10:30AM The party searched through the cracks of the cave and found the spider’s trove, and they proceeded onward until they reached the sea and swam to the surface. The party was ready for some rest and recuperation before proceeding south, to investigate the Chelish fort, Senara.

[end of session 105]
{Day 312}



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