Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 116

June 6th 2017

Day 322 1AM The party arrived at the actor’s 2nd floor garret apartment. From their vantage below on the dark city street the party could see apartment indicated by Temujin’s Raven. Candles and oil lamps were lit and the sounds of instruments playing and singing emanated through the open windows. Nico wasted no time and magic jar’d into an unknown reveler.

In the apartment, Nico saw all four of the primary actors as well as another eight actors, actresses, singers, musicians and the like. After scanning the room, Nico downed a few drinks in quick succession and bounced to another partier. After meandering through the crowd, on the pretenses of making to relieve oneself, Nico took this body out onto the street to join his companions.

After some discussion the party was undecided whether to turn this happy scene into a bloodbath – so they went upstairs and joined the party. Stephen Fantome greeted the party warmly – his fans had come to see him even after the show had ended! The “Courtier” was drinking, joined by the “Princess.” However her illusory guise had been lifted – she no longer appeared to be the pretty little blond princess, she now appeared with pale, nearly translucent skin. Her hair was metal grey and she had slight fangs protruding through her lips. Father Pyrlig eyed the “Princess,” but she didn’t appear to be undead.

As the party fully joined the celebration, the “Queen,” Lady Isawyn, and Stephen both talked to the party about the prospect of moving on. Temujin stressed that despite the success of their show that unfriendly eyes and ears were displeased to the theatre company’s treasonous tone. With some financial support from the party, the troupe could move on to friendlier pastures should any future show be positive regarding Captain Damiano, his crew and D.C.I.

The troupe got the hint. Lady Isawyn concurred that maybe they needed to move on and they would make steps to do so. Despite the verbal parrying, the party was aware that Lady Isawyn was the lead of the group and likely knew who was fronting the cash for the troupe.

Throughout the conversation, Captain Damiano had a young lady sitting on his lap. From time to time, Nico would jar into the woman so they could converse discretely – and ‘bamf,’ off Nico would go. Nico still sensed a powerful creature nearby, but not where they could see. Attempting to flush out any hidden foes, Mittens put on a bit of showmanship, displaying his parlor tricks – he transformed into his large bestial size, at the same time casting glitter dust – the party peered about, but no one was hiding invisible.

Day 322 3:30AM Temujin sent his Raven about for a look. It sensed something else on the roof, but saw nothing. Nico joined the Raven and summoned eryines – with their gaze they immediately detected a barbed devil sitting on the peak of the roof. Barely reacting, it teleported away. Sensing it was still near, the party started looking about. One of the eryines flew past an adjacent window to the actor’s apartment to see the barbed devil within the room – it gave telepathic word back to Nico who informed the party.

Mittens plunged his claws through the wall grabbing at the devil – who struck back at Mittens. The two of them opened up a gaping whole of the thin, frail wood of the apartment. The neighboring apartment dwellers were an elderly couple, now awake and quite upset of the frackus taking place so nearby in their small room.

From the window, Nico’s summoned eryines fired shots from their bows into the devil as Mittens and the devil went toe-to-toe. Damiano slid the drunken actress off his lap and joined the fray. Father Pyrlig cast dimensional anchor on the devil and everyone ganged up upon it.

Lady Isawyn sidled up to the “Princess” and the “Courtier” and they dimension door’d away from the apartment. Stephen Fantome was resting comfortably on a divan, snoring away in a deep drunken sleep. The party saw the dimension door occur and were aware that they three actors had to be relatively close.

The party were able to incapacitate the barbed devil and it fell over onto the floor next to the frightened elderly couple. Nico summoned shadow demons and sent them along with his eryines, to spread out in the adjacent city blocks to hunt for the three actors that were shying away from their adoring fans.

[end of session 116]
{Day 322}



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