Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 118

June 20th 2017

Day 322 3:30AM The manor house in the upper quarter of Hell Harbor is in flames. The majority of the party is standing among the ruins of the burning foyer. Mittens had dropped his magical bag of holding between himself and Pyrlig, waiting for Nico – or whatever body he was inhabiting – to come and claim it. Temujin flew high overhead and reminded the party of the encroaching infernal spiders hanging on the outside of the manor’s edifice.

On the magic link the party shared, they were aware of Sandara’s dismay, as she had shouldered Gorebeard’s corpse and slid off the rear balcony into the waiting claws of two more infernal hunters – they pounced upon her!

Three of Nico’s eryines closed in on the hunters – the latter closed in on the window and stabbed at Pyrlig through the smashed window. Bolts from a chain lightning rained down on the front street, striking the eryines, Mittens and Father Pyrlig. Pyrlig quickly healed up to steady himself on his two feet. Mittens saw through the window of the opposing house, to triangulate where the stroke originated from. He countered with a lightning ball of his own which lit up the house. Nico’s other two eryines, headed up the street to truss up the halfling stealthy out of the alley, north of the burning manor house. Temujin flew back over the rooftops to Sandara’s defense.

In the gem, time and again, Nico sought a body to oust and settle in with his magic jar – but each host, thick in the battle, with their resolve up, resisted his attempts to take control – and Nico stayed in the gem.

Damiano and Father Pyrlig started withdrawing through the burning house, to the rear, where Sandara was trapped between the pair of infernal hunters. Temujin arrived to see Sandara drop prone, pierced by a series of brutal claw strikes. Damiano moved through them, explicitly drawing their attacks – which they did – some he parried, and with some he felt the pain they had to give out. But Temujin moved in safely and brought Sandara back to life – but barely. A valiant, yet short-lived rescue as the hunter struck Sandara yet another fatal strike and then turned on Temujin, and brought him down too – luckily, his powers of regeneration quickly stabilized him.

The power of Damiano’s ring ebbed, his time was up – once again the realistic killing blow from the cyclops was in his face, but Captain Damiano was resolute and survived the shock to his system and was ready to fight on!

Mittens shadow-walked behind the building and was aware of another presence about 40’ to his right. Mittens shrugged off another magical attack and lit the hunters up with more lightning, as Damiano attacked with his weapons. Soon afterwards, one hunter was laid low and it fell onto it’s side – the party ganged up on the other beast – Mittens felt a slice up his back as a magical blade of force struck him. As the second hunter was slain, Mittens was aware of the spell-caster to his right, disappeared, and soon afterwards, the magical blade also faded. On the front street, the hunters were still in melee with two eryines, they paused, and disappeared. For now, it appeared that the battle was over.

The fire brigade had arrived and Nico took possession of a body and joined his comrades that were congregating. The eryines returned with the prone form of a trussed up halfling. They had the bodies of Lady Isawyn and the corpses of Lady Nightshade, Gorebeard Trench and Sandara. Temujin was healed and got to his feet. The party didn’t tarry long in the shadow of the burned building – Nico and Mittens ran to recover the smoldering ruins of his bag of holding and they teleported back to D.C.I.

Day 322 4:30AM The party had Yacine secure Lady Isawyn and the halfling – who was the major domo of the burning building. His name was Persil Prans, and he fled when the shit went down, grabbing a bag of valuables (15K in diamonds) for his severance pay. In the bag, also, was a note to his employer, Sevine Dillux.

To Sevine Dillux, Hell Harbor,

It is my understanding that Kividus is undertaking the contract for the two priests. It is best that they die. Kividus is hard to negotiate with. However, should you be able to capture their Captain alive, I would pay handsomely for him.

I think to humiliate a Free Captain in my private fighting pits, would be something, select guests would pay highly to see.

Nico found his gear and successfully made whole, the beloved bag of holding with much of their gear. Now usable, he opened it to find a screaming Stephen Fantome – in a panic, lying sandwiched between the prone body of Nico (which Nico was ready to return to), and a unconscious barbed devil. Temujin put Stephen to sleep, and he was secured in a cell. The party questioned Stephen when he came to. They felt while he was complicit in writing content disparaging to Arronax Endymion, that was the limit of his involvement – he was an artiste, after all.

The party moved on to question Lady Isawyn. She was aware that she was in a bad spot, but attempted to be cool. Tired of dancing around the conversation, Nico summoned four succubi who successfully charmed and garnered her secrets. She was definitely in the employ of the Chelish – specifically to do as much damage to Lord Arronax as possible. She hoped to win her freedom to get clear of the politics of the Shackles and the entanglements of the Chelish.

One other important bit of information learned from the charmed Lady Isawyn: Stephen Fantome had stolen occultic notes from, the Lady Sabella Ezeel, ne’e Stratheen, who was Lady Camilla, the lead actress at the World’s Stage Theatre in High Eastwind, Port Peril. Lady Camilla, from Chelish notes that the party uncovered, was the love interest of Lord Bonefist.

Despite Mittens persuasive arguments on her behalf, Nico gave the word and his succubi slew Lady Isawyn.

Dawn was breaking on D.C.I. It had been a long and active twenty-four hours. Yacine added that after the party denied Lawrence D’Coco captaincy of the vessel that Captain Hawke had recently captured, he had joined aboard the supply junk, The Harbor Crossing, under the command of Captain Gabwell.

Day 322 7AM The party planned to get some rest, peruse their gains, and then push onward, with Temujin’s magical aid, to the jungle lair of Sahzara, who resided in the Southern Shackles near Bloodcove.

[end of session 118]
{Day 322}



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