Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 120

July 5th 2017

Day 322 12:05 In the courtyard of the Chelish Fort, the party quickly rallied, buffing themselves with more magical defenses and doling out potions of flying. Nico’s deva took to the air and confirmed Laetitia’s claim – a pack of a half dozen humanoids, one burdened, were running quickly, south across the sand. The party took to the air in pursuit.

The deva arrived first, launching a holy smite upon the Leng Ghouls. Immediately, two quaffed potions and became invisible – the deva shared this detail with the party. Another pair fired scorching rays at her, but their magic didn’t eke it’s way through her magical defenses.

The party flew in and engaged the ghouls. Temujin stayed in the air and fired upon targets of opportunity with his bow. Father Pyrlig channeled healing and pain across the party and the ghouls. Damiano and Mittens closed in for melee combat. While nasty, their claws had a hard time getting purchase – few hits were to be had. The two invisible ghouls appeared, flanking the Captain and one bite from a Leng Ghoul snuck past Damiano’s defenses – he felt his constitution wane, his dexterity flag a bit and the diseased bite would continue to wound him further. Father Pyrlig rushed to the Captain’s side and administered healing magic which cured the Leng Ghoul Fever. The party successfully slew all six ghouls, and recovered Sandara’s corpse.

Temujin, flying high, could make out five sets of masts at the southeastern tip of D.C.I. Their fleet was mobilizing, and closing upon the Dominator. Wanting to make best use of their time, the party teleported to the main square of Pyrligburg.


As they arrived, musketeer marksmen started taking shots at the party. The party reoriented and flew to engage the musketeers up on the bluff. As the party closed for melee, the musketeers quickly repositioned and continued shooting. Some of the Chelish marines already had bayonets fixed and stabbed away at the party. As the front line started to falter, Damaino and Mittens closed in on the officer, set back from his men about 20’. The duo drew blood on the Chelish officer and seeing his men on the verge of being overwhelmed, he expertly cast a teleport and escaped.

The party finished off the Chelish marines and quickly conferred, cyclops or the Dominator? They decided to join their crew aboard the Splash – they teleported aboard the ship, joining acting captain Glaive Snaggletooth.

Day 322 12:15 The party got the status report from Glaive. Initially, Glaive had lead the counter attack in Pyrligburg. He had teleported in with the Loot Squad to rush various musketeer positions. Glaive had also provided covering fire with fireballs with the Brute Squad but couldn’t provide his full attention. While acting bravely, the Brute Squad had suffered high losses.

Glaive added that during the fighting, Ann Sharpe from the House of Yellow Sails, appears to be a spell caster as she fought back throwing fireballs at the Chelish Marines. Her comrade, Lady Lila Kurundi, had rallied her fellow priestesses to help the wounded when there was sufficient distraction across the square. Some may be holed up in the brothel at this point in time.

After the initial counter attack, Glaive teleported back to the Splash, to push the engagement against the Dominator. Captain Ao of the Andoran Patriot offered to run point against the Dominator, while the two brigs, the Lehigh and the Free Wind also harried the Chelish vessel. The goal of all five ships was to keep it trapped against the shoals along the southern harbor – and after Glaive clarified with the Captain, that it should be pounded on until is sank. Word was spread to the other four ships, to attack with extreme prejudice.


As the Dominator realized the danger in it’s position, it allowed itself to take damage, it’s crew began raising full sail as it sought to make for the open seas, only to have Nico give an infamous and disreputable word and stop the man-o-war, held fast in the magical churn of a control water spell.

[end of session 120]
{Day 322}



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