Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 131

September 26th 2017

Day 329 10AM The party finished up at Gannet Island. The treasure was packed away and Peppery Longfarthing and Cut-Throat Grok in safe-keeping, Mittens disguised the party as halfing merchants and they teleported off the main square in Quent. They found quiet lodging at Lilibeth’s Tavern and Hostel and secured a large suite.

Nico, Mittens and Ray went out for supplies, while the remainder of the party stayed pat, satisfied with food, drink and quiet.

Day 330 Daybreak Temujin and Father Pyrlig cast regeneration and heal upon Peppery Longfarthing and Cut-Throat Grok, restoring their bodies and their minds. Temujin received a sending from Yacine that Captain Madshanks and his fleet took a spit of rock, called Buzzard’s Bay, with a watchtower from some smugglers. While south of D.C.I. it offered a good view of the eastern seas around the Rampore Islands.


Temujin sent word back to Yacine to have Captain Christopher Hawke make his way to Gannet Isle to secure the plunder from Harrigan’s fort – minding any northeast bound ships that may be coming his way.

The party teleported to the Black Purrl and checked in. They discussed the impending dangers from Harrigan’s and the Chelish fleet. They also left Peppery and Cut-Throat in the care of the officers. The party discussed the upcoming council meeting and prepared for their foray into the unknown – of the Imp’s lair.

Day 331 7AM Temujin divined some answers, when he questioned the fates, “… of what dangers may be waiting for us?” He received an answer, “The Master is an evolved imp. He has surrounded himself with many outcasts: human, bestial and infernal. The terrain serves the Master’s whim.”

While the party chewed on that response, Temujin realized that there was no foliage on the ship for him to teleport through to Sahzara’s lair. Sandara directed the ship to the north-side of Shenchu Bay. Sailors rowed the party to shore in a jolly boat and returned. Temujin found an appropriately large fern, gathered his companions hands and walked through the plant.

Day 331 10AM The party stepped out of the fern into a thick jungle, somewhere along the Slithering Coast – they could not see or hear the ocean.

Temujin’s Raven took to the air and found a ravine very near by – about 100’ away to the east. The jungle had a thick, multi-layered canopy of foliage bathing the jungle floor in shadows. There were many overlapping sounds of birds, primates and insects. The air was heavy and humid and had a sweet scent. Ray and Damiano started for the ravine and within a few steps, Ray noted a crafted snare made of vines. Ray moved up and shanked the trap. Just beyond Ray there was rustling in the brush – Damiano and Ray slowly closed upon the source of the sounds, with the party some distance behind. Nico summoned an avoral who flew up for a better vantage point, and noted that the sound was coming from a large dire boar.

Damiano threw a dagger into the beast – it roared up and turned about eyeing the Captain angrily – it prepared to charge. Damiano followed up with another dagger while the avoral did a fly-by lashing out at it, and continuing on over the ravine. Ray leaped at the boar and gutted it with his claws. The beast roared out, dying, it fell over. Nico’s avoral noted that the ravine was quite narrow, maybe 50’ across in places. Tree stumps and vines hung over the hole. Thick horizontal layers of spider webs hung from the trees across the ravine. The avoral turned back and was about to join the party when Nico sent it down into the ravine for reconnaissance. It picked up a large stick to cut a path through the spider webs and flew on down into the darkness.

The party rejoined at the edge, noting that the rock was water worn and brittle. The ravine stepped down in ledges, each about 50’ in height. Temujin, Father Pyrlig, Nico started flying down, as Damiano, Ray and Mittens started climbing down – but part of the rock face crumbled, spilling Mittens to a hard drop on the ledge below.

Winded, Mittens sat up – he noted that there was a striking difference in the foliage here. plant stalks had fine spiking hairs that certainly would get under skin – but didn’t hurt his leathery skin. Also, while many plants had beautiful blooms, just under them were sharp thorns. Mittens got to his feet and found that the undergrowth was thicker and seemed to cling to his clothes. The party joined Mittens upon the ledge and looked down at the the next tier, when they spotted Nico’s avoral.

The avoral sat in a branch of a large tree, in his hands, and hanging from the branches all around him, where pumpkin-sized fruit, with the morbid appearance of a rotting, caving-in head. The avoral was feasting upon the fruit!


The party smelled a stronger, sweeter aroma on the air, and were compelled to investigate the delicious head-fruit that the avoral appeared to be enjoying so much. The party paused, except for Mittens, who definitely wanted some of that tasty head-fruit!

[end of session 131]
{Day 329-331}


I’m sure the fruit is safe…

Session 131

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