Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 144

January 3rd 2018

Ahoy! There be good pictures here!

Day 334 9PM The party deliberated and decided that Father Pyrlig and Temujin were too low on resources to drop into a major fracas that may await them in Drenchport. They took their rest while Nico crafted his guiding star wand.

Day 335 7AM Everyone restored, Temujin did a sending to Master of the Gales to determine the status of Drenchport’s resistance. The sending was blocked. The party buffed themselves and Nico teleported the party behind a tavern that they knew, called the Dandelion Wine.

The Eye of Abendago has reached out to Drenchport, covering it in storm clouds. A steady rain poured down on the city, but despite the rain, the city burned. The tavern, the Dandelion Wine burned and smoked beside them. Looking to the harbor, the Master of the Gales’ defending war ships were sunken hulks in the harbor, the defensive emplacements have been pulled down into the sea and the wharf was a smoldering ruin. Across the plaza were bodies of bearded devils and ranks of fire-blasted defenders that had attempted to hold the line. The city showed signs that the Chelish war ships had peppered shore positions with catapult and cannon fire. The Master of the Gales manor house burned to the northwest of the plaza. The town was quiet.


Nico summoned lillends to scout for survivors while the party looked about. They found a sailor trapped under some wreckage. They pulled him free and healed him up. His name was Dane Hornbelly. The sailors had attempted to hold the line but were pushed back – the bearded devils charged recklessly wreaking havoc as they came. But we put up a good fight, until we heard the explosions from the Master’s manor behind us, that is when the fire really started and we didn’t know which way to run! The party mentioned to Dane that this was his time to gather a few things and head west to join up with any survivors in the logging village outside of Drenchport – the Free Captain Damiano and his crew were looking to put things to right, any way that they could! After Dane left, Captain Damiano added that he felt that they had missed an opportunity to help out here…as he looked about eyeing the ruins of Drenchport.

Day 335 8AM The party wondered what they should do next. Arena would be the possible next target for the armada…however, the party guessed that Andronicus the Ass was in league with the Chelish. If that was true, that Chalk Harbor at Whyrlis Rock would likely be the next target. They had never traveled there and knowing that Chalk Harbor was a smaller city compared to Drenchport and Hell Harbor…it likely would be able to put up less of a fight. The party decided to head to Hell Harbor and join up with Lord Endymion.

Arriving in the town square in Hell Harbor, they were swiftly greeted by Lt. Octan Greso. The lieutenant led the party to Lord Endymion’s manor where a war council was already in session. Arronax brought the party up to speed – his ships were on the look out for the armada, but preparing to leave and join up with the Shackles’ defense fleet. His population were taking their belongings and boarding small craft to head down river to the city Tyvas-Devas.

The party knew that the defense fleet needed more ships, more men and more capable captains. They needed someone like Eldred Seabreaker. Would Seabreaker join under Damiano’s banner? Could they kill Seabreaker and take his ships? While they spoke, Lord Endymion’s butler entered the room, stating that their was a messenger boy here for Captain Damiano. The boy stated that there was a dwarf named Olen Jack looking to meet them at the tavern, the Devil’s Pyre. The party followed the boy.

Day 335 9:30AM The party arrived at the Devil’s Pyre – it was empty, save for a well dressed dwarf in the back of the room. The table was covered in breakfast food on platters and plenty of flagons of beer. Olen Jack the Axe, introduced himself and welcomed the party to his table. His mission was to approach the party on behalf of Eldred Seabreaker. His master was looking for a way back in – into the good graces of the fellow Shackles’ pirates. He wanted a holding and amnesty. He offered his six frigates, to help in the Shackles’ defense in return. If the party was interested, they could meet Eldred Seabreaker in Parley Point.

Day 335 10AM The party teleported to the burg, Parley Point. Two frigates were in the harbor and men and women were hard at work about town. There was a heavy pirate presence of Seabreaker’s sailors around the town. The party entered the only bar in town, the Fell Wind. The bar was full of patrons – many of which appeared to be Seabreaker’s loyal retainers. The party was greeted by Eldred Seabreaker as he stood to greet them and invited them to sit as his table.


They discussed options of Seabreaker rejoining the fold – but Seabreaker pointed out that Bonefist was a major obstacle since he had placed a fire-at-will edict upon him. He pushed that he wanted amnesty and a holding of his own. He would not bend the knee – and Seabreaker would only raise Damiano’s ensign, in alliance, if Damiano raised Seabreaker’s upon his ships also. There was too much pride for him to take a subservient position. When Nico and Pyrlig pushed back that a little deference may be required, Seabreaker offered his rebuttle in an open threat: If we can’t come to terms, then things stand as they are now. The Shackles’ defense fleet sails north to fight the Chelish armada, leaving most of the Shackles’ cities exposed, to me!

It was decided that a show of faith was required. And to keep all aggressive parties separated. Seabreaker would show good will, in defense of the Shackles by sailing his fleet west, to aid in the defense of Bag Island, against the forces of Bedu Hanjii and the Rampore Isles. Seabreaker added that the House of Hanjii were of an infernal bloodline and were indeed allied with the Chelish and they members of the royal house of the Rampore Isles were rakshasas.

Eldred Seabreaker departed leaving the party with the arguable questions: What can we do now to best help the defense of the Shackles? Any attack on Hell Harbor was likely a day away and it would be useful to see the Chelish tactics, but does the party just sit and idly wait? Temujin divined the nature of Fort Anadile at Bhudrek Atoll – and realized that it was still a threat, as a fully operational battle station. Fort Anadile was a combat rich target – that is where they would go!

[end of session 144]
{Day 334-335}



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