Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 30

August 25th, 2015

Day 86 2PM After the party regrouped on the Lash, the fleet set out around the island, holding back until sunset before being in line of sight from the unknown caravel and sloop.

Day 86 9PM Arriving near where the fleet expected to find the two ships – they found nothing!

Nico sent out a pod of elementals to search the area, and Temujin dispatched his Raven to scout about – no sign of the ships at all. The party decided to turn their attentions to Sage Bay – but were wary whether they would find the two ships at anchor in the bay itself.

Day 87 8AM After resting, the bulk of the crew was transferred to the Devil’s Pallor. A skeleton crew remained on the Barracuda and a sizable party was left on the Lash to effectively man the ship and the guns – the Lash stay outside the bay to cover the party’s attack, in the jolly boat. The party brought one of their gunner captains, Davin, and a five man team to help maneuver the gun tower in the bay.

As the party sped into the bay, passing the wee heads of goblins, their heads just at the water’s surface. The party’s jolly boat was speedily propelled by Nico’s summoned elementals, and as it turned about the western tower, a horn rang out on the Nidalese barque, the Shale – the alarm was sounded!

As the jolly boat pulled to the tower’s landing, the party rapidly disembarked. Stray arrow shots rang out of the tower’s arrow slits at the party. Nico summoned more elementals to smash the door down – as the defenders spied the party’s approach and slammed and barred the door. The elementals moved through the ground and up into the tower – they attacked the defending guards and continued to dismantle the stout door. Damiano and Mittens started ascending the tower’s walls towards the rooftop.

The party, awaiting the success of Nico’s elementals were stung by the barrage of ballista bolts – which slew one of Davin’s gun crew. Temujin put a defensive ice storm upon the deck of the Shale to reduce their ability to launch another barrage in the near future. Damiano and Mittens found the rooftop trap door to be sturdy and locked! Mittens peered over the roof edge into the second floor bay – where the cannon was mounted. Seeing few defenders, he gave the word and Damiano swung in to engage the cannon crew.

Nico’s elementals, having torn down the door, engaged the guards and the party moved in. Pyrlig healed the party after the ballista barrage. Dwag and Pyrlig then engaged the guards on the first floor – when they were slain, Dwag moved up the stairs to the second floor. Nico’s elementals moved through the floor to the second floor to join Dwag, Mittens and Damiano. In short order the tower was secured. As the fight completed, there was a resounding boom from the opposing tower, that had spied upon the party and readied their cannon with shot – they fired into the ranks of the party and the elementals

In the basement, the party found the stores of shot and powder, as well as the winch for the sea chain – Nico set his elementals to tearing it out of it’s mounts in the stone footing and launching it into the water. To prevent another cannon shot from the east tower, Temujin set a rolling ball of flame to the opposing tower…a few moments later, there was a blast from the second floor where the ball of fire ran across the gun crews readily allotment of powder and shot.

Temujin sent word to his Raven aboard the Devil’s Pallor, to give the impression for Knuckles to speed the vessel on it’s way. The party was healed by Pyrlig’s administrations. Davin and his gun crew familiarized themselves with the gun tower – the party readied themselves in the jolly boat.


Day 87 8:15AM As the boat approached the Shale, Temujin, masked their approach by summoning a fog cloud. As the party’s jolly boat burst from the foggy cover, the Shale’s gun crew showered their boat with ballista fire. Moments later, the jolly boat was alongside the Shale and the party was clamoring up the side of the ship and engaging the Shale’s defenders. Besides the sailors and marines, the party noted two well dressed men and woman at the aft command deck. They also noted at the dock a strikingly bizarre woman, dressed in severe leather garb. The party getting their footing upon the Shale, pressed the attack!

{Day 86-87}
[end of session 30]



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